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Hi! I was wondering - does the game have to be made from scratch during the jam? If not, is there a limit to the amount of previously made content that is allowed?

Hey it worked! =D Thanks!

I wasn't able to access the game even though I use firefox that should run webgl... I'd really like a desktop version so I could download it!

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So I finally decided to post a devlog! It shows the progress of the game and my workflow – I hope someone else finds it interesting!

I'm working on the game only on the weekends (usually), so each devlog is about what was done in one of them. (I wanted to post pictures but it seems it's not possible =/ anyway, there are no game graphics yet)

Weekend 1 – (23/01 – 24/01)
I had the basic idea before the start of the jam. In the first weekend, I start building a script of what exactly the scenes of the game would be, detailed a bit more who would be all the characters and what sort of endings were possible.

Only the first few scenes (that introduced the characters) were actually defined.

I also started the project of the game on Unity. At first the plan was to do everything on my own, but then I remembered Fungus, a free plugin which supposedly has everything you need to make a visual novel in Unity and is very easy to use.

This game will contain Brazilian candy such as brigadeiro ("brigadier", chocolate balls) and palha italiana ("Italian straw", chocolate+cookies+sugar)!

Weekend 2 – (30/01 – 31/01)

So I set about learning Fungus and making the first few scenes of the script a reality. I also looked up some songs I could use by Kevin MacLeod (

I decided to use some old character for placeholder art:

In the end, I managed to learn Fungus and to make the first scene.

Weekend 3 – (06/02 – 07/02)
I completely forgot about the game during the weekend, but luckily this is carnival week here in Brazil and I've got some extra time, so I worked on the game on Monday instead.

This time, I figured out how to go to different scenes of the game, made changes on the dialogue, a basic skeleton of the next scenes and some extremely rough sketches of a character portrait / poses.

I'm working solo as well! I'm only working in the game in weekends, but it's coming along! I'm thinking of posting a devlog with updates week to week =]