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Hmm, that makes this all weirder indeed! The controller hint panel should only be visible when there's controller input, but a trackpoint-style pointer should just be regarded as a mouse AFAIK.

Do you see a button in the in-game settings screen that can be toggled to ignore controller input? Does that happen to work?

hmm, weird! are you trying to play with controller or with mouse? if mouse, disconnecting the controller would maybe fix it? if controller, don't move the mouse? it is by design that small UI windows disappear when you switch input devices and it sounds like that's happening for you all the time.

I also gotta mention that I don't actually own a linux computer and can't support every linux setup; I just export Hidden Folks to Linus from Unity and it seems to work for 95% of people. I hope you're not in that 5% camp!

yup, toggle color mode in the game's settings.

it's the same

hehe, nice

Wonderful to hear!!

This stackoverflow answer explains how you can find out about dependencies on .so files:

I honestly have no idea why you're seeing that message, Tanath. This did not pop up in all the tests the QA company did when testing Hidden Folks on Linux. I can't find anything regarding Unity & Firejail on google, don't know what Firejail is, and I don't have a Linux computer or any knowledge of Linux to be of any help. If you can figure out what Unity wants from Firejail, I think that's your best bet in solving this issue.

FYI: latest version of the game no longer has the pre-launch window!

I think this has something to do with Itch, not with Hidden Folks. I'm pretty sure that Unity, the game engine Hidde Folks was built with, does not need Firejail to run the game.

What is your question, anyway? ;)

nope, sorry :/ 

It would be excellent for non-US developers on Itch to be able to get paid in the currency of their choosing. I just got a payout in USD and it turns out PayPal doesn't allow me to withdraw USD to my USD bank account in the Netherlands... because the only currency withdrawal to a bank that PayPal allows is the main currency of the country. And so I have to use PayPal's horrible conversion rate losing many EUR, on the scale of €20 to €40 per $1000.

I'm hoping the 'at some point' is like... next week! :D

did you even look at their games page

yes! let's chat when I'm back in march

I loved this, buddy! Please tell me you plan to let go of tomb raider, giving the whole thing your own narrative and twist and mechanics, and punch out a few more of these? :D

I currently don't have plans to give out Steam keys with one's itch purchase. The game is DRM free on itch, and will always be updated to the latest version, just like on Steam. I do understand that some people, perhaps like yourself, would like to have all their games in one place (currently mostly in Steam), but I would like to see itch become that kind of place as well. And to keep giving out Steam keys wouldn't contribute to that fact.

yyyaaaaaaassssssss <3

... where the Hidden Folks community and I hang out, talk about the game, about translating it or testing new areas, etc.

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I'm sorry to hear you encountered a bug or crash! Please follow the steps below to get your bug identified and resolved as soon as possible.

NOTE: layer issues don't have to be reported using the steps below! Just throw a screenshot on the forums and we'll make sure it's taken care of.

  1. Search for your bug or crash in the Hidden Folks community posts here on Itch - someone else might have solved your problem previously.

  2. Right after the bug occurred (and this is important, because the logs get updated every time you start and stop the game), locate the output log file on your computer. You may find this text file alongside the game on your computer, or on any of the following locations:

    : ~/Library/Logs/Unity/Player.log
    Windows option 1: C:\Users\[username]\AppData\LocalLow\Adriaan de Jongh\Hidden Folks\output_log.txt
    Windows option 2: [Wherever Hidden Folks was installed] \Hidden Folks_Data\output_log.txt
    Linux: ~/.config/unity3d/Adriaan de Jongh/Hidden Folks/Player.log

  3. Either create a post on these discussion boards or send me an email at, copy pasting the template below and replacing all ellipsis:

    Operating system: … (eg. Windows 10 Home, 64-bit)
    Processor: … (eg. 3,3 GHz Intel Core i7)

    What happened:

    The content of the output_log.txt or Player.log file:

After following these steps, please be patient! I will get back to you as soon as I can. I'm doing support for 9 stores and 6 platforms all by myself, so please give me some time. I will let you know when I'm looking into and will report back with progress!

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When are new areas coming out?
We are currently taking a break from making new areas, but for when we get back to it, be sure to sign up for an email when new areas come out:

I can see Salma but she isn't 'found' when I tap her! What can I do?
As opposed to most other targets, to 'find' Salma requires you to solve the little puzzle hinted by her clue. Read the clue carefully and I'm sure you'll figure it out!

Hey there!

As I go back and forth between the Itch desktop app and website, I constantly have to refresh the Itch app to show me the latest. Is there a chance that...

- the itch desktop app could refresh itself after purchasing or claiming a game?
- the itch website has a button to open / start downloading the game in the desktop app, perhaps using a deeplink?

so.... good.....