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When i try to link my youtube channel with itch. Io Google Chrome blocks it

Are you joking or asking 

I have 715 downloads and only 3 ratings 

How can I make people rate my game 

I made a devlog asking people to rate my game and no one rated

War for family

I thought it is only for followers 

So should I put a link in devlogs

My game is war for family :

I don't know why but the people who see my devlogs don't see my game 

Is the devlog shown to only my followers or 

To any one

I put them now

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Please i want you to try the demo 

Tell me that to add and please rate my game

The game is about you trying to stop evil from getting all 5 dragon coins:

Welcome to the new update

Am i allowed to make a new game

 I didnt know it must be new

My game just disappears everytime i publish it 

It is a made using godot

Me too my pc doesn't support gles 3

+ can you make it downloadable also

I love this kind of games

Good one

When i asked my friends about the cover they couldn't read it 

So i will change the text but the cover looks good

Rate from 5

You mean walking to previous scenes in the story mode? 

Thanks for your feedback 

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There will be a mode like that it will be a side mode where you can collect things and do side missions 

Why are not anyone replying

The cgase part is impossible i cant beat it

comment here

In level 6 the brick wall level i stayed for 30 minutes and didnt find any milk is this an endless level or a bug

I fixed it now 

(1 edit)

I fixed it in the new update

Thanks for info i have played worms 3 and i know team 17 but i didnt know that they have a game called the survivalists

Did you love the new cover? 

Also can you please donate for me or buy the bundle(instead of. Donating)

 because the dollar in my country = 16 pound and i think that the Dollar in America 

=1 pound 

Because it  will help me make the next game as i pay money to learn in godot

If you want to become a member of my discord community come to this discord link :

They are the same browser and downloadable? No problem for not paying as you are the 2nd follower to me. I didnt see the problem you are talking about because my pc is stuck at lenovo start screen 

Which fox you mean the dad or the enemy? If enemy beat him. If dad then talk to him about his past and then get away and then it is the end. 

you can see the dad's past in war for family 2 which i am working on it will be money but free in first day so catch it

Did you download the game when it was free? I think that. please rate the game as you see it and tell me your overall opinion

Thanx for playing in which level are you? i never thought about adding a map? The way goes right or up 

What's your opinion of my game? 

Try to give feedbacks

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Android version raised:

Android version

I am making a browser playable versio for Android

i rated your game . it is a nice game

rated your game it is a strange idea but nice

the art is amazing and i rated your game waiting for full version

The 4th character from left to right did you make this character it looks like a character in a game called survival rpg 3:lost in time

By solid you mean good or bad

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you must kill sam (help: try to stay in corner nearsam to kill them ) after you kill bats damage sam about 4_6 times then go to corner anf fight bats again

(1 edit)

if you mean restart scene make a node 2d then add child (touchscreen or something like that ) then add a script to node 2d click touchscreen add signal if ..... Is pressed : 

Get tree.rewind current scene 

I dont remember it mostly but thats it

I fixed many bugs like this and thanks for your feedback i will fix it