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This is awesome, Thanks!

This game is amazing and also terrifying! I got so stressed out!

This is really, really cool! I love the interaction and the art!

The controls are a bit glitchy (as you mentioned I just now noticed), but it's really cute! I really like that the expression on the face changes in response to my movements. Such a small thing, but really neat feedback mechanism.

Yeah that's definitely an issue! But the constraints are also useful for forcing that scoping to happen! I'd play any of the above, I'll admit. I guess the nice thing is that you've written most of it and if you can't finish all of the visuals, the Twine version would be a useful prototype that you could get feedback on and build off of.

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My first idea was a Twine game, but I've been intimidated by writing lately so I decided to avoid it here (but I'm definitely going to force myself to face that one). As for including drawings, there are a couple of games that I love that do that exceptionally well. Snowy McAlly's A Little Witch Story has polished art, but still pretty accessible ( and I think it works super well. If your art is a little rougher than that, Victorian Detective uses some rough sketches really effectively (

As for feels, I'd say it isn't essential for a text adventure, but art can definitely add to the narrative by setting the mood and illustrating certain things. All that to say, I'd encourage you to give it a go. It doesn't have to be every passage, just where you think it would really help (A Little Witch Story is a good model for this, too.)

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Just wanted to say that I love your artwork. Is it really difficult to create pixel art? I'm planning on using stock characters for right now, but I want to get into pixel art at some point.

Thanks! So I do need to add in some tutorial play about the movable blocks and make them more important to the play. At this point they're just kind of there because I wanted to test them out.

Just started building! I'm committed to finishing, even if it kills me (okay not really "kills" me, but at least makes me super tired).

Hi all,

I decided to jump into game design this year and this is my first jam! I've been doing a lot of reading on MDA and a ton of Extra Credits watching, so I've made a minimum viable product prototype and I'd love some feedback on the design and mechanics.

Check it here:

Any feedback would be appreciated.