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For those who could not join the events - here is a small montage of the large event we had 

(Feel free to DM me on Discord if you want a private 1v1 also!)

Oh I did play your game before! Simple game, cute art, me like :)!

Oh you were the mysterious Grey Seal!! GG man!

I really would've liked seeing more of the demon art style :)! Gameplay was interesting - though not sure why I never really died :P! For some of you being their first game jam, really good job!

My bad for the comments during the call! I would've really put a mention on making a 3D game in pure 2D - I found the implementation really cool, going back to old school driving games! This said, I still think that using the 3rd dimension could have saved time, but I applaud the team for going through it! 

Was really amazed by the art! But dying is truly pain - ALT-F4 is your best friend! Good stuff :)!

Not much of a fan of eastern content usually, but the art is absolutely wonderful! I had a hard time with the gameplay, but the cutscenes made me want to play on!

Making a good looking game can really make a world of a difference. Some terminals were quite challenging but overall very polished game! 

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Really fun game! I got ganged-up by egg throwing bad guys but got them out in the end :)! (Also +1 for open source software)

Really cute game!

Reminds me of those workout flash games! Easy concept - was my excuse for skipping gym day during the jam :P!

Very polished game! Fits the theme very well!

I'll try and get a few people online at the same time - really meant to be played as a group!

I love the artwork! I'll take note to be careful when I'm blind :)!

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Very fair point :)! I changed the respawn system and the zoom, should be more fun now :)! Try playing with a controller 🎮!

Flying cube 🐥🟦🐥. Looking forward for the future!

This is why I've stayed inside for the past 2 months! Cool art - just abit too dark!

If I crashed my car this many times going to my wedding, I think I would get pre-marital divorce no matter what! Good game, really fun :)

Sometimes, the simplest game is the best game! Very cute and fun game!

Gives me a Club Penguin vibe! Good stuff!!

Very cute!!

I understand so much where you come from AHAH. If this is just a fun prototype, it's a really good fun prototype :)!

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Very cool! Good use of post-processing and visuals are amazing. I have a few recommendations: 

  • Make the health bar bigger. 
  • For the "earthquake" like effect, I'd recommend somehow making the effect bound to the world instead of the enemy.
  • Maybe abit of collision polishing?
  • Maybe also have a pause/exit option. It's pretty hard to get out of the game...

Or else, very fun. Would play again.

Powerful message! Growing a tree, one drop at a time!

Good design and good work!!!