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Probably because it somehow clips into the road.

Not sure why though!

Full controller support isn't currently planned, since the community doesn't seem to want incremental steering.

I have not seen this bug with the fullscreen. Maybe it's because you're using a controller?

There is a downloadable version of the game already

I'll look into fixing this for the next update!

Mobile support is coming with the next update!

AI drivers will never be in the game, since the tracks are too complicated and I don't think it fits the game anyways.

Tracks from 0.2.0 are compatible with 0.3.0, so no conversion is needed!

If you'd like to convert them anyways you can just re-export them from the editor.

This website is pretty cool! But it's unofficial and not made by me.

In the future there might be a way of sharing tracks directly in the game.

  1. I can change it so the cockpit view stays active when resetting
  2. Might come next update!

Yes! This is coming next update!

A preview mode is coming in the next update! With an input display as well.

Showing the time difference at checkpoints might come too.

I agree!

The current track generator is quite old by now, so I would really like to improve on it with setting like these!

  1. No
  2. Looking into fixing this!
  3. No
  4. Probably not
  5. Yes!
  6. Maybe
  7. Maybe

Sorry about that! I don't have a Mac myself, so that makes it a bit more difficult to develop for it.

Also Macs seem to have pretty strict requirements for running "untrusted" software.

I might still release a Mac version later, but it probably wouldn't be as well supported as the Windows & Linux versions.

The physics engine doesn't work very well with such large objects. I could split the mountains into smaller parts, but this would cause performance problems on lower end devices.

Instead I've been considering moving the mountains further away and preventing the player from reaching them altogether.


0.4.0 would probably come out during spring at the earliest

Not in the next update, but probably at some point

I might add the larger curves, or maybe diagonal tracks.


I don't think resizing would work very well, but copy/pasting should come at some point.

This is not coming.

It would require too much moderation and would use too much data on the server.

It could be only client side, but I don't think that would be very fun.

Yes I can!

Maybe! I've been looking into some new ways of creating shadows. Some form of shadow volume algorithm might work!

I tried using post-processed ambient occlusion, but it didn't look very good in my opinion. Generating ambient occlusion maps when the track loads might be possible, but would probably use too much resources.

  1. I'm not quite sure what you mean here?
  2. Should be doable!
  3. These too!
  4. What is a ramp ramp?
  5. Being able to undo in the editor is quite an advanced feature which I still want to do nonetheless. But not a priority for now!

I'm not a big fan of most of the effect blocks in TrackMania.

Other than boosters, I don't think I would implement these for quite a while.

Maybe sometime around spring!

Probably yes!

I'm not quite sure how I want different biomes and time of day to work just yet

Images on cars are not coming because of technical reasons, and it would be too hard to moderate what images people put on their cars.

I'm not quite sure what split curves are, but I will be adding new track parts every update!

This is something which will probably be in the next update

I'm looking into some problems with the track import/export.

Unicode characters should already work in track names.

0.4.0 is still many months away. Sorry!

Underground tracks would be cool, but would require a lot of changes!

Modding with custom track parts miiiiiiiiiight come in the very far future, but there are no plans currently.

There might be a practice mode in the future with respawns.

I'm already working on exactly this for the next update.

You'll be able to watch replays frame by frame and be able to see the keyboard inputs too.

You can message me on Discord regarding this

I'm not quite sure what you mean by "smooth out" in this case, but I could add a rounded version of the triangle block.

I think a tube that can turn would be a bit difficult to divide into track parts, but I can take a look at it.