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Deleting levels?

A topic by raptus44 created Apr 09, 2017 Views: 244 Replies: 6
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Hi, after watching some old Clone Drone videos on youtube, I realized that there are levels there that i just don't see in the game anymore. Did you delete levels? And if so, why?



Guilty! Because good game design involves a lot of editing. :)

With each pass at adding more levels I've also looked at all the levels, to see if the set made sense as a whole.

Here are some types of levels I've deleted:

- Boring levels. Just a flat map and some enemies. Deleted!

- Difficult levels. In one update bronze and silver were made easier.

- Flawed levels. There was one that involved a lot of running around next to saw blades. Was more tedious than tense. Deleted!

- Repetitios levels. In the first pass at Endless Mode there were a lot of levels that were subtle variants of eachother. Once we had more levels I cut down on duplicates for a fresher experience!

Thanks for the interesting question! :)

doborog I want the file for the corridor level... I WILL MAKE THAT LEVEL GREAT AGAIN

You'll be able to recreate it when the level editor comes out. :)

yeah but not exactly :/

And when will that be?

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  1. Oh, level editor... I can't wait!