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This theme is awesome!!! Congratulations!!!

Thank you very much!! I'm really glad you liked it! =D

Thank you very much knochama, I'm glad that you liked it!! =D

That background looks very nice!!! =D

I'm really glad that you enjoyed the game IndecisionEngine!!!

Very nice suggestion for the buffer, thanks! I'll implement that movement buffer in the next updates of the game. This feature will let the gameplay be a lot more fluid.

I'm happy to know that you liked and would play more levels. If I advance in development with this game, I'll put on more levels.

Thanks a lot for the feedback!

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Very great game!!! I remember seeing the intro in the Discord channel! =D

The game reminded me a lot Dark Souls, but with a catch of Survival Horror games.

The gameplay is very nice and very imersive. The controls are also very responsive.

Liked a lot the graphics. As said before, the style reminds a lot Souls-like games, and all of the elements are matching with the atmosphere.

The musics are really nice too, they match very well with the thematic of the game. The music helped a lot the game to be immersive.

I didn't play the entire game, but it seems to have a lot of things to explore and unlock. The battle mechanics are good, the attack is very responsive when the button is pressed.

A suggestion for the battle would be to change the attack button from Shift to another button. I was smashing it sometime and it activated the "Sticky Keys" feature of Windows, hahaha (I'll take a look on how to deactivate that!).

A felt the enemy a little unfair when appearing. Rarely I could notice it and escape from its attack.

Another suggestion that I think would help with the game is to level the menu music with the "pressed start" SFX. This SFX is a little louder than the music.

But it's a really amazing game. I'm not used to play horror games, but I really liked it because of the Souls-like catch. I think that this game has a very good potential. I would look forward to it with further updates!

Congratulations for the entry!!!

Thanks a lot for the feedback JackOatley, I'm really glad that you enjoyed the game!!

I'm happy that it's passing a nostalgia of Pokemon in the game. I played it a lot, and I've got inspiration on how the boxes would work with the Pokemon game.

The stage that you mentioned is the last stage of the game. You almost finished it! =D
If I continue updating the game in the future, I'll put a Stage Select feature, so people can continue the game where they stopped before.

Again, thank you very much for playing and for the feedback!

A liked a lot the music of the game! It's catchy, and it fits very well with the game style!!

The gameplay idea is very nice. It's addictive to avoid enemies, and then buy new items that will help you in the next try.

The controls are nice and very responsive!

The graphics are OK. I liked a lot the simplicity of it.

I just think that the background is disputing attention with the player, making it hard to see the player and enemies while moving. A thing that helps in these situations is making the background color less saturated.

Congratulations for the entry, the game idea is very cool and addictive!!

Really loved the art and the animations of your game!!! They're cute, and the animations are smooth and have a lot of energy!

The musics are very nice, they fit well with the scenario.

The gameplay is good. The movement velocity of the character is nice, mainly because of the resolution, I could walk and understand what was happening.

Liked a lot the combat system of the game, I found it very creative. I found it a little easy, perhaps it could have some punishment if blocking energies that aren't from the enemy.

I just sometimes couldn't see the spikes below me in some areas. Perhaps making the character more centered in screen would help with that.

At the first try, the music didn't play. Perhaps it could be my antivirus, but I'm letting you know in case you want to take a look at it.

It's a really great game with the Brazilian Folklore elements! I don't remember seeing a retro game like this with the BR Folklore, and I really liked a lot. I would love to see more of it, like using other characters, enemies and stages.

Congratulations for the entry!!!

I really loved the graphics and the soundtrack of it, they're great!! The music fit very well with the scenario of the game, and the colors are very nice. Also liked a lot the design of the protagonist.

The controls are very responsive too.

It's a good and challenging puzzle. I didn't know the Tiger's Lights Out game, and I found the idea of it very interesting.

The minimap on the top-left corner is really helpful! I didn't saw it on first try, but really liked it when I found.

Loved how the shadows and lights are shown in your game. They gave a lot of depth and left the game much alive.

I just felt a little uncomfortable with the charaters velocity, I found that it moves too fast for the resolution, for both the player and the enemies. I wasn't having too much reaction for the enemies when they appeared. I think that being slower would be more pleasant for the player to reach the place that it wants, mainly because it's a puzzle.

It's a really nice puzzle game, I really liked the idea!!!

Congratulations for the entry!!

This is a great puzzle!!!

I hadn't played the puzzle that you based on before, and I found your puzzle really nice. The gameplay is smooth, very responsive, and I really liked how you managed to change the wheels only with the keyboard.

The puzzles are great, there are a lot of different obstacles and challenges. I didn't play all the stages, but I would come back to play again and continue where I stopped.

The time in the stages are very good. I could play calmly through the stages, and there were plenty of time left. When I lost in some, the next try was easier to complete and the time wasn't a problem.

The graphics are very nice, and the sounds matched very well with the game.

The menus and the tutorials were very explicative. I didn't have difficulty reading them and learning about the game.

I had some problems in the beggining trying to understand what the Z and X button does. But when I understood, I found it amazing.

The game is very catchy, and I would look into it if it goes in some platform. I think that this game has a great potential as a casual puzzle.  I usually play on PC, but I think that this game will fit greatly in mobile devices: the touch system of it would help a lot in rotating the wheels and releasing the marbles, allowing to do it faster and being more comfortable.

I only felt that the marbles moves too fast, mainly because I played in the keyboard. I think it could move slower, to understand and react better for what is happening. Perhaps there could have an option to increase the speed, so the marbles velocity and also the time decreasing velocity would be relative to it. If I play again in a stage and I'm already very familiar with it, I would increase the velocity.

It's a really great game, congratulations for the entry!!!

Really loved the game!!!

The graphics are very nice. Liked a lot the characters and the enemies.

The gameplay is great, I found it very innovative and creative. In the beggining, I had a little difficulty in understanding how it works, but when I got it I really liked. I found the parry mechanic, alongside with the way that we attack with the characters, very creative and original.

I really liked the musics, they were very catchy. Also liked the SFXs, they matched well with the game.

Liked a lot the dialog mechanic and how the story goes on.

In the beggining of the game, I though that the buttons were to choose the character. It was like a tutorial for the buttons of the battle?

It's a really amazing game!!! I would definitelly look forward to it if it gets more updates.

Congratulations for the entry!!

Amazing game!!

The idea of the camera following the mouse, being able to see more of where the mouse is, was excellent, mainly because of the low resolution.

Loved the variety of spells that can be used in the game and how they work. They're all very differents and can be used for various situations. The default spell is very nice too, the fact that it doesn't run out and it goes in spiral makes a good challenge to use it.

The enemies are simple and challenging, even being all slimes. Liked a lot the boss, it spawns other small slimes and this is great if we ran out of tomes.

The music and SFXs matched very well with the game. Also liked a lot the graphics.

Showing the menu of tomes and slowing down the game was awesome, loved this effect!

A suggestion for the game would be to give more feedback when the tome is chosen in the menu. I didn't get the sensation that it was selected. Also, I was using Shift to open the menu, and had a lot of difficulty with it because I was pressing Caps Lock instead, mainly in fighting moments. I was moving with WASD.

Another suggestion would be to make the game start at Pixel Perfect mode, because of the Jam thematic.

And I had some difficulties indentifying where I was before in the game. A suggestion would be to put more different things in the stage, to identify more easily where the character was before.

But it's a really amazing game!! I've had a lot of fun with it, and would play more stages with more differente enemies!!

Congratulations for the entry!!

Thank you very much Pixel_Trash!! I'm glad that you liked the music!!

Awesome game!!!

I loved the graphics, they are cute and the colors are very nice.

The gameplay is great, very responsive. Loved the tutorials that goes in the game, they're simple and very explicative. Also liked a lot how the dialogues shows, they were very simple and intuitive.

The musics are very nice too. I found that they matched well with the graphics and the areas that they play.

I liked the enemies that are in the game, and liked a lot the big plant boss. It does great damage, but there's enough life around to collect and fight it. Also, having to destroy the jars to get life helped a lot to find how to defeat the boss, I found that a good catch.

Loved the easter egg with the cat! =D

I only found a bug that stuck me when getting out of the crab fight area, where you get the key to enter the big plant boss dungeon. I was wenting to the boat by the left, walking in diagonal, and got stuck when teleporting. I'll post a print of it.

The only suggestion that I would do is to take a look at the volumes of the musics and the SFXs. Sometimes I couldn't hear the music, and sometimes I found the SFXs a little loud.

I felt a little unconfortable when walking with the character to the bottom, because the view area is lesser than walking to the top. Perhaps the character could be more centered in the screen.

But it's a really great game, I had a lot of fun with it!!
I think that it has a great potential for a RPG game, mainly if having a save mechanic to continue later. I didn't finished it all yet, I stopped after the boss, but I would be really insterested in playing more.

Congratulations for the entry!!!

Here's the screenshot of the bug:

I liked a lot the idea of the game!!

It was very creative to recycle the idea of the classic minesweeper game, but using its mechanic to discover colors and unlock a drawing. It also fit very well with the 64x64 resolution.

The graphics are nice, and the sound effects too.

Really liked the idea of the gameplay. I used to play the classic minesweeper game a lot, and I found creative the idea of uncovering a big art. It's a relaxing game, mainly because you can play each day a little to reveal the drawing.

The mechanic is very well created, and I didn't run into any bug.

On the first time running the game crashed and I couldn't start again for a while, but perhaps it was my antivirus. It also had some very rare lags while playing, but nothing that hindered the gameplay.

I just had a lot of difficulty on the beggining to understand what I had to do, and also how the numbers works with the color and that I need to find them, not to avoid.
When I start a stage, It's very fine to find the colors by using the starter numbers. Whoever I felt a lot confused when the numbers started to show when clicking in the colors, and I didn't know for what they referred to. A suggestion I would made is to find a way to highlight more what the numbers in the found colors mean.

But it's an amazing game, I loved to play it and had a lot of fun! I think that it has potential as a casual puzzle!

Congratulations for the entry!! Wish you all the best with the project!

Thank you very much for your appreciation and feedback Wesley!! I'm glad you liked it.

I'll take note of what you've said about the difficulty of the levels, and take a look at it if the game comes up with future updates. =]

Thank you very much Diego Manarim!!! I'm very glad that you liked the puzzles and the flow of the game!

You're welcome, I'm glad that I could be of help with the feedback! =D

Wish you all the best with the project!

Very cool game!!

I liked a lot the enviroment of the game. I also liked the dialog with the rat, the visual of it is nice and the words are shown without breaking when appearing character by character. Also, I liked the delayed "Good Luck" in the end.

The models are nice, and the rat is cute. I also liked the UI when in the battle stage, after talking with the rat.

The gameplay idea is nice. Liked the idea of using 3 different weapons and being able to wall jump.

The Music is cool, it fits very well with the game.

I felt that the player moves too fast, and also the camera when moving with the mouse. Since it's a 64x64 resolution game and we can't see much things, a suggestion would be to be slower.

I had some difficulty to understand what the rat said and what was writen as the quest in the fight stage. For the rat dialog, perhaps the font wasn't in the correct size, making it difficult to see. 
About the quest phrases, perhaps it being less transparent or appearing/hiding when pressing a button would help.

Also, I have some difficulty viewing the enemies. I think they can be highlighted using a different color in relation to the background.

But It's a very cool game!! The game has a lot of assets and mechanics, and I would like to see more stages and enemies!

Congratulations for the game!!

Thanks a lot No Extra Lives!!! I'm very happy that you found it cute and liked the puzzles!!

Thank you very much oeloeloel!! I'm really glad that you liked it and saved for later playing! =D

Thank you very much CrispySky, I'm really glad that you enjoyed the game!!

I've played a lot Pokemon in my childhood, and I used it as an inspiration for creating this "pushing block" mechanic for the game.

I liked a lot the suggestion of the move counter, I'll write it down for future implementations. By using that counter, it would be possible to create more challenging and different puzzles.

Thanks a lot for the feedback!!

Thank you very much!!! I'm glad that you liked it!

O jogo ficou muito bom!!!

A jogabilidade tá muito boa, a nave responde bem ao movimento do mouse.

Os sprites se encaixaram bem com os efeitos sonoros. A música também caiu bem no game, e trocar a música a cada gameplay deixou o jogo mais dinâmico.

É um game bem viciante. Resetar os tiros quando, ele fica muito tempo sem pegar o power up, foi uma forma legal de incentivar o jogador ao risco de pegar mais power ups.

Parabéns pelo projeto, ficou muito show!! =D

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The simple graphics and the relaxed music suited very well with the game. The music is catchy while playing!

The idea of the inputs not changing independent with the camera is nice. Whoever, I felt a lot dizzy after playing the levels with the camera rotating, being very unconfortable. I think this is a big problem for the game. If you remove the camera rotating effect, and think in other way to keep that mechanic of paying attention to the inputs, it can turn out in a nice game (perhaps some levels being upsidedown, others mirrored, and the ball having a indicator of its front? Exploring the motor coordination of the player).

Congratulations for participating! I think that if you remove that camera effect, it can turn out in a better game.

Thank you very much TheRealAkatosh!! We're glad that you liked it! =D

We've had designed other obstacles to put in the game, but we couldn't put it in time for the jam. We'll take a look at it in further updates. Thanks a lot for the feedback!!

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Very cool game!!!

The gameplay is nice and addictive. The movement is very responsive, and this is great since the game sometimes require quick responses.

I liked the obstacles, they are very challenging and diffrent to each other.

The graphics are good. I liked a lot the particles used, they give a good sensation for the game.

The music is nice, it suited very well with the game. Also, I liked a lot the SFX, using your voice to create them was very creative.

I only felt very injusticed with the cannon obstacle. Sometimes I was climbing and I've got hit by it without seeing it. My suggestion would be to make the timer of the fire starting only when it gets on screen.
Other suggestion would be to increase the camera vision at the top, since the focus is on climbing to the top.

Also, I found a bug when clearing the stage and the lava getting me when stuck in the hole, I've ended up loosing after it.

But it's a really nice game! I've had a lot of fun with it! It seems that will fit nicelly in mobile games, with upgrades and etc..

Congratulations for the game!!

Awesome game!!! I felt like the Millenium Falcon when rolling the spaceship to dodge asteroids! =D

The graphics are excellent, and I had no difficulties seing and identifying the objects in stage. The menus are also very nice.

The controls are very good, I could control nicely the spaceship to dodge obstacles and to fire at the targets.

The musics are very nice. The one in Precise Mode was more relaxed, and in Chaos Mode had more adrenaline, suiting well to each type of play.

I found the game very innovative, and it matches well with the theme.

I only missed a menu showing my score after losing, just like when you win the game. I would like to see my performance even after loosing.
And since the area is big and it has a lot of holes, I missed some indicators to where they are. When you have only some missing, it's hard to find them. Perhaps the indicator could be an arrow or a radar in the HUD of the ship.

But I had a lot of fun with it! It felt like a sport game, and I think it would match very well with multiplayer.

Congratulations for the game!!!

Nice game!!

I liked a lot the game having a background story. It gave me more immersion to play the game!

Loved the idea to administrate the position where you can put the hole, having to pay attention from where the enemies are comming and if the hole position will catch them.

The grahics are good, I could distinguish well wich enemy they are.

The SFX are nice too. It was ok to play it without music, but having a background music would be nicer.

I just had some difficulties reading what each upgrade does. Perhaps changing the font or the background would help. I think that the yellow bg color with the white font color is difficulting to read.

It's a real cool game and I had a lot of fun with it! I think it would suit well as a mobile game too, because of the touch screen.
Congratulations for the game!!!

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Loved the concept of the game!!!

The graphics are simple and very nice, and the music and SFX are very good! They matched very well with each other. Also, the music is very catchy! Suited well for a puzzle game like this.

I found the gameplay idea amazing, specially when you have to ride on the drill-missile. The puzzles are easy to solve at the beggining and it's really nice to be learning new mechanics while going through the stages.

Liked a lot the way that the tutorials were shown. Also, letting the player test the buttons in the main menu was an excellent idea.

The movement and inputs are really good (I played with the arrow keys instead of WASD). I just felt a little uncomfortable with the acceleration/desacceleration in the movement. Since sometimes I needed to do some precise jumps, it gave me some trouble.
Also, I felt injusticed in the stage 6 with the transparent wooden blocks. I didn't though that they're on stage, and I've got smashed by the rocks next to them in non-transparent woods.

But it's an amazing game, I really had a lot of fun with it, and would play more levels! Congratulations for the game!!! =D

Thank you very much, we're happy to know that you liked the game!!! =D

Also thanks for the feedback! We'll take notes and take a look at the tall obstacles.

Thank you very much VeryLancer!!!

Thanks a lot Udula beneragama!! Glad that you liked the mechanics, it was fun to make them! =D

Thank you very much for the feedback LarsSolozzo!! We're glad that you liked it!
Sorry about the music not looping, it happened somehow in the final version. We'll take notes and fix the problems that you've said. =]

Thank you very much Jasper Jaison!!! Glad that you liked it!!

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Really nice game!! Loved how you recycled the Tetris idea into a new concept, it was very innovative!!

The graphics are very colorful and alive, it suitted well with the gameplay music and the game style.

The musics and SFX are also very cool.

The gameplay is good! I just got some problems with the auto-correct of the cursor after creating a hole. Sometimes it took me to a wrong place and hindered me.

I think that the pieces comes to fast. I had a lot of trouble in the beginning trying to understand how to create the holes and create them in time. It would be nice if the "A" level has slower velocity.

It's a great game, I had a lot of fun with it!! I think it would be cool to play it with a mouse, or perhaps in an smartphone.

Congratulations for the game!!

Loved the game!!!

I liked a lot the idea of it. The fact that the obstacles in the level don't change, and that the bullet is slow to start turning, gives a nice gameplay for it. You have to learn how the level is before finishing it.
The inputs are also nice to use.

The graphics are simple and good, they matched well with each other.

The musics are OK. The level music doesn't loop well, but it's very catchy and suited very well with the game.

I just had some complications passing through some obstacles. Sometimes I was thinking that I would get through them but I crashed in them. A suggestion would be to reduce the collision of the bullet and obstacles, not letting them to be too real, so it'll be easier to get through them.

Also, I wish it had more levels, because the game is really addictive! =D

Really nice game, congratulations!! I had a lot of fun with it! Looking foward for more levels!

Thank you very much!!! We're glad that you liked the music! =D