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A high speed low-poly racing game. · By Kodub

Suggestions & bugs Sticky

A topic by Kodub created Jun 10, 2023 Views: 7,938 Replies: 364
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Developer (1 edit) (+1)

Here you can post suggestions for the game.

This can include new features, bugs I should fix and new track parts!


add a discord link ingame


For now you could make a thread with the link. Maybe one for the speedrun page as well?

PolyTrack Speedrun Discord

Hi, i am facing a problem and i dont know how to fix it. Im playing from and i cant go into spectator mode and i don't know why, is there any fix?


not sure if its a bug but on track 6 after you make the first jump onto the big platform when going off it drifting to the right and holding the d key you end up facing left sometimes


I think that might just be how the physics work out.

For a moment when you leave the platform only the back wheels will be touching the platform. Since you're in the middle of a turn and the back wheels can't turn like the front wheels, you'll be forced to the left. That's my guess at least.

yeah, that's called off loading. in stadium super trucks they have to be careful about going over a ramp straight, otherwise this happens. not a bug, just physics

Can confirm this happens, however it is a little bit worse than that: Sometimes if you are going really fast out of a ramp and stop turning at the end, the car ends up slowly spinning during the turn in the other direction to where you are turning.


Can you make this game mobile friendly please with Burton for accelerate and brake left and Burton to go left and right right


I'll give it a try!

But I'm not sure how well the game will run on mobile.

ok thanks,

If you want you can also add checkpoint.


Checkpoints are coming in the next update!

(1 edit) (+1)

Can you pls add an in game Leaderboard for the Tracks???


Yes! I'm working on it for the next update.

But it's a quite complex feature so it might take a while.




thanks, it worked out really well


Also can you please add more block to the editor

  • ice blocks
  • checkpoints
  • boosters

Checkpoints are coming next update!

Boosters are definitely something I want to add, but other things have higher priority right now.

Ice blocks might come in a future winter themed update perhaps!


Kodub u are a legend to me. This is literally my dream come true to play a game like Trackmania. :)


Checkpoints would be very good so we can  make huge maps that are playable.

Deleted post


Deleted post

no can u send me the link? or code

Deleted post

idk why but when i put the code in it wont let me import :(

Deleted post

yeh bro my game wont even get the map lol


it would be awesome if there were different cameras. one where we could just move around the track and scope out what to do next and maybe anothr one where we can see our pb/ghost (like from behind and tracking). that would also make recording videos of speedruns a lot better.


I've been thinking of making this so you could preview other people's runs from the upcoming leaderboard as well.

So I might add this in the next update if I have time.

that'd be awesome, thanks


Thank you Kodub for this nice little game! I wanted to create a game of this kind about 15 years ago. But you did it better than I could even imagine!

Please add:

  • Different time of the day: evening, night;
  • Headlights on the car so you can drive nicely at the night;
  • Best tracks from players to game default levels pack;
  • Multiplayer if possible;
  • Riding together with bots;
  • In-game music;
  • Points;
  • Drifting and additional points for drifting;
  • Levels and car colors cloud save with passphrase (like it's done on DuckDuckGo).

I'm glad you like the game!

  • Evening is doable, but I worry playing at night would be a bit dark with just the car headlights. Since I wouldn't be able to have additional light sources without a new lighting system. But maybe I'll give the option anyways. We'll see!
  • Will definitely need some headlights if I implement night maps!
  • In the future, I want people to be able to share tracks directly in the game. I might also have a curated list of tracks in the game till then, but nothing has been decided yet.
  • Multiplayer might be possible, but it would require a lot of time which I need to implement the leaderboard and the track sharing feature in the future. So not anytime soon, sorry!
  • It should be possible to race against ghosts from other players from the leaderboard in the next version. As for AI drivers, that's not possible since the tracks are too complicated.
  • I've been thinking about adding in-game music as well, but I worry it would become annoying in the long run. Would like to look into this a bit more though!
  • I might have some kind of scoring system in the future, but it's not something I've thought about much.
  • I might add a stunt mode in the future, but not anytime soon.
  • Using a passphrase to recover user profiles is a really good idea! I'll look into adding this in the next version, but probably not for tracks since they require too much data.

there should be a way to have laps in tracks


There should!


very fun and simple game!  I can see a lot of potential in this game you should add more kinds of cars you can use.  one problem I had tho the cars fall down very easy. thx for reading! :D


I changed the collision model of the car a bit so you don't get this weird bounce and roll as much when you hit a barrier.

So it should be a bit better next update. If it's still a problem I guess I could make the barriers a bit higher too.

Don't worry about the collision bugs and all, they are part of the game, it adds up to its charm it also makes possible incredible stunts and even more creative maps

Hey, love the game. One thing I would find awesome is a platform in the shape of a triangle, since i like to make big maps with huge turns, like half a tile cut diagonal, so that i dont have to place corners all the time

Hope this makes sense


It makes sense! I'll add it to my todo.

Keyboard shorcuts

Add keyboard shorcuts for the editor: Going up and down, delete without having to go all the way up to the delete tool and then all the way down

These are things that would make creating maps much easier

Sorry for posting this if there is already shortcuts that I didn't find


For going up and down you can hold shift and use the mouse wheel.

But I might add some more shortcuts and maybe some instructions for the editor somewhere.


You should make it so you can press space to drift.


I can experiment a bit, but I'm not sure how the car physics would behave.

A drift function sure will be top-notch, you can do like with trackmania with requirements to activate drift, not a key to press. Thanks for the game, I can finally play a good racing game on my potato computer!

I would actually love it if there was like an in-game tournament against others every once in a while like Cup Of The Day but i understand its very hard to code it. :)


It would be quite difficult, so probably wouldn't implement this for a very long time.

Would be cool though!

Can you add a cockpit view? It would really help. I love this game!!



add a sign with text in the editor for custom tracks


Would be cool! But also a bit complicated so maybe in the future.

when you go above 300 kph while on a wall turn block your car goes into the ground and slides out every time this also happens when you are holding w above 270


Yes, the grip is a bit strange when riding on walls.

Not sure if it's fixable.

This actually doesnt happen for me.

I think its ok if u tap keys instead of holding them

Hey Kodub 

just wondering if it would be possible for you to add like an airbrake since its hard to make long jumps since u land upside-down



How do you imagine the airbrake would work exactly?


The way it  works is that when ur mid air u can tap brake to stop the cars rotation

Itd get a great addition for landing long jumps :)

Think Trackmania

can you add wasd movment to the editor please? im on my laptop and dont have a mouse

(2 edits) (+1)

oh another thing you could add is a booster piece that goes on top of tracks. it could increse your speed to somewhere around 375 km/h

if the physics get all janky because of it i understand not adding it.


Definitely something I want to add in the future!

I believe the physics should be able to handle it without any issues.



Deleted post

1. I think this might cause some problems. Or maybe I misunderstood what you meant?

2. Sorry! It's already been toned down a bit in the next update. It was never intentional and is just a side effect of the wheels hitting the barrier before the chassis of the car.

3. More customization in general would be really cool! Such as different spoilers and wheels. The next update miiiiiiiight have some more color patterns to choose from but most likely not since I already have a lot of stuff to do for this update. Very likely in the next update after that though!


If you change the physics, you may want to reset the times on the official track


Yes, all records will be reset.


Plz don't change it too much

Any ETA on the next update?


Hopefully this year.

I'm sorry if any of this sounds harsh. It is not my intention. I like the concept. It's a lot like TrackMania, but it has a lot of issues I'd like fixed before adding new features. 

My main issue is the physics. Mainly the lack of gravity on the car. The 1st turn on track 1 makes you just fly off unpredictably. This ends up as just having to reset over and over on the 1st turn of the game. That combined with the lack of slowdown when hitting walls just makes the car launch into space if you hit the wall even slightly. Those physics just don't work well with the TrackMania style levels with sharp precise turns. That doesn't have to be a bad thing however. 

Track 5 showcases sections where the physics are very well utilized. The long tunnel sections with obstacles are incredibly fun and it's where the game really shines. Focusing on that would be a really good idea. It also gives it a niche that's split from just being a "TM clone".

I love that you added a map editor instantly. The car color customization is also great. I also like the look of the game just wish the lighting was a bit better on some parts cause the road can get really shinny at parts.

All in all I've enjoyed the game and I see a lot of potential for it in the future. It'll just require a good amount of work to get there.


I agree that the physics are kinda strange. The bounce when hitting a wall has been toned down a bit for the next update. The reason this happens is because the wheels usually hit the wall before the chassis causing the car to be launched into the air by the suspension. This is quite hard to balance because if I make the chassis extend too far forward it will hit the ground when driving up a ramp for example. I might also experiment with making the barriers higher or a different shape.

I should definitely take some time to go through all the materials in the game. I agree it's too shinny sometimes!

I'm glad you like the game!

Can you please add an exit test mode button in the editor so that everyone doesn't have to exit the whole game and start from scratch each time they want to change their level

also in the main tracks too


You should be able to press the escape key to exit the test mode. Doesn't it work? Or is that not what you meant?

an input display and a designated ghost replay function would be nice too


An input display isn't planned. I'd would say it's quite low priority.

A ghost replay function is coming at some point! But I'm not sure if I'll have time for that in this update. I don't want to delay the update longer than necessary.

Deleted post

This would help me a lot


I've been thinking about doing this actually! I'll definitely have to at some point since the problem will just get worse and worse the more track parts are added.

with the new update will the bug where if you try to steer as soon as you land from a jump you spin out be fixed?


I think so!

Deleted post


please make the ghost less laggy, when I run the tracks without ghost it goes without problems on a good stable fps, but when I have a ghost I have alot of fps drops (severe) in corners or slopes


In the next version there will be an option to disable the ghost car to improve performance.

I'm also started working on multithreading for the physics simulation but it's not so simple so I can't make any promises, but it could potentially improve performance by a lot.

Replay Files For If You Want To Race Peoples Times 


In the next update you'll be able to select people to race against in the in-game leaderboard

can u add some more tracks pls


Track 8 and Track 9 are already finished, and I'm working on track 10

Deleted post


i can you please add first different camera view points and free camera and zoom in and zoom out in game.

Also please improve UP-Down in level editor , clicking by mouse to 200 Up takes too much time, you can add input field so easily can switch between bottom and height of map.


The next version has a cockpit view and a free camera.

You can use shift + mouse scroll to adjust the height in the editor faster. But yes, this could be improved I think.

Deleted post

I definitely want to rework the track generator, because I think it's really cool!

Maybe in 0.4.0

Would love to see somewhere on the track selection my current position on that track, maxbe under my best time, my position on the leaderboard


I will look at this for 0.4.0

not sure what happened but on most of the tracks the times are a lot slower than they were in the beta. also not sure if its for every track but on track 2 doing the little jump into the straight away to the finish whenever you land it you instantly slide out


The physics is only slightly different from the beta. So I feel like it shouldn't affect the times too much. Maybe there just hasn't been enough time yet?

Hm... I don't get this spin out on Track 2, but the suspension is slightly more bouncy than before so it might have something to do with that.

Is it possible to make checkpoints respawnable?


I'm not sure if this is something people would want, since if you respawn you'll lose a lot of time anyways.

But maybe it could be an option for really difficult tracks.

Thts wat I mean to say. For very difficult and long tracks:)

Deleted post

android version please


I think I might be able to make touch controls for the driving part, but probably not the editor.

(2 edits)

i really liked the game and could have my dream realized to play something similar like trackmania:

•replay system for a better way to record and show in the

•lap system for people make longer tracks with less objects


A way to view replays is something I'll look at for 0.4.0.

A lap system will also come at some point, but I'm not sure when.

not sure if its intended but you can bounce off the rails of the track at a certain angle and have more speed than normally turning

speedrun strat :OOOO


Not really intended!

I'll see if I need to do something about it in the future, but I haven't seen it used too much in speedruns yet.

Until then I guess it's a strat!

in track 1 i think if you hit the wall before jumping onto the final platform you save speed but unsure about that but in track 5 if you hit the wall before jumping over the start area you get a significantly better landing than trying to turn it normally

Could you add controller support?


Yes! But it's a bit more complicated because of the replay system.

put more people to make official maps it would help on making starting maps(track 1,2,3...) and have more variety to tracks because everyone has their how style(i think)

Deleted post

I think instead of making community tracks into official tracks, I'd like to focus on better ways of sharing tracks.

There are a lot of cool community tracks and I want it to be easier to find these tracks!

All Export Track Codes can Import Tracks from Export Tracks

I can Shop Track Parts on PolyTrack?


Sorry, I'm not sure I understand the question?

Deleted post

I don't think so.

Then I would have to somehow connect peoples' Discord profiles with their in-game profiles, which would be quite a bit of work among other reasons.

I think it would be better with some kind of voting system, where the highest voted tracks will be shown on top. I think it would be more fair as well, since good tracks are good tracks no matter who made them!

Deleted post

There is a problem with the cockpit mode. Even on toggle mode it remains as a hold button



What browser are you playing on? Does it work if you try another browser?

Have you configured any custom controls or is everything at default?

Deleted post

Default controls, on safari, edge and chrome. In the editor but I’m not sure about the normal because i mostly make my own tracks


I found the issue! Should be quite easy to fix. Not sure if I'll release another hotfix (0.3.2) or just leave it until 0.4.0 since it's only when playing through the editor.

Thank you for the bug report!

The Next Update I Can Shop Track Parts on PolyTrack, Added Coin and Diamonds in Game, I can Faster than speed 678 km/h with Boost Pads, Shop Your Race Cars and Total Track Parts up to 250,000+

Update Version Here 1

Update Version Here 2

Deleted post

I have two suggestions:

A way to see your splits at checkpoints

Sloped turns or a way to build off-grid


I might have to wait with showing splits for now. Maybe later though!

Sloped turns I should probably make soon!

Building off-grid would need quite large changes, and I think it would cause a lot of unforeseen problems.

Adding Even More:

Boost Pads, Super Boost Pads, Mega Boost Pads, Ultra Boost Pads, Random Booster, Reactor Boost Up, Super Reactor Boost Up, Mega Reactor Boost Up, Ultra Reactor Boost Up, Reactor Boost Down, Super Reactor Boost Down, Mega Reactor Boost Down, Ultra Reactor Boost Down, Extra Long Slope Up, Extra Extra Long Slope Down, Extra Long Smooth Turn, Extra Extra Long Smooth Turn, Coin and Diamond Producer, Switch and Buttons, Road with Pillar at Top, Effects, Alphanumeric Signs, Sign with Text, Sign With Images, Checkpoint Rings, Finish Rings, Split Curves, Pillar with one by one side branch, Magnetic Wheels, Vertical track bottom round, middle and top round outer corner, Vertical Rotating 45°, Loops and Twists in Roller Coaster, and Lap Counter

Link Here


I will probably add some of these track parts!

I have four suggestions:

Boost Pads I can Speed Turbo

Coin and Diamond Producer

Shop Track Parts on PolyTrack

Total Track Parts up to 250,000

i think shop tracks is a bit diferent i think it will ruin a bit the game cause you having to buy things just to make tracks would be a problem to custom tracks creator and for kodub mainly(cause he use a huge amount of things to build)

its only my point of wiew

Deleted post

Boost pads are planned at some point.

There is no plan for an in-game currency right now.

I don't want to make it so you have to buy track parts.

There is currently no limit for the track parts you can have in a track. But there might be some kind of limit for tracks uploaded in-game in the future.

Deleted post

Sorry! But there needs to be some kind of limit. Otherwise the server would quickly run out of space.

Hopefully I'll be able to set the limit high enough that hitting the limit would be unlikely.

This would also be a soft limit, so exceptions could be made.

Boost Pads now Available on PolyTrack:

Color of Normal Boost PadColor of Super Boost PadColor of Mega Boost PadColor of Ultra Boost Pad
Black = +100 km/hBlack = +1000 km/hBlack = +10000 km/hBlack = +100000 km/h
Light Gray = +200 km/hLight Gray = +2000 km/hLight Gray = +20000 km/hLight Gray = +200000 km/h
Pink = +300 km/hPink = +3000 km/hPink = +30000 km/hPink = +300000 km/h
Purple = +400 km/hPurple = +4000 km/hPurple = +40000 km/hPurple = +400000 km/h
Blue = +500 km/hBlue = +5000 km/hBlue = +50000 km/hBlue = +500000 km/h
Light Blue = +600 km/hLight Blue = +6000 km/hLight Blue = +60000 km/hLight Blue = +600000 km/h
Green = +700 km/hGreen = +7000 km/hGreen = +70000 km/hGreen = +700000 km/h
Yellow = +800 km/hYellow = +8000 km/hYellow = +80000 km/hYellow = +800000 km/h
Orange = +900 km/hOrange = +9000 km/hOrange = +90000 km/hOrange = +900000 km/h
Red = +1000 km/hRed = +10000 km/hRed = +100000 km/hRed = +1000000 km/h

Boost pads are planned at some point, but I don't think we need this many variations!

I will also need to see how the physics engine handles these speeds. I think most of these are way too fast.

(1 edit)

Adding More: Coin and Diamond Producer

Coin Producer:

  • Minimum: 50 Coins
  • Maximum: 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 Coins

Diamond Producer:

  • Minimum: 1 Diamond
  • Maximum: 10,000 Diamonds

No in-game currency is currently planned.

But there might be some progression where you unlock customization options for your car in the future.

Adding More: Switch and Buttons

Total Colors in Switch and Buttons is 12 Colors

RedDark RedBlueLight Blue
GreenLight GreenPurplePink

Toggled: On (■) and Off (⬚)


Maybe in the far future there could be programmable triggers to allow for more complex tracks.

Adding More: Magnetic Wheels and Reactor Boost Down

  • Magnetic Wheels I can Stop in Loop, Wall Riding and Upside Down Tracks Without a Falling Cars
  • Reactor Boost Down I can Driving in Upside Down Tracks

More special car-affecting track parts are planned at some point, but the game is still missing a lot of normal track parts.

Adding More: Loop and Twists on Roller Coaster


  • Short Roller Coaster Loop
  • Long Roller Coaster Loop
  • Extra Long Roller Coaster Loop
  • Extra Extra Long Roller Coaster Loop


  • Short Roller Coaster Twist
  • Long Roller Coaster Twist
  • Extra Long Roller Coaster Twist
  • Extra Extra Long Roller Coaster Twist

Definitely planned!

Adding More:

This Track Parts in 2x2 Block Smalled to 1x1 Block


Sorry! I'm not sure I understand.

But building with these walls is a bit weird right now, because they take up a full tile, even though most of it is empty!

Rather than making multiple variations, there might be a better solution where overlapping tiles are allowed as long as the parts themselves don't overlap.

Adding More:

This Track Parts is Merged to Split


At some point!

But maybe not all of these from the beginning.

Adding More: Variation of Signs


  • Numbers 0-99
  • Latin Capital Letter A-Z
  • Latin Small Letter a-z

Text and Images:

  • Text: I can Click in Sign Text on PolyTrack
  • Images: I can Upload Images in Sign Image on PolyTrack



Total Sign Up to 1000 Signs on PolyTrack


Signs would need to be reworked in the future, so there would be only one sign with multiple variations.

Text for signs might come at some point. It's a bit more complex so not anytime soon.

Images probably won't happen for multiple reasons.

Changed in Export to Import Tracks:

  1. All Export Code Tracks can Import Tracks
  2. Importing in Very Large Tracks can Import
  3. Importing Track Code with an Invalid Character can Import
  1.  Sorry! I don't understand this one.
  2. There used to be a bug where very large tracks couldn't be imported. It should be fixed in 0.3.0. Is it still not working?
  3. I should probably make the importer ignore all invalid characters, right now only whitespace-characters are ignored.

Added Languages on PolyTrack:

  • Dutch
  • Javanese
  • Sundanese
  • Indonesian
  • Hindi
  • Greek
  • Malay
  • Danish
  • Finnish
  • Swedish
  • Norwegian
  • Hungarian
  • Lao
  • Vietnamese
  • Thai
  • Filipino
  • Serbian
  • Latvian
  • Romanian
  • Czech
  • Irish
  • Hebrew
  • Lithuanian
  • Latvian
  • Croatian
  • Catalan
  • Cebuano
  • Slovak

More languages would be good, but it would also mean more work every time a new feature is added.

I think there needs to be a balance. If someone would like to request a specific language I could add it.

Total Languages on PolyTrack now is 80 Languages 

Adding More: Road with Pillar at Top


This Track Parts has Merged to Road with Pillar at Top


This would be quite a lot of track parts!

I think a more general solution is needed. I will think about it!

Deleted post

Yes, I think this would be better than me manually creating thousands of variations of track parts.

But I'm not sure if I really want to allow all track parts to be clipped together or only certain combinations. I need to look into this!

Adding More:


This Track Parts in 2x2 Block Smalled to 1x1 Block



Boost Pads can Using in Track Part is:


Like a ramp with a booster?

Maybe in the future!

Checkpoint and Finish is more widest Than Two:

Image 1:

Image 2:

Image 3:


I worry it would look a bit strange with the flag being stretched for such a long distance.

3 or 4 might be ok though.

I Drived from Jakarta to Sumedang on Saturday, August 26 - Monday, August 28, 2023, Story of PolyTrack Variations with Rafly

  1. Total Track Parts Up to 1,000,000
  2. In-game Currency is Needed
  3. I can Buy Cars and Track Parts on Shop Menu
  4. Foldered all Track Parts on Editor
  5. Change Maximum Speed in Customize Cars
  6. Total Tracks on Standard Tracks is 2,000 Tracks
  7. Race of Multiplayer Cars, 4, 6, 8 or 12 Players to Race
  8. In Editor Button can added: Select Button, Wrench Button, Clone Button and Delete Button

Drive Now

  1. I'm not sure what you mean here.
  2. There is no in-game currency planned.
  3. There is no shop planned.
  4. There will be some kind of folders or something in the editor because there are quite a few track parts now.
  5. There will be no tuning for the car, but maybe in the future there might be multiple different types of cars.
  6. You want 2000 tracks? I guess we'll get there eventually!
  7. Multiplayer might come in the future, but probably not soon.
  8. Being able to select an area and copy it would be good. I'm not sure what the other buttons would do though?

Adding More: Lap Counter

Counting Laps from 1–99 until Finish


Multi-lap tracks are planned, but it's quite low priority for now.

Watch TrackMania 2020 Advanced Track Editor. PolyTrack it's start to Importing all Track Parts from TrackMania to PolyTrack


There will be more parts added every update!

Hey Kodub, I Need to Help of Starting to Working Now with Rafly

  1. Total Track Parts up to 1,000,000
  2. In-game currency is Planned
  3. Coin and Diamond Producer are Planned
  4. Shop Your Track Parts and Cars on Shop Menu are Planned
  5. Boost Pads are Planned
  6. Added: Shop Menu
  7. Switch and Button are Planned
  8. Sign in Multiple Variations are Planned
  9. Loops and Twists in Roller Coaster are Planned
  10. Road with Pillar at Top are Planned
  11. Magnetic Wheel and Reactor Boost Down are Planned
  12. Adding your More Languages are Planned
  13. Lap Counter are Planned
  14. Slope Up, Down and Center with Pillar at Bottom and Top are Planned
  15. Block Sloped Up with Pillar at Bottom are Planned
  16. Block Sloped Down with Pillar at Top are Planned
  17. Pillar with One by One Side Branches are Planned
  18. Horizontal Pillar Connector are Planned
  19. Vertical Track Bottom Round, Middle and Top Round Outer Corner are Planned
  20. Checkpoint and Finish is more widest Than Two and Rings are Planned

More Workers:

  1. Foldering in Editor Track Parts
  2. Vertical and Horizontal Rotate 45° (each Track Parts)
  3. Upside Down Road Track Parts are Planned
  4. Race of Multiplayer Cars, 4, 6, 8 or 12 Players to Race are Planned
  5. Super Boost Pads are Planned
  6. Mega Boost Pads are Planned
  7. Ultra Boost Pads are Planned
  8. Slopes With Checkpoint are Planned
  9. Slopes With Finish are Planned
  10. Vertical Track Middle With Checkpoint are Planned
  11. Vertical Track Middle With Finish are Planned
  12. Change Maximum Speed in Customize Cars
  13. In Editor Button can added: Select Button, Wrench Button, Clone Button and Delete Button
  14. Total Tracks on Standard Tracks is 2,000 Tracks
  15. Sign With a Text are Planned
  16. Sign With a Image are Planned
  17. Sign With a Video are Planned
  18. Teleporter are Planned
  19. Color of Land are Planned
  20. Trampoline are Planned

Adding More: Slope, Slope Up and Slope Down With a Road


All Normal Track Part to Merging to Sloped Track Parts:

  • 32 Sloped Track Up
  • 32 Sloped Track Center
  • 32 Sloped Track Down

32x3=96 Track Parts

(1 edit)

Added More: Pillar With Side Branches but using Backfills:


  • 5 Top Pillar Branches
  • 5 Bottom Pillar Branches
  • 5 Top and Bottom Pillar Branches
  • Total = 20 Pillar Branches

Added More: Sloped Down, Up and Center With Pillar at Bottom and Top


  • 14 Intersection Slopes
  • 15 Left Intersection Slopes
  • 15 Right Intersection Slopes
  • 15 Plane Slopes

How to Using Spectator Camera on Editor Test Track


The spectator camera doesn't work in the editor right now.

But I should fix that at some point!

Boost Pads can Using in Leftwards and Rightwards Track Part is:

PolyTrack Track Editor can using same as TrackMania Map Editor:

Link Below:

Total Track Parts on TrackMania is so Many than PolyTrack

Boost Pads and Effects it's now Available on PolyTrack:

Watch Video from TrackMania:


I'm not sure if we need all of these.

But a normal boost would probably be ok!

New Track Parts: Smooth Turn With Splits

  • Left Split Smooth Turn
  • Right Split Smooth Turn

Adding More: Slow Surface, Heal Surface and Slip Surface now Available on PolyTrack:

  1. Slow Surface: Takes a Slow Down your Speed
  2. Heal Surface: Takes Refill a Health your Booster Car
  3. Slip Surface: Takes Drift a Off Traction your Car

Adding More: Intersection with Dash Plates

  1. Dash Plates Speed is +50km/h / Dash Plate
  2. if the Speed is High, Multiple Stack of Dash Plates to High Speed to 1500km/h

Adding More: Booster Energy now Available on PolyTrack:

Use a [X] Control to Boost


I've been thinking about some kind of nitro/boost which would replenish over time.

I think it would increase the skill ceiling, but I'm not sure how people would feel about it since it would change the game quite a lot.

I would like to know what other people think, if someone would like to share.

Deleted post

what about letting the map creators have a option to toggle the boost/nitro in their level off or on and the and a couple of new main tracks that are boost centered or have the boost enabled on said main levels. it would be a good comprise.

Deleted post
  1. I agree! I'm still not 100% happy with it, but it's a lot better than before.
  2. Yes, there might be 90 degree roads as well.
  3. I've been thinking about adding some more decorative elements, like trees, hills and maybe buildings.
  4. Intractable objects could cause performance issues and make it much more difficult to verify replays. Not impossible, but unlikely to happen!
  5. I'd have to see how the car handles inside such a tunnel, but I think it should work!
  6. I'll look at it! In the future I would like a better tool, especially designed to do this.
  7. It's definitely something I need to look into. I don't want to change the art style of the game too much, but maybe some textures could still be ok.
  8. This is quite an interesting idea! Real race tracks often have multiple routes on the same track. I'll remember this for the future.

There are already names for the track pieces in the code. I'm not sure if I want to show them in the editor somewhere because I feel like they'd be hard to translate to all the languages.

Here you go:

Straight, TurnSharp, SlopeUp, SlopeDown, Slope, Start, Finish, ToWideMiddle, ToWideLeft, ToWideRight, StraightWide, InnerCornerWide, OuterCornerWide, SlopeUpLeftWide, SlopeUpRightWide, SlopeDownLeftWide, SlopeDownRightWide, SlopeLeftWide, SlopeRightWide, PillarTop, PillarMiddle, PillarBottom, PillarShort, PlanePillarBottom, PlanePillarShort, Plane, PlaneWall, PlaneWallCorner, PlaneWallInnerCorner, Block, WallTrackTop, WallTrackMiddle, WallTrackBottom, PlaneSlopeUp, PlaneSlopeDown, PlaneSlope, TurnShort, TurnLong, SlopeUpLong, SlopeDownLong, SlopePillar, TurnSLeft, TurnSRight, IntersectionT, IntersectionCross, PillarMiddleBranch1, PillarMiddleBranch2, PillarMiddleBranch3, PillarMiddleBranch4, WallTrackBottomCorner, WallTrackMiddleCorner, WallTrackTopCorner, Checkpoint, HalfBlock, QuarterBlock, HalfPlane, QuarterPlane, PlaneBridge, SignArrowLeft, SignArrowRight, SignArrowUp, SignArrowDown, SignWarning, SignWrongWay, CheckpointWide, WallTrackCeiling, WallTrackFloor, BlockSlopedDown, BlockSlopedDownInnerCorner, BlockSlopedDownOuterCorner, BlockSlopedUp, BlockSlopedUpInnerCorner, BlockSlopedUpOuterCorner, FinishWide, PlaneCheckpoint, PlaneFinish, PlaneCheckpointWide, PlaneFinishWide

(1 edit) (-1)

PolyTrack Version History Types Every Decade:

  1. PolyTrack 0.0.0 Start Every 1920s Decade
  2. PolyTrack 1.0.0 Start Every 1930s Decade
  3. PolyTrack 2.0.0 Start Every 1940s Decade
  4. PolyTrack 3.0.0 Start Every 1950s Decade
  5. PolyTrack 4.0.0 Start Every 1960s Decade
  6. PolyTrack 5.0.0 Start Every 1970s Decade
  7. PolyTrack 6.0.0 Start Every 1980s Decade
  8. PolyTrack 7.0.0 Start Every 1990s Decade
  9. PolyTrack 8.0.0 Start Every 2000s Decade
  10. PolyTrack 9.0.0 Start Every 2010s Decade

This Game its so Exciting over 100 Years of PolyTrack by Kodub History


I need to Help I can Start Upload on Twitter now (PolyTrack 0.4.0) upload is not 265 Posts on Twitter

  1. Boost Pads
  2. Split Curves
  3. In-Game Currency
  4. Coin and Diamond Producer
  5. Shop Menu
  6. Shop Your Track Parts
  7. Shop Your Cars
  8. Car With an Images
  9. Checkpoint and Finish is more widest Than Two
  10. Checkpoint and Finish in Straight Wide
  11. Loop and Twist on Roller Coaster
  12. Variation Roads in Pillar Bottom and Short
  13. Pillar Branches But using Top, Bottom and Short
  14. Magnetic Wheel and Boost Reactor Down
  15. Variation of Slopes with pillar at Bottom, Top, Bottom and Top
  16. Variation of Slope Up with pillar at Bottom, Top, Bottom and Top
  17. Variation of Slope Down with pillar at Bottom, Top, Bottom and Top
  18. Variation of Signs
  19. Languages on PolyTrack Now is 80
  20. Slopes With a Different Variations
  21. Switch and Buttons
  22. Long Sloped Up and Down Available in Left and Right Wide and Plane
  23. Sign With Images
  24. Sign With Text
  25. Plane Wall With a Variations

Can you make the older versions available especially 0.2.0 because I liked the update and it's still on and had some amazing glitches like corrupting tracks and tabbing which made car zuggle and camera lock glitches i didn't really explore it and it was fun


Maybe! I'd need to see where I could put those.

Changed: Multiple Starting Points can Select and Randomize Start Track in All Starting Points


Multiple starting points won't be a thing for now, but there might be multiple different routes on the same track in the future, each with a separate leaderboard.

(1 edit)

can you make it so you can respawn at check points

and all kinds of angle peces so you can drop in to wall rides

as well as bob slegh like trackmania

Respawn at Checkpoint it's no Good. I Can Respawn at Start Only


Checkpoint respawns comes with a bunch of exploits and problems, so not for now. Maybe if runs with respawns are not added to the leaderboard.

What angle pieces do you have in mind?

The bob sleigh looks pretty cool. I'll look into it!

I Can't Respawning at Checkpoints. Can Respawning Only Start

Is the Most Respawning on PolyTrack is Start

(1 edit)

Can a Typing number of Height and Checkpoint Order on PolyTrack:


  • Min: 0
  • Max: 9,223,372,036,854,775,807

Checkpoint Orders:

  • Min: 1
  • Max: 275760



Being able to type a number directly would be good.

I might want to rework the UI for the checkpoint order completely though.

How to Teleport Coordinates on PolyTrack Track Editor?

Coordinate -X (West) +X (East):

  • Min: -9,223,372,036,854,775,808
  • Max: 9,223,372,036,854,775,807

Coordinate -Y (Down) +Y (Up):

  • Min: -9,223,372,036,854,775,808
  • Max: 9,223,372,036,854,775,807

Coordinate -Z (North) +Z (South):

  • Min: -9,223,372,036,854,775,808
  • Max: 9,223,372,036,854,775,807

Maybe I'll add a way to teleport to a coordinate in the editor at some point.

if you can get your car to spin flat you glide (watch any of the replays on this map i made using the bug) dont know if you can do it with some of the other blocks. also the bug does not work at high speeds v2EAqVXbwB4pdXP2kDCEDCG9DozcSc1s2EvCuw7U7JWX54PJWkCWWYXQeIvSfVWAhxp9reAksX1KKoxAdtKLoVAYrntqTINsPDLuRQjcDZG75I7mbzZKhfbtak96yRfPQSDwJsGpH5RBZOpPJqnzfzkogiMHbxr08MpHJd2fj21K7989JRX88vq11IfBJJZ7Dd7PiTacvv7ydSEC


Hm... I'm not quite sure what the bug is here exactly?


all i really can think of right now is it would be nice if you added a way to smooth out loopdeloops like a curved version of the triangle gray peice and a way to make a tube that can turn and change directions


I'm not quite sure what you mean by "smooth out" in this case, but I could add a rounded version of the triangle block.

I think a tube that can turn would be a bit difficult to divide into track parts, but I can take a look at it.

say you have two of the black  ramp peices next to each other  and on top of the second one you place the upside down black ramp peice that you use to make the loops i am talking about a block that would go on top of the first peice to smoothly connect it to curved black ramp that is on top of the second ramp kind of like how you would use the triangle gray track peice  on the gray square track peice or how you would use the gray triangle decoration peice to smoth out corners between gray block decoration pecies

How To Work PolyTrack 0.4.0 From Present?

How to Change Color of PolyTrack Land?

(1 edit)

Ask your 40 Questions of PolyTrack 0.4.0

  1. How to Reworked up to 5,000,000,000+ Track Parts?
  2. How to Add Shop Menu?
  3. How to Add In-game Currency on PolyTrack?
  4. How to Added Coin and Diamond Producer on PolyTrack?
  5. How to Foldering of Track Parts?
  6. How to Added 400 Boost Pads?
  7. How to Added 400 Super Boost Pads?
  8. How to Added 400 Mega Boost Pads?
  9. How to Added 400 Ultra Boost Pads?
  10. How to Added 30 Split Curves?
  11. How to Added Effects?
  12. All Track Code from Export Track can Import Tracks?
  13. How to Added Lap Counter?
  14. How to can Shop Your Track Parts?
  15. How to Add Loop and Twist on Roller Coaster?
  16. How to Added Boost Pads in Different Variations?
  17. How to Added Magnetic Wheel and Boost Reactor Up and Boost Reactor Down?
  18. How to Teleport a Coordinate in the Editor?
  19. How to can Shop Your Cars?
  20. How to Change a Maximum Speed Number?
  21. How to Add Switch and Button on PolyTrack?
  22. How to Play a Multiplayer Game?
  23. How to Paint Car With an Images?
  24. How to Added Checkpoint and Finish is more widest Than Two?
  25. How to Added Checkpoint and Finish in Straight Wide?
  26. How to Added Checkpoint and Finish in Ring?
  27. How to Checkpoint and Finish With a Slopes and Vertical Track?
  28. How to Add More Languages Over 100?
  29. How to Craft a Track Parts?
  30. How to Signs With an Alphanumerics?
  31. How to Signs With an Images?
  32. How to Signs With an Text?
  33. How to Signs With an Video?
  34. How to Add Booster Energy on PolyTrack?
  35. How to Play a Standard Tracks up to 30,000 Tracks?
  36. How to Using Spectator Camera in Editor Test Track?
  37. How to Add One-Way Track Parts?
  38. How to Change Color of Land?
  39. How to Add Pillar Branches But using Top, Bottom and Short?
  40. How to Rework Variation of Signs up to 10,000+?

PolyTrack 0.4.0 is Work From Present don't Future.

This Suggestions is Fun and Laughing to Kodub Replying to Me

I Cannot Respawn at Checkpoints. I Should be Respawn at Start?

How To Work PolyTrack 0.4.0 Before New Year's Day 2024?


0.4.0 is still many months away. Sorry!

(1 edit)

PolyTrack 0.4.0 is out!🥳🎉

It has Multi-laps 🏴, an Boosters and Effects, an Road Branches, an Car Designs can use Images in Customize Menu, 200+ New Track Parts, 10 new Tracks 🛣️ and more!

How to Create your Tracks in Underground?


Underground tracks would be cool, but would require a lot of changes!

How to Using Ghost Car Replay Driving on Editor Test Track

Google moment 

(1 edit)


this is a track for beginners Have  fun


Deleted post

How to Make Custom Blocks in Track Parts?

what dis

How to Make a Line with a Turbo Speed and Effects?

  • Turbo
  • Super Turbo
  • Mega Turbo
  • Ultra Turbo
  • Reactor Boost Up
  • Super Reactor Boost Up
  • Mega Reactor Boost Up
  • Ultra Reactor Boost Up
  • Reactor Boost Down
  • Super Reactor Boost Down
  • Mega Reactor Boost Down
  • Ultra Reactor Boost Down
  • Cruise Control
  • No Brakes
  • No Engine
  • No Steer
  • Slow Motion
  • Fragile
  • Reset

Let's Play TrackMania in Online Game

Play Now

PolyTrack Track Parts is Same as of TrackMania Track Parts!


enter image description here
(1 edit)

Add respawnable checkpoints

Edit* Just realised this is said too much in discord*

I Cannot Respawnable at Checkpoints, I Can Respawnable at Start

How To can Shop your Custom Track Parts on PolyTrack:

Check Your Website To Limit up to 100 Trillion Track Parts:

Shop Here!


Modding with custom track parts miiiiiiiiiight come in the very far future, but there are no plans currently.

Add Boost Pads

Edit *Just released this is Way too fast in Discord*

In the Next Update I Can Add your Track Parts:

  1. Boost Pads
  2. Effects
  3. Multi-Laps
  4. Split Curves
  5. Sloped Roads
  6. Sloped Curves
  7. Dirt Blocks
  8. Bump Blocks
  9. Ice Blocks
  10. Diagonal Roads
  11. Loops
  12. Rings

I Can Changed And Fixed for the Next Update:

  1. Multi-lap of Laps (Minimum 1 Lap, Maximum 999 Laps)
  2. Car of Maximum Speed Setting in 200 - 3000 km/h
  3. Car Painting with a Images in Customize Menu
  4. All Track Code From Export can Import Tracks
  5. Teleport your Coordinate in the Editor
  6. Typing Number of Checkpoint Orders
  7. Multiplayers Added
  8. Delete for Leaderboard Player
  9. Added your 64 Languages on PolyTrack
  10. Setting your Background Mountains [On/Off]
  11. Ghost Replays in Editor test Track
  12. Spectator Camera in Editor test Track
  13. Multiple Starting Points can Select and Randomize in All Starting Points
  14. Pick the Mood of the Track Editor (Sunrise, Day, Sunset and Night)
  15. Booster Energy or Nitro/Boost (Use a [X] Control to Boost)

Leaderboard Ordinal Ranks has Changed to:

Let's See Your Number Ranks in PolyTrack Leaderboards:

1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
11th 12th 13th 14th 15th 16th 17th 18th 19th 20th
21st 22nd 23rd 24th 25th 26th 27th 28th 29th 30th
31st 32nd 33rd 34th 35th 36th 37th 38th 39th 40th
41st 42nd 43rd 44th 45th 46th 47th 48th 49th 50th
51st 52nd 53rd 54th 55th 56th 57th 58th 59th 60th
61st 62nd 63rd 64th 65th 66th 67th 68th 69th 70th
71st 72nd 73rd 74th 75th 76th 77th 78th 79th 80th
81st 82nd 83rd 84th 85th 86th 87th 88th 89th 90th
91st 92nd 93rd 94th 95th 96th 97th 98th 99th 100th

How to Foldering Track Part in Editor Track Parts for the Next Update?


This is something which will probably be in the next update

Add Split Curves

Edit *Just released this is Split Curves in Discord*


I'm not quite sure what split curves are, but I will be adding new track parts every update!

Add Car Painting with a Images in Customize Menu:

Upload Images from File to Paint Your Cars (Primary and Secondary Cars)


Images on cars are not coming because of technical reasons, and it would be too hard to moderate what images people put on their cars.

Add Your PolyTrack Solo Game for The Next Update?

Add Tools in Editor Tracks for the Next Update?

How to Add Seasons In Editor Map for The Next Update?

  • Summer
  • Winter
  • Fall
  • Spring

I'm not quite sure how I want different biomes and time of day to work just yet

Road Branches Now Available on PolyTrack

  • Road Branches Straight Left
  • Road Branches Straight Right
  • Road Branches Curve Left
  • Road Branches Curve Right
  • Road Branches Y Shaped
  • Road Branches 3 Ways
  • Road Branches Short Curve
  • Road Branches Long Curve
  • Road Branches Y Shaped Sloped Down
  • Road Branches Y Shaped Sloped Up

    Checkpoints for Sloped and Banked for the Next Update?


    Probably yes!

    How To Work In all Suggestions to Me for the Next Update?

    Total Track Parts is Targets 1,000+ for the Next Update?

    How to Add Banked Roads for the Next Update?

    • Banked Straight
    • Banked Up Wide
    • Banked Down Wide
    • Banked To Wide Right
    • Banked To Wide Left
    • Banked To Wide Center
    • Banked Boost Pads Right
    • Banked Boost Pads Left
    • Banked Effects
    • Banked Checkpoint
    • Banked Finish
    • Plane Banked Checkpoint
    • Plane Banked Finish
    • Banked S-Curve Left
    • Banked S-Curve Right
    Deleted post

    Maybe sometime around spring!

    Deleted post

    Changed: All Track Code From Export can Import Tracks to Say Goodbye to "Failed to import track" in Import Track Code is Correct

    Add your More Track Parts for the Next Update?

    1. Dirt Roads
    2. Bump Roads
    3. Ice Roads
    4. Tunnel Roads
    5. Banked Roads (Road, Dirt, Bump and Ice)
    6. Boost Pads (Road, Dirt, Bump and Ice)
    7. Super Boost Pads (Road, Dirt, Bump and Ice)
    8. Mega Boost Pads (Road, Dirt, Bump and Ice)
    9. Ultra Boost Pads (Road, Dirt, Bump and Ice)
    10. Effects (Road, Dirt, Bump and Ice)
    11. Diagonal Left Roads (Road, Dirt and Bump)
    12. Diagonal Right Roads (Road, Dirt and Bump)
    13. Road Branches (Road, Dirt, Bump and Ice)
    14. Left Loop (Road, Dirt and Bump)
    15. Right Loop (Road, Dirt and Bump)
    16. Rings of Checkpoint
    17. Rings of Finish
    18. Rings of Turbo
    19. Rings of Effects
    20. More Plane Walls
    21. Sloped Checkpoint
    22. Sloped Finish
    23. Banked Checkpoint
    24. Banked Finish
    1. All Characters for Track Names in Unicode Can Import Tracks for the Next Update?
    2. In Emoji Characters for Track Names Can Import Tracks for the Next Update?
    3. In Whitespace Track Code Can Import Tracks for the Next Update?
    4. Click [📥 Import] to Say Goodbye to "Failed to import track" With a Track Code for the Next Update?
    5. All Track Code to be Successful to import track. Click [📥 Import] Track to Goodbye "Failed to import track" Welcome "Successful to import track" for the Next Update?

    I'm looking into some problems with the track import/export.

    Unicode characters should already work in track names.

    Boost Pads and Effects You Added in the Next Update!

    Boost Pads:

    1. Turbo
    2. Super Turbo
    3. Mega Turbo
    4. Ultra Turbo
    5. Random Booster
    6. Reactor Boost Up & Down
    7. Super Reactor Boost Up & Down
    8. Mega Reactor Boost Up & Down
    9. Ultra Reactor Boost Up & Down


    1. Cruise Control
    2. No Brakes
    3. No Engines
    4. No Steering
    5. Slow Motion
    6. Fragile
    7. Reset
    Deleted post
    1. I'm not quite sure what you mean here?
    2. Should be doable!
    3. These too!
    4. What is a ramp ramp?
    5. Being able to undo in the editor is quite an advanced feature which I still want to do nonetheless. But not a priority for now!
    Deleted post

    Just a Few the Road Types of Surfaces in the Next Update:

    Types of Surfaces

    Asphalt / Tech

    This is the default terrain that will be most prominent throughout the game. There will be a lot of grip here and entering a drift will only happen at a certain speed so this will be the easiest to get used to.



    The driving will be a lot more free flowing on dirt and drifting will almost be constant so it's advised to make decisions earlier than usual when it comes to steering inputs.



    There will be a lot less grip here whilst drifting will happen a bit earlier than usual and braking will be a lot weaker too. It will be useful to be accustomed to smooth steering, especially on downhill surfaces.



    The grip will be minimal here whilst also being a surface that relies heavily on smooth steering since speed loss can happen quite frequently on here. It's advised to not turn too much and set up where you want to go much earlier than you would expect. This surface can also appear in various colours.


    Sausage / Bump

    This surface can be quite frustrating to get used to since the middle of the track is at a higher elevation to the outsides so a lot of unnecessary air time can happen here. The grip will be at maximum just like it is on asphalt, but it's important to keep it by steering inwards towards the middle at times. It's also to be noted that following the curve of the track will be crucial to keeping on track, especially at faster speeds.



    The grip here will be similar to usual although steering inputs will require smooth steering at times since it can be completely lost at high speeds. There will be a short duration when exiting water, where grip will be lower than usual too.



    This is easily the most difficult terrain in the entire game and will require certain inputs to not just be fast on but to even survive itself, and a lot of practice. There will not be any grip whatsoever here and braking will have little effect as well. The car has to be directed in a way where you are almost trying to slingshot your car and you must position it facing away from where you want to go before turning towards the desired direction shortly afterwards. The left stick is useful here since you can point in the direction towards where you want to go, allowing you to have more control than usual. It is best to be mindful of throttle control as you will naturally gain a lot of momentum here. It is also recommended to try to get a bit of a feel for how this surface works by experimenting a bit too, although fortunately, there will be minimal reliance on this since there are plenty of other recommended tracks to attempt that are shown later in this guide.


    Ice Bobsleigh

    This surface is similar to ice but can be a lot more consistent if approached correctly since this terrain has sweet spots to keep close to. There will be a lot of high speed on these sections, so any incorrect movements can cause your car to fly off completely into the air. The area to stick to when approaching winding corners is just around the upper red line that is visible here. The best spot to approach this will be different depending on your speed; however, with a decent amount of practice as well as trial and error, it will become clear how best to get somewhat consistent.


    Just a Few the Turbo Blocks in the Next Update:

    Turbo Blocks

    Turbo / Super Turbo

    As the name suggests, Turbo blocks increase your speed, while Super Turbo increases it further. You want to roll on them if necessary to save time. In some occasions, you will find Turbos facing the opposite direction, which is called “Counter-Turbo”, and will slow you down instead so you would want to go fast enough before rolling on them; if not, you’ll instead go backwards and won’t be able to race further. The regular Turbo will be a yellow pad whilst the Super Turbo is a red pad.


    Reactor Boost / Super Reactor Boost

    This ability will alter how your car behaves, essentially as in low gravity mode changing its physics, going in effect for a few seconds. The first apparent change is that the car is getting faster. Rolling on a Reactor Boost Up will make any airtime much larger than usual hence the low gravity aspect, so it's common to completely fly off some surfaces. Rolling on a Reactor Boost Down that faces the opposite direction will make the car climb up steep angles easier like walls, and occasionally ceilings.
    Coming in contact with a Super Reactor Boost will make the car's behavior even more pronounced. With a Super Reactor Boost Up, the wheels retract to the side and the car hovers on any surface without being affected, and airtime will be much larger, allowing a much larger air control. With a Super Reactor Boost Down having the arrow facing the opposite direction, the car will be able to roll on walls, even on ceilings, like it's nothing. It's best to approach this effect with extra attention since it the physics can be more sensitive so making an earlier decision on when to turn is recommended.


    Just a Few the Effect Blocks in the Next Update:

    Effect Blocks


    This ability slows your car down to an exceptionally low speed whilst you will still be running in real time. It's important to be going as fast as possible when entering this section to minimize the effect.

    No Steering

    It blocks your ability to steer the car, so make sure to steer in the right direction before rolling on it, as not doing so you will inevitably hit a wall or go off track, messing up your run.

    No Break

    The break button is disabled, preventing you to do quick break for drifting or avoiding to hit a wall at high speed. You can still release the accelerate button to slow down.


    No Engine

    Rolling on it turns off the car's engine, gaining no speed. Hitting anything, drifting, going up or other instance will make you lose significant speed, and in the worst case, be completely grounded. Any curves and slopes going downwards will help to gain some speed.


    This block nulls all effect you previously gotten.


    This effect will make your car vulnerable to damage so any type of hit will affect the performance of the car and at times will be completely undrivable. It's important to be extremely careful when going through these sections.

    Cruise Control

    This effect will make the speed you roll on this block as the maximum speed you can reach.

    I'm not a big fan of most of the effect blocks in TrackMania.

    Other than boosters, I don't think I would implement these for quite a while.

    (1 edit)

    Can you make it so shadows can be cast onto different blocks/tracks? It doesn't look right when an object is in a shadow and isn't darkened.

    Oh and also, Ambient Occlusion? Maybe? I don't know. It might be hard and require more processing power, but it would be cool! :)


    Maybe! I've been looking into some new ways of creating shadows. Some form of shadow volume algorithm might work!

    I tried using post-processed ambient occlusion, but it didn't look very good in my opinion. Generating ambient occlusion maps when the track loads might be possible, but would probably use too much resources.


    Can you add this block?


    Yes I can!

    Please Can you Add Car Painting With a Images in Customize Menu for the Next Update?

    And Upload Images from File to Paint Your Cars (Primary and Secondary Cars)

    Images on Cars are Coming for the Next Update


    This is not coming.

    It would require too much moderation and would use too much data on the server.

    It could be only client side, but I don't think that would be very fun.

    Images on Cars are Coming in the Next Update!

    Upload Images from File to Paint Your Cars (Primary and Secondary Cars)

    this is a cool idea but like kodub said the moderation for that is too much but I think a car design competition where you can use images and the top 10 go in the game. I think that could be cool.

    Let's See Your Posts for the Next Update:


    Are Coming in The Next Update is Succesful!

    • Boost Pads are Coming in the Next Update!
    • Road Branches are Coming in the Next Update!
    • PolyTrack Solo Game are Coming in the Next Update!
    • Banked Roads are Coming in the Next Update!
    • Boost Pads and Effects are Coming in the Next Update!
    • Images on Cars are Coming in the Next Update!

    Can you add this block?

    The New Curves is Coming in the Next Update!


    I might add the larger curves, or maybe diagonal tracks.

    Can you add this block?

    The New S-curve Slopes is Coming in the Next Update!



    Is it possible to add the ability to resize and copy/paste sections of tracks?


    I don't think resizing would work very well, but copy/pasting should come at some point.

    Can you add this block?

    Boost Pads is Coming in the Next Update!


    Not in the next update, but probably at some point

    Yes, Boosters are coming Next Update!

    1. Next Update to Be Successful!
    2. How Many days to Until PolyTrack 0.4.0?
    3. PolyTrack 0.4.0 is out!🥳🎉

    In PolyTrack 0.4.0 It has Multi-laps 🏴, an Boosters and Effects, an Road Branches or Split Curves, an Larger Curves, an Car Designs we can use Images in Customize Menu, 300+ New Track Parts, 10 new Tracks 🛣️ and more!


    0.4.0 would probably come out during spring at the earliest

    whenever you hit the mountains going fast or at a weird angle you go threw the map and cant get out, is this fixable?


    Don't Tell Him Our Biggest Secret





    The physics engine doesn't work very well with such large objects. I could split the mountains into smaller parts, but this would cause performance problems on lower end devices.

    Instead I've been considering moving the mountains further away and preventing the player from reaching them altogether.

    Hey, I was wondering if this will be available for Mac soon. (my school only allows Mac)


    Sorry about that! I don't have a Mac myself, so that makes it a bit more difficult to develop for it.

    Also Macs seem to have pretty strict requirements for running "untrusted" software.

    I might still release a Mac version later, but it probably wouldn't be as well supported as the Windows & Linux versions.

    Usually you can bypass the "untrusted" prompt pretty easy, but i understand the concern

    Hello Kodub how Adding into the PolyTrack 0.4.0?

    1. Car Designs With a Images in Customize Menu is are coming Next Update!
    2. All Track Code from Export is Valid in the Next Update!
    3. Boosters and Effects are coming Next Update!
    4. Branching Roads are coming Next Update!
    5. More Curves are coming Next Update!
    6. Sloped Curves are coming Next Update!
    7. Banked Roads are coming Next Update!
    1. No
    2. Looking into fixing this!
    3. No
    4. Probably not
    5. Yes!
    6. Maybe
    7. Maybe
    1. Yes, Images on Cars are Coming Next Update!
    2. I'm Looking Some Import/Export is Valid
    3. Yes, Boosters and Effects are coming Next Update!
    4. Probably Yes, Branching Roads are coming Next Update!
    5. Ok!
    6. Yes!
    7. Yes!

    Aw man, I was really looking forwards to having boosters, I'd love to have some extra speed. 

    What if there were settings for generator tracks? 

    Like you could adjust the size, complexity, height, etc.. I think it'd be really cool. 


    I agree!

    The current track generator is quite old by now, so I would really like to improve on it with setting like these!

    The current track generator is like from 100 years ago

    This setting the track generator might be setting in the version of PolyTrack in 0.16.0, 1.5.0, 1.19.0 (During World War II), 2.8.0, 3.1.0, 4.4.0, 5.0.0, 5.13.0, 6.6.0, 7.1.0, 7.19.8 (Y2K Problem), 8.14.2, 9.3.0 and 9.19.7

    The current version of PolyTrack is now 10.8.0

    Hello Kodub how Added In-Game For PolyTrack 0.4.0?

    1. Car Designs With a Images in Customize Menu is are coming Next Update ✓
    2. All Track Code from Export is Valid in the Next Update ✓
    3. Multi-laps are coming Next Update ✓
    4. Boosters and Effects are coming Next Update ✓
    5. Branching Roads are coming Next Update ✓
    6. More Curves are coming Next Update ✓
    7. Sloped Curves are coming Next Update ✓
    8. Checkpoint for Sloped and Banked are coming Next Update ✓
    9. Banked Roads are coming Next Update ✓
    10. Rings of Checkpoint and Finish are coming Next Update ✓

    Don't Wrong to Reply, This is Yes for Looking Some In-Game for the Next Update!

    Reply Your Post Here↴

    • No, Not, Probably not, Maybe or Are not Coming is Wrong
    • Yes, Probably yes, Ok or Are Coming is Correct

    Hello Kodub how to Play PolyTrack Made in the Future:

    1. Total Track Parts up to 3,000,000,000,000+
    2. Now Using a Custom Track Parts in Editor Menu
    3. Now With a In-game Currency
    4. Now Shop Menu is Added
    5. Now Can Shop Track Parts and Cars in Shop Menu
    6. Coin and Diamond Producer is now Added
    7. Car Designs With a Images is now Using
    8. Ghost Mode of Track Parts is now Added
    9. Editor Buttons is has Changed
    10. Now Play With a Multiplayer
    11. Now Play a PolyTrack Solo Game
    12. All Track Code from Export is Valid is now Changed
    13. More Languages is now Added
    14. Underground Tracks is now Added
    15. Teleport a Coordinate is now Added
    16. Multi-laps is now Added
    17. Dirt, Sausage/Bump, Ice Bobsleigh and Water Roads is now Added
    18. Banked Roads is now Added
    19. Diagonal Roads is now Added
    20. Wooden Roads is now Added
    21. Tunnel Roads is now Added
    22. Upside Down Roads is now Added
    23. Magnetic Roads is now Added
    24. Diagonal Loops is now Added
    25. Pillars in the Middle of Road is now Added
    26. Loops and Twists in Roller Coaster is now Added
    27. Blocks Like a Road is now Added
    28. Boosters and Effects is now Added
    29. Ramp of Boosters and Effects is now Added
    30. Tilt of Boosters and Effects is now Added
    31. Diagonal of Boosters and Effects is now Added
    32. Plane of Boosters and Effects is now Added
    33. Boosters and Effects in Flags is now Added
    34. Rings of Checkpoint, Finish and Multi-laps is now Added
    35. Rings of Boosters and Effects is now Added
    36. Rings of Change a Car is now Added
    37. Checkpoint for Sloped and Banked is now Added
    38. Checkpoint for Vertical Roads is now Added
    39. Slope to Vertical Roads is now Added
    40. Road Branches is now Added
    41. Sloped Road Branches is now Added
    42. Banked Road Branches is now Added
    43. Upside Down Road Branches is now Added
    44. Sloped Curves is now Added
    45. Switch and Buttons is now Added
    46. Lock and Keys is now Added
    47. More Pillars is Added
    48. More Signs is Added
    49. Signs With a Text is Added
    50. Signs With a Images is Added
    51. Signs With a Videos is Added

    Play PolyTrack Made in the Future Here:

    PolyTrack Made in the Future is so Very Exciting

    Something I thought would be nice to add is a way to watch a ghost similarly to the way you can race against it. (no need for an input display or anything)

    And when racing against a ghost it would be nice to see how many seconds you are behind or ahead by at each checkpoint.


    A preview mode is coming in the next update! With an input display as well.

    Showing the time difference at checkpoints might come too.

    it would be nice if you could race multiple ghosts at the same time

    I think it would be quite nice if the building parts were catagorized in different sections to choose from, as I feel like it's a bit confusing to remember where specific parts are.


    Yes! This is coming next update!

    Hey Kodub how to add Suggestions for a PolyTrack Websites?

    Check your website here:


    This website is pretty cool! But it's unofficial and not made by me.

    In the future there might be a way of sharing tracks directly in the game.

    In the Next Update can be Changed

    Changed: All fixed from 0.3.0 has been deleted

    impossible, Kodub Can't even Fix Car Duplication (no offence to kodub)

    Can you add this block?

    Road Branches is Coming in the Next Update!

      1. Road Branches Straight Left
      2. Road Branches Straight Right
      3. Road Branches Curve Left
      4. Road Branches Curve Right
      5. Road Branches Y Shaped
      6. Road Branches 3 Ways
      7. Road Branches Short Curve
      8. Road Branches Long Curve
      9. Road Branches Y Shaped Sloped Down
      10. Road Branches Y Shaped Sloped Up

      (2 edits)

      Two from me:

      1. Ability to permanently set the cockpit view.

      2. The current time difference to the ghost(ghost is not required), displayed green/red at the top center of the screen.

      1. I can change it so the cockpit view stays active when resetting
      2. Might come next update!

      Hey Kodub How to Setting the Fixed Games on PolyTrack?

      1. All Track Code From Export is Valid?
      2. Track Materials 25% - 200% Reflective?
      3. Engine volume when in mid-air to be Setting on and off?
      4. All Track Names is Public on the game. The Leaderboard has been with 2 Player Leaderboard Minimum?
      5. All Track Names in the Editor is Public Nicknames?
      6. Importing very large tracks is Public Code, Let's try to the 10,000,000 Checkpoints until Finish?
      7. Tracks to be imported to 2^1024 Tracks on the Game?

      AI Driver


      AI drivers will never be in the game, since the tracks are too complicated and I don't think it fits the game anyways.

      Hey Kodub can be Added and Changed to PolyTrack 0.4.0?

      1. Car Designs With a Images in Customize Menu
      2. All Track Code from Export is Valid
      3. Setting the Generator Tracks
      4. Multi-laps
      5. Boosters and Effects
      6. Road Branches or Split Curves
      7. More Curves and Chicanes
      8. Sloped Curves and Chicanes
      9. Checkpoint for Slope and Tilts
      10. Banked Roads
      • How Many days to Until PolyTrack 0.4.0?
      • PolyTrack 0.4.0 is out!🥳🎉

      hey man, we're all excited for the next update but I think we should let Kodub work in peace without us pestering him, after all, he's the only one working on this project

      Can you please add more track parts on Dirt, Dirt High and Trenches for the next update???

      a way to convert 0.2.0 tracks to 0.3.0+


      Tracks from 0.2.0 are compatible with 0.3.0, so no conversion is needed!

      If you'd like to convert them anyways you can just re-export them from the editor.

      respawnable checkpoints

      Yes! Respawnable at checkpoints are coming in the next update!

      (1 edit)

      hi Kodub, 

      Thanks for making this game, it's nice and I'm really happy I found it because I can't play trackmania on my MacBook.

      Here are some suggestions for the next update (it's been quite a while since v0.3.0)

      1. V10 engine noise (it’ll make the cars sound nicer)

      2. Advanced editor where you can clip parts together, with more precise track placement, and adjustable bank angle/width/checkpoint gate height/ etc.

      3. Props in the editor to make tracks look nicer (ie. Fences, trees, buildings, bridges, viewing stands etc.)

      4. REPLAYS!

      5. Multi-lap checkpoints 

      6. Ring checkpoints for aerobatic tracks

      Also, may you rate my tracks? (be as brutal as you like, I want to improve my track making skills)

      Anyway, nice game and I hope the next update will be soon,


      plz add mobile support :)


      Mobile support is coming with the next update!

      why does the car jump by itself when half of it is off an edge at a low speed? watch the record



      Probably because it somehow clips into the road.

      Not sure why though!

      There is also a bug where the car can hang onto the edge and not fall at all.

      (1 edit)

      Nice game! I hope full controller support is on roadmap, altough I was able to play with my DS4 just fine.

      A little annoyance: if I reset the race while accelerating, the game exits fullscreen. This happens to me a lot on controller because I remapped acceleration to RB and when I reset it's because I screwed up going too fast in a sharp turn (ouch!)


      Full controller support isn't currently planned, since the community doesn't seem to want incremental steering.

      I have not seen this bug with the fullscreen. Maybe it's because you're using a controller?

      I managed to reproduce the fullscreen bug: for some reason I had the left alt keyboard key as acceleration, so resetting would trigger the alt-enter shortcut that in Windows toggles fullscreen on/off.

      Controller support would be nice even without incremental steering, just using d-pad and bumpers.

      I found a bug where if I load certian custom tracks it crashes and shows a frame from the rotating camera tracks 1-10 views in the background

      what level codes 

      that sounds kinda cool 

      I don't know if it affects everyone  because one of the levels I had the bug on I beat originally 

      but here is one of them


      (from a form on


      I'll look into fixing this for the next update!

      now that I think of this. I remember the level creator saying he altered the level code a bit. but I have beat a different level called "Jumbo Raceway" but it then started crashing.

      You should make an html download


      There is a downloadable version of the game already

      It isn’t a major bug and probably already have been pointed out, but if you go to the mountains at high speed, you glitch through them. If you come from above a mountain, it happens too.

      that's a feature 

      What do you mean? It doesn’t really make the game better…

      it's the best Speedrun category on src 

      (2 edits)

      time (and speed?) comparison with the compared run when crossing checkpoints

      and maybe replay files?

      How to Adding New Track Parts in the Next Update!
      Link: Added New Track Parts

      math error? 34.983-0.003=34.970?



      Hitting the green mountains on the outside sometimes make you clip through them. I don't know if this is an issue you are already working on, and even though it's pretty useless, could you still change this?

      Idea - adding a counter for the number of attempts (restarts) a user makes on a given route. :D

      Kodub! Please add a Country flag on the world record boards so we can represent our country!

      Add more road surfaces, like ice, dirt, and magnets, that each have different physics, but the game's fundamental physics remain unchanged.