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Chaz Acheronti

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Thanks for the reply and playing the game! At the moment, you can press the 'B' key to salvage

You can now heal yourself by salvaging loot drops with the B button or key!

At the moment there aren't any settings yet, working hard on the core gameplay loop ! And what OS and gamepad are you using?

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At the moment I am using Android builds as a benchmark to try and keep the game running on low-spec devices, so I won't be adding touch controls until later in development, perhaps when I finish the core gameplay and for the final demo release.

The game is meant to be played with a controller, and more companies are coming out with controller peripherals for phones like Razer. It is possible that the more mechanics I add, the less likely touch controls are viable. So my answer is maybe*.

At the moment, there are no health pickups, only ammo at the end of the level.

Literally Lit af, GOTY 2020

Thanks for the feedback, I'll be starting to work on this project full-time soon; be sure to check back in a month or two. Mouse-input needs a lot of work and I am in progress on enemies. I'm glad you enjoyed the style!

Okay give it a try and let me know!

Will upload a fix right now

Make sure to post this on the canvas too!

This game is so fun! Great style, great sound, great gameplay. Keep updating and working on it!!