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cute game!!

hahahah funny body goes X-X fun demo I like it lol

Cool game!!

this game is very addictive and fun!

Hii =D

cool game!!

cool and relaxing game :D

fun game! you should add a way you can make you own villages to burn! :D




very fun and simple game!  I can see a lot of potential in this game you should add more kinds of cars you can use.  one problem I had tho the cars fall down very easy. thx for reading! :D


cool game!

it was the Microsoft Edge browser blocking the sound! thx for your help. also like I said I like your game it is nice 

simple but fun :D also this game should be tagged as Arcade. 

it's very fun! but the sound doesn't work on web

very fun!

cool game I like your games I have them on pc and on my  phone. 

very good game! it's simple, relaxing, and doesn't take up storage! also I like the map maker :D

meow nicee pfp 

cute and fun I can play for hours

good demo


cute and funny game I like it :3

meow game tooo ez

nice game

fun game! :D add more colors for the flags also add revolts

fun game

fun game

weird but cool ig

it's a really cute and relaxing game :3 and the update is cool.

I like your game it's fun and relaxing it helps me feel better when I'm depressed and stressed out :3 I have four suggestions: 1. Add more maps and weapons and game modes. 2. Add a setting where you can make the game more harder or easier I like a challenge =D 3. Add a setting where you can turn blood on and off and a setting where it keeps the blood from going away. 4. On the leader board make it so you can see the total kills from your team and the other side too. Thx for reading 🧡