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Thanks, this bug should be fixed in the new version(1.03).

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Edit: I have released a hotfix which I believe might have fixed the issue!

Thank you! I looked into this and I think the reason for these bugs are due to your graphics card rounding some floating point operations differently. If you know, what graphics card are you using?

I haven't been able to reproduce the first and third scenarios that you sent but I was able to reproduce the second scenario where the glider doesn't wrap correctly.

Have you been able to reproduce these bugs in any scenario where the size is an even number in all directions?

This problem might be impossible to fix if some graphics card simply don't give accurate results but I will see what I can do.

There is!

If you go into the simulation options on the second tab you will find a "Speed" setting which controls how fast the simulation is playing. If you set this value to 0% the simulation will be paused.

I'll make a shortcut key for pausing next time I do an update.

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It needs WEBGL_color_buffer_float to run. Internet Explorer and possibly Safari doesn't support it and are therefore not compatible.

If you're running either of those you can try switching to another browser.

I think it's also possible that some graphics cards might not support the feature too.