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I got to 54 in twitch mode with my friend trying to kill me after i gave him 20000 dangercoins

Yea. This reasult is also possible with a hammer if you're that lucky

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  1. Oh, level editor... I can't wait!

it's beacuse the core is the only thing that keeps spidertron alive. If it's taken out, spider dies, but i guess you already knew that :)

Hi, after watching some old Clone Drone videos on youtube, I realized that there are levels there that i just don't see in the game anymore. Did you delete levels? And if so, why?


this should soooooo be a thing

Can the ordinary player take screenshots and make gifs? If so, how? I have a lot of cool moments that i wish i had to this day

There, i'll report if i notice any more bugs or gliches :)

I have uncoverd a massive glich that can make you beat levles whithout even trying, without using hax, but i don't want everyone to take advantadge of it. How can i give you this message directly?

Oh, the exitement! New levles, spikes and jumping pads! i hope i don't have to wait much longer

something like that might work

now this is an enemy i would like to fight

and moves fast and with slithery movements

Mabye the pets don't kill, but pushes enemies around and sometimes makes them hit sawblades or spikes. Can use animation from when spiderbomb pushes you down

It is a little bit op, but mabye it can work if the grenate is bought to be used once

i actualy thought of something like that. Eather in the mouth or on top of the head or the tail

mabye it can shift from mouth open to mouth closed so you have a chanse of hiting it?

I have an ideea that not only can help whith the BEAST Mark2jetpackrobots, but also make for some pretty cool upgrades and equipment for bosses and enemies.

The armor is a layer of pixels that deflects attacks, but gets destroyed in the prosses. If it's an arrow that hits it, the arrow will go one pixel deep into the armor, and then disapear. If a sword would hit the armour, it also would dig one pixel into the armor, but would then deflect of it.

This could not only make for massive and awesome upgrades and new tiers for the already existing enemy robots, but also make for new bosses and enemies. It could also make for a new branch in the upgrade-tree.

To banance out for the player, it can be accessed late in the upgrade-tree. The armor could also have manny cool designs, and upgrades can make them thicker or lighter.

please come with suggestions or improvements ;)

Mabye it can have some kind of arrow-canon on it's tail or head?

As long as it's made of lasers, everything works ;)

Mabye a scythe and slow movement

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I love the spikes! Keep up the good work :)

PS.It's probably to early for it now, but it would be awesome whith a giant robot of some kind.