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Just finished playing through this and I loved every bit of it. The sprite animations and transitions add a lot, and I feel much love for all the influence from Ryukishi07's visual novels, like in the SP Radio segment! It all makes up such a wonderful experience for Episode 1. The characters were so well-written, like people I know from my own personal life, so I love them dearly already. Also your art style is adorable I loved every image. THE BLOWTORCH GAG WAS REALLY GOOD. Unit 01 is my wife. I can't wait for the next episode, take care of yourself and good luck!


i just played this bc i went through some of my VN backlog tonight and it was a surprise good time!! both of the girls were super super cute and seeing their romance develop was really sweet :") im also a big fan of the art style!

Ha, that was a fun watch. Thanks for playing it. 

Sorry for replying so late, but thank you so much!! I'm so glad you enjoyed the game.

One person team here. Trying to make a dating sim and so far it's slow and steady but it's happening. :3