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[Devlog] Candy Girlfriends

A topic by nadia nova created Feb 21, 2016 Views: 263 Replies: 3
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My game is about three poly lesbians who manage to crash their ship cause they're too busy having sex instead of driving...

The main character and playable character, Naira is the brave mixed transgirl, she might be the smallest of the group but she clearly is the most adventurous and ambitious one.

The pretty girl you need to save all the time. Sadie, always gets into troubles. Is a very emotional person, but mostly a happy and a bubbly person!

Abela, the powerful black lady. Eats dangers for breakfast. She doesn't even recognize it when she is in trouble because she takes the most out of the situation so well. Very dependable.

Where are the candies? Well everywhere. The whole planet is made of sweets. All those candy golems. Delicious. The ground, totally edible.

Also the candy civilization totally wants to eat these humans, they totally are a rare treat and lesbians are the sweetest kind.

The game will be a platform shooter adventure. Main object of the game is to find your lost girlfriends since you were seperated on the crash, and then rebuild the ship so you can leave back home. And totally just not trying to die when everyone on the planet wants to eat you and you three totally get wanted posters all over the candy cities so good luck with that! There will be minibosses and puzzles to solve on your way to leave back home!

So yeah, I will be mostly updating about all the little details on my twitter, then on my gamedev blog on tumblr for big updates. So if you want to see more of my game development feel free to check them out! I'm creating my game with Construct 2 and aseprite for art.

Thanks for reading!

I'm instantly creating a new post for today's work.

random miscellaneous sprites i made that i will animate for the world.


i also created a neat floppy disk animation which i will be using for a journal type thing to find from secret areas to hear the adventure from a perspective of another adventurer who was on the planet many years ago


here are two enemies i made today; a flying candy bat and a miniboss, the singing lady who will be blasting literal notes at you.



aand the outline effect is really pretty, whoever it slows down my old computer so im adding an option to toggle it on and off so people can decide if they want to play with it or not. also just better for me and playtesting.

short gif turned into a webm:

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Just wanted to say that I love your artwork. Is it really difficult to create pixel art? I'm planning on using stock characters for right now, but I want to get into pixel art at some point.

Yep, it is for me. I've been drawing all my life so doing pixel art isn't impossible, but still I have a lot to learn.

I just look at other peoples art and try to copy them and build my own on them with same shapes and techniques and colors. I guess that is one of the best ways to learn? :D Only way to get better is to try to do pixel art so go for it!