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I love the spikes! Keep up the good work :)

PS.It's probably to early for it now, but it would be awesome whith a giant robot of some kind.


Yeah, I've been meaning to make a giant humanoid of some kind. It's very easy just to scale someone up, but I have to think a bit about what weapon they use and what that means for combat.


a mace or a ball and chain would be interesting


Mabye a scythe and slow movement


Good suggestions! :)

I was thinking a hammer would be cool. It would work well with a slow pull back and a mighty overhand swing.


As long as it's made of lasers, everything works ;)


Maybe a battleaxe? Or, even better, a hammer-axe! (Like, it's a hammer on one side and an axe on the other)

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I've thought a lot about super bosses. a giant boss coming up from the ground (not all the way) and having a limited circle to move around him (if you get knocked away too far, you fall into blue super lava).

he would have a giant hammer that he smashes down frequently, but eventually his hammer gets stuck. That is when you climb up to hit him once, getting knocked back and having to do it all over again (he gets more frequent every time you hit him). the giant dies in a cool way the 3 and final time he gets hit, exploding and sinking into the blue super lava.




That does sounds cool. :)

Since the game doesn't have a traditional notion of damage, maybe you have to hit a certain number of targets before he dies.
Could also do a boss that rebuilds itself in a new form JRPG style, after you destroy the first version.

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i was thinking a red circle (the thing on spider-tron) would open up when he gets his hammer stuck, except at the last hit, which would then cause him to decay a little bit and fall into the lava. you would go from his arm to his chest and hit his weak spot.

the boss would have to be tough enough so that its you vs the boss, with no mark 3 bots in the way.

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my other super boss ideas would tie into my idea of having a ninja or knight class to hit the red circles in different ways, like making arrow resistant metal and require shurikens to remove the armor and reveal the red circle, or to reflect a laser beam off a sheild toward an arrow resistant red circle.

all my class ideas date back to this post:

for a final boss fight against the Robot Emperor, rebuilding itself would be a cool feature.


yeah, or perhaps some other thing that rebuilds hum unless it's destroyed!


It'd be cool if you had to climb the boss