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i found a new bug in the game when i press space i start over

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i just hope that doborog ads this in his game

and if you get close to the head it tries to bite you with its long teeth.

good idée. it´s lke an auto kick that runs around

or it can be used in a small area and use one upgradepoint to get one more

yes it like shoots five arrows then it´s closed for 30 seconds.

this is a upgrade in the skill tree and it creats a dog/cat that helps you fight. comment if you have any suggestions.

this is an idée that i think is relly cool. basicly it´s a granade you trhow and robots around it will get hacked and die.

her a suggestion. when you get the armor you will get slower even whith the jetpack.

thats a good idée. i like it when people make idées greater. raptus44 your idée is great but what if you put the cannon in the mouth.

and the red thing spidertron has it can be the two eyes of the snake.

it´s just an idée that came to me. if many like this idée then the creator might put it in the game. i´ve seen many people wan´t new bosses exept spidertron so i came up with the idée of snaketron 5000.

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what do you mean.

do you mean that can you make one

oh thats sad to see. but hopfully it comes

in the next update put in a new enemy like snaketron 5000