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A topic by raptus44 created Nov 29, 2016 Views: 388 Replies: 9
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I have an ideea that not only can help whith the BEAST Mark2jetpackrobots, but also make for some pretty cool upgrades and equipment for bosses and enemies.

The armor is a layer of pixels that deflects attacks, but gets destroyed in the prosses. If it's an arrow that hits it, the arrow will go one pixel deep into the armor, and then disapear. If a sword would hit the armour, it also would dig one pixel into the armor, but would then deflect of it.

This could not only make for massive and awesome upgrades and new tiers for the already existing enemy robots, but also make for new bosses and enemies. It could also make for a new branch in the upgrade-tree.

To banance out for the player, it can be accessed late in the upgrade-tree. The armor could also have manny cool designs, and upgrades can make them thicker or lighter.

please come with suggestions or improvements ;)

her a suggestion. when you get the armor you will get slower even whith the jetpack.

or maybe only available after all 5 clones are purchased

something like that might work

Yeah, this does sound like a good edition; As you said, this will help with the Mk:2 Jet-pack Bots. Not only should it make the Jet-pack slower, but it should also make your swings slower; also if you sky-draw with the bow while you have the armor, you should charge up the bow faster since you have the extra mass to pull the string back. I'm thinking the skin for the armor should resemble that of a Mk:3 Sword-Bot. And for the bosses, a nice orange glow surrounding them; and maybe for the bosses it would be like a Droideka shield, where if you were to go inside it, you can then damage the enemy, but from the outside.


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It's and archery term. Have you ever seen someone pull the string back by aiming their bow up and then pulling down; That's what skydrawing is. (Don't worry, not to many people know.)

oh ok

that makes sense as to why it would charge faster, but it charges pretty fast already. I think it would make more sense if this helped use less energy with aim time this way

Yeah, the charge is already pretty fast.