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So How many are participating thus far?

A topic by darlarosa created Jan 30, 2016 Views: 519 Replies: 13
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I'm a curious ferret?

So How many of us are there and how is it going?


We're doing it! It's going at a slow start tbh cause we're occupied with something else cough cough games and mmo's LOL but we're sure to get it done!!

I've got a team of 3 (me, programmer, composer) from my previous post here and I couldn't really be happier with what we've done so far, though it isn't a lot :3 Other business is getting in my way! But I'll be able to give it my full attention soon, hopefully!

I'm here too! So far I'm just a one man team, and I've got a some plot scribbles and sketches.

I'm kind of lollygagging myself, and watching too much TV instead of working, but hey we've got time we can do it!!


That's great. I know what you mean by lollygaggging lol. It's so hard to sit down and work sometimes. Currently I'm worried as a one soldier outfit my plans out pace my ability. But I'm sure we'll all get things done fabulously!

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I'm working solo on a action platformer. :> I'm still working on the basic engine. When I get some sprites I will probably make a devlog here.

My last game was cute n gay as heck, so I'm going to turn it up a notch for my upcoming game and have poly space lesbians with the playable character being a transgirl. :v

we have a team of 3, but off to a very slow start :-/

I'm working solo as well! I'm only working in the game in weekends, but it's coming along! I'm thinking of posting a devlog with updates week to week =]


I completely changed the game I'm working on for something a bit lighter for one person to handle. My previous idea was just too much. I just wish I had an artist lol. I'm using my mother's desktop and her computer runs on windows XP, is super slow, and can barely run Chrome and Word at the same time.

I'm looking forward to seeing everyone's work.

One person team here. Trying to make a dating sim and so far it's slow and steady but it's happening. :3


A little late here, but I'm participating with two friends! I'm serving as writer and general project manager, with my friend Milo doing artwork, and my friend Amy doing Ren'Py programming.

I'm nearly finished with my first draft, and I'm super excited to start posting updates as we get further into Sweets Jam. Glad to see everyone else is excited too :D

Late finding this but I'm a one person team trying to make a little coffee game, its coming along slowly. Nearly got the basic mechanics all in.


<3 everyone is just moving along!


Just started building! I'm committed to finishing, even if it kills me (okay not really "kills" me, but at least makes me super tired).