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I liked a lot the way you showed the story! The cutscenes with the arts and texts were very fluid.

The art is very cool, I liked the design of them! Using the zodiac's signs to create enemies generates a lot of possibilities. And the main character walking remembered me of Cody from SNES' Final Fight.

The audio is excellent, I enjoyed all the musics. They were immersive with the scenarios.

The gameplay is OK. I found it difficult to move the character, because sometimes it didn't walked immediately the direction I wanted, showing a little delay.
Sometimes, when I've interrupted an enemy's attack with mine's, I've got hit too. I think it will be good that the enemy doesn't complete the attack on that situation.
Holding the button to keep attacking was a good idea!

Really nice game! Congratulations!!
I'll be looking foward to play a new release of it, specially if you improve the gameplay. =]

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Amazing game!!

The game represented very well the Zodiac theme of the jam.
The graphics are very nice, and the music is immersive with the enviroment. The SFX fit very well too.
I liked a lot the gameplay's idea. Sometimes I could go in different ways on the same level to complete it.

I really liked the idea of showing the constellation name when the tutorial level was complete. I think it would be cool to show it in other levels too. This could be used as a feedback that the level ended.

I think that the selected volume on options could be more highlighted too.

Congratulations for the game!! It's very cool!!

Thank you very much Wellzitu!!!
We're really glad that you enjoyed the game!!

The art is simple and very good, bringing the MS Paint vibe. I liked the bazooka cat sprite a lot! =D

The music is great and combining with the art, and the sound effects are good too.

The levels are very good, I liked the type of enemies and the challenges!
Sometimes I got surprised by the enemy who comes bouncing just after entering a room. Perhaps it could have a delay time before start moving.

The commands are good, but sometimes I confused the K button with the J button.
If I press the fire button too fast, the player stops firing, and only starts to shoot again when I turn to the other direction, throwing at the same time all the shots that should have come out.

Congratulations for the game, it's very good!! I had a lot of fun playing it!

Thank you very much SVR Audio!!!

We're glad to know that you enjoyed the game and liked it contents!! It's good to know that you liked the mechanics too!

Thanks a lot for the comment. Feel free to send feedbacks about the game.

E opa, auhauhauhauhuaa, muito legal ver q há mais BR participando da Jam! Todos do time da produção desse jogo são BR tbm. =]

Very cool game!!

The idea of searching the item in the bag and deliver it is very cool! I had fun picking up the item as fast as I can!

The art is beautiful and the introductory music is great.

A problem happened to me that sometimes I lost the contact of the item I was dragging and it goes away. This ended up making me lose the turn in a few moments, because there was no other of the same item.
I think this happens when I'm dragging an item and it collides with a new one that's comming.

Congratulations for the game!! I enjoyed it a lot and I'll stay tuned for more updates!

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Excellent game!!

The idea is very simple and fun to play!

The simple art remembers MS Paint, and the sound effect matches with it as well.

I had the same problem as Cortop said. When I open the .exe from the second time onwards, the screen starts all grey, and when I minimize and maximize, it shows only the bombs numbers.
Here are the screenshots:

After that, the first time I ran the .jar file it had the same problem, but after the second time it worked fine.

Congratulations for the game!!!

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Great game!!

The gameplay movement is excellent, I was able to move the character and shoot the enemies with fluidity.

The music fitted well for the theme, and the sounds are good.
I think that the introductory music could be a bit lower, and the stage music start only after the introductory music ends.

The level design is very good, it was cool to explore the stage!
I liked the variety of items and the little invencibility for the character when taking damage.
Perhaps the enemy's bullets could be a little slower, to have more time to dodge them when caught in surprise.

The art brought the essence of the MS Paint well. The elements are simple and well drawn.

I noticed a problem in the mouse movement. If I move the mouse to one direction and then drop it,  it continues to move slowly towards that direction.
The mouse can't reach the close button of the game window too.

Congratulations for the game!! I enjoyed it a lot, and will stay tunned for more updates! =D

Hello TomDev!

We're very glad that you enjoyed the game and that we succeeded in expressing the Paint art style in the game!!

Thanks for the comment and feedback,  they're very important to us. We'll take note and consider them for future updates.

Thank you very much Eurritimia!!

Hello cortop!

Thanks a lot for the comment! We are glad to know that you enjoyed the game!

Happy to know that we succeeded in keeping the MS Paint feeling!

Thanks for the feedbacks, and for the suggestions too. They are very important to us. We'll take note and take into consideration for future updates.

I tried to open the bug image that you've posted, but it was broken. Do you mind in posting it again?

Hello PouleyKetchoup!

Thank you very much for the comment and feedback!! We're glad to know that you enjoyed the game!! =]

Hello Spudcats!
Thank you very much for making a gameplay video!!!
The team will continue the project, and we have collected a lot of important feedback from your video.
Other people talked about the sliding effect on the movement too, and we are going to take a look at that.
Again, thank you!

I liked the idea of using two dragons with inverted horizontal movement to reach the goal. And the music is awesome!!!
I liked the idea of creating a boss stage too!

About points that can be improved, the stage music stops after catching the star, and sometimes while the dragon is moving it gets stuck on the wall.

The game is very cool! Congratulations for the team!