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11/10, this is accurately what happened during the Game Jam Sherbrooke 2023.

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You've got to circle the path fast enough. The doors open and close on a timer.

I suggest to drift (brake a fraction of a second, then turn).

Thanks for the kind words.

If you have time to retry, you must get out of the cart, then cross the bridge to press on the button on the other side.

Nice to know, thanks. I am making heavy use of CSG, so this may explain the performance issues.

You can edit the graphical settings in the options menu. And you need to get out of the cart to walk on the bridge. The default key is the same to enter the cart, E on the keyboard or Y on a controller.

Great concept! But if only we could see the number of moves left. And there's some bugs that made me miss? I don't know if I missed or if I clicked in the wrong place.

Quite repetitive, but you know how to do story building!

That's impressive. The combo system blew me away. You've got yourself a potential great fighting game core!

This is cuuuute! There's a touch of Kirby Epic Yarn in this, I don't know why.

Great job!

This is so stupid, I LOVE IT.


You did what I couldn't do, to submit a prototype. Congrats, it was fun. The animations were quite good.

Is this Age of Empires II: Ants Edition?

You know how to build atmosphere! Thanks for submitting.

Loved the exploration and the multiple things to do. Great job! Congrats to the team, you can be proud.

I used my library for this, so it saved me a lot of time. I intend to release it open source someday, maybe, once I clean it out!

Same as @spoonbill, David is clearly MVP.

Super cute, super original. Love the twist at the end, it's pretty rare a twist that is not dramatic.

Good job!

Fun little mix between Diablo (progression) and LoZ: A Link to the Past (top-down action game)!

Nice job!

A great way to merge to genres together! Congrats to the team.

Looks great, love the gods. The randomness fits the theme well, who said that it would be easy to beat gods at a game of chance, haha.

(and by the way, thanks for the source code, I will certainly use your github workflow script in my next project!)

Haha! Yeah, I should look into that. Maybe!

Awww <3

Collisions are not that clear, that's what I got from the feedback of everybody. The algae walls are one-way gates. The shadow below determines the way of the gate, but it's cryptic as heck in retrospect.

Very original! I love the simple rules and the HP bars for units. Good job!


More difficult than I thought! But I made it through sheer effort. Good job! There's a lot of polish, that shows!

I had fun! Good job, thanks for submitting.

Just a quick comment: I would love to replay this game if the character moved like in DOOM (somewhat gliding) instead of stopping instantly if no input is given. A big focus in DOOM is the movement, so I think it would add a lot to your game.

But good job indeed! I need to learn A* and pathfinding.

Thanks for your kind words.

Concerning difficulty, I suggest you retry by adjusting the number of continues in the options menu.

I also added auto-fire and auto-reload options in the controls settings, for accessibility purposes.

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Is this an hidden gem? I think it is!

First of all, thanks for implementing automatic save of progress. I don't think that is a game that you can do on one sitting (see more down below), and I'm very grateful that you put time to saving progress.

The polish here really shows. The UI is clear, and usable. I love the notification when an upgrade is available.

Nice mix of games like Burrito Bison and Lovers on a Dangerous Spacetime. That's quite original.

I humbly think that the submarine is a little too slow. Obstacles are easily avoidable on normal speed and it makes it a chore to collect upgrades. As gems seems to appear at a flat rate, I do not have (unfortunately) the patience to collect 2000+ gems.

But overall, I'm impressed! Congrats to the team for your hard work and the submission.

(ah, yes! shoutout the music track and the accessibility settings)

Nice little game. Congrats to the team for your hardwork!

It's a little harsh to make the player replay the whole game if you die from an offscreen stalactite when you collected 95 pearls. Haha. Unfortunately, I did not finish your game. But I appreciated the shadows! Thanks for not making everything pitch black outside the light.

Oh, thanks for the comment. 😊

The secret I used for making the sounds sound right, is mixing

Yeah, even if the wildcard is "sounds made from your mouth", nothing said that I couldn't overlay multiple mouth sounds to create new, and interesting sounds!

Duly noted for the shadows!

Thanks for the comment!

I do not know about Break Sword, leave me a link and I'll check it out!

Thanks for the sweet comment, it makes my day.

Feel free to message me if you've got any questions about my code!

Your comment on accessibility is spot on. 

It was the thing that got axed due to time constraints that I'm sad for.  If I had like 3 more hours, I could have done much more.

But playing other games, maybe the arrow keys + z, x, and c keys would have helped (or maybe as an alternative scheme). 

The seaweed were one-way gates, with the shadows as a hint for the direction, but I recognize that it was not clear at all.

Thanks for the comment. :)

Thanks! At the begining of development, I tried for a more realistic look and I saw how much time I was sinking on it. So, I decided to do the exact reverse. 😅

Congrats to be able to make it to the end! That's not simple.

Thanks for the comment on the splash screen! I put maybe way too much time on it, but I think it was worth it.


I just realised that I liked the comment, but that may be anybody for the one commenting.

Yeah, haha, the number of comments on my (not clear at all) one-way gate is something that I'll note for future submissions.


Thanks for the comment! ;)

A fellow 3d game! Yay!

Congrats making a such big world. 

My tip would be to add a kind of tracker. I'm quite good to navigate in a 3D environment, but it's not given to everybody. It can become quite frustrating searching for the last gem.

Other than that, good job!

What a polished game! Props to all the options in the menu.

Even if not everything is polished, the graphics are stunning, even if they are simple.

Unfortunately, did not understand how to build stuff. Is there a building table? An inventory other than slots?

Yay! I saved the ocean!

That little sub smile made me smile too.

Thanks for sharing us your game!