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hmm, weird! are you trying to play with controller or with mouse? if mouse, disconnecting the controller would maybe fix it? if controller, don't move the mouse? it is by design that small UI windows disappear when you switch input devices and it sounds like that's happening for you all the time.

I also gotta mention that I don't actually own a linux computer and can't support every linux setup; I just export Hidden Folks to Linus from Unity and it seems to work for 95% of people. I hope you're not in that 5% camp!

I don't have a controller, just a mouse, but my laptop does have a trackpoint-style pointer, maybe that's detected as a controller?


Hmm, that makes this all weirder indeed! The controller hint panel should only be visible when there's controller input, but a trackpoint-style pointer should just be regarded as a mouse AFAIK.

Do you see a button in the in-game settings screen that can be toggled to ignore controller input? Does that happen to work?

Thanks, I've found it! When I set controller input to ignored it doesn't happen anymore.


Hey, just wanted to say I just played it on the latest elementary OS and it runs perfectly :) What a gorgeous game. Thank you for making it, Adriaan :)