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REALLY COOL AND GOOD. My only complaint: Not enough goose pics.

Woops! Looks like there was a mistake in the download. Hopefully it should be fixed now?

Thank you so much for your message! It was really encouraging. I'd like to add more to the game in the future, but I always get distracted (by making other games;;;) 

I'm still kind of a novice programmer, so when I made the game I didn't quite know how to do galleries... But I have an idea for how to do it. We'll see what happens! Thank you for enjoying my slowly made small games. :D

I'm glad you're enjoying the game :D!

MrMar is 100% right. Maybe I should have been more clear that buying them gifts doesn't really do much, hahaha, it's really just cosmetic, to see the character you like in different clothes! 

Oh man, I'm so sorry it took me so long to reply to this, I somehow missed the notification! I'm really glad you liked the game, and I'm slowly working on adding more stuff to it, though after Nanoreno, I definitely need to take it slow.

The stressball problem has been noted too. I missed something while coding so it's not available to purchase, hahaha! 

Either way, thank you so much again :D

i love these beautiful sauce boys......... 

Top sauce spouse (spauce??) is Sho, and i am ready 2 fight people 2 defend his honour. 

Thank you for playing and also for catching that! I'm gonna fix it in just a second. If you play any more of the game, I hope you enjoy it. :D

What a sweet honest game. The way the characters allowed themselves to be vulnerable with each other felt very real and endearing, and the development of their friendship was very sweet. 

I just finished playing! The game was really charming, and I think the really thick lineart style and soft colours helped contribute to that feeling.

The way stat attribution and growth worked in this game was really interesting as well. I've never really seen a game do it like that before, but I might try out something like that in the future. It was really creative :D 

Great work!

I've just started this game and I'm really enjoying it! The time management and stat raising aspects are really fun, but the overall story is so dark...

I'm filled with apprehension. I'm getting attached to my daughters, but also I want to see what happens if Faust gets his wish filled...

This dragon REALLY IS so cute! So many of her reactions to or reasonings to explain non-dragon things were so charming. I wanted to pat her on the head so many times, even though she is so big. 

I wish I could see some of her new fashions...!

A truly lovely game... It's relaxing visually and in terms of audio :D :D :D

"i've done utena, sailor neptune, godtier rose, akemi homura..."

I just started playing and it's SOOO cute! I love Mallow and Reyna's voice, super super super cute. 
This game is just a big overload of cute, ahahha;;;

Haha, en verité j'suis pas super fort en lecture donc j'ai eu besoin de faire quelques traduction (archi littéral) pendant ma lecture, donc c'était pas trops d'efforts en plus.

Hourra! ça me fait plaisir d'entendre que tu as aimé mon mauvais jeu de mots;;

Et c'était rien de tout! 

c'était amusant et un bon moyen de pratiquer mon français! En plus j'ai vraiment apprécié le jeu: D
Un lien vers ma page devrait bien fonctionner! Merci d'avoir demander

Hourra! Voici un lien vers ma version traduite du jeu. J'espère que ça montre bien l'histoire et les personnages. Il pourrait y avoir quelques differences ici et là avec des expressions idiomatiques qui n'existent pas en anglais, et je étais pas trop sûr de ce qu'un "Cuistocano" était (Cuistot + ???), mais je savais que c'etait un genre de jeu de mots, donc j'ai mis quelque chose d'autre là-bas (Iron Chef, comme la programme televise, parce que Serony est un mécanicien qui cuisine;;).

J'espère que plus de gens pourront profiter de ce jeu avec cette traduction!  parce que c'est super chouette!!! 

I did not ahahah, it took me right to the start of the game but with no text. After playing it again pressing start like a normal person the text showed up;;

This game is so fun! It's really challenging too, hahaha. I love rhythm games, but I'm honestly so bad at keeping a steady beat. I'm the sort of person who can't clap on time.

But I love how unique this game approaches rhythm games, it allows you to be really creative and musical with it, which is super cool! Also, Maggie is really cute!!

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J'ai vraiment apprécié ce jeu! L'art est vraiment charmant, et j' ai bien aime les éléments point and click. Veronika et Eli sont super cute, j'espere que Veronika apprendra a etre de plus en plus honete avec ces proches.

Si c'est possible, serais-tu bien si je le traduisais en anglais?

Just went through my first playthrough! Told the priest I wanted to repent, because I thought I'd be sneaky, but... Turns out I was quite serious about it! Haha.

It's really fun, I definitely want to play through enough to see my beloved girlfriend. Unfortunately my second time I around, none of the text is showing up! I pressed Load rather than Start, so maybe that makes a difference. But I thought it'd be worth making you aware of. Great work. I love the art too!

GOOD LUCK! You still have time!
Even if not every CG gets put in place, I'm sure the game will be wonderful!!

I really like this, it's so atmospheric and calming, despite being bustling sounds I find annoying in my day to day. It makes you listen to those sounds in a different way!

The last 5 girlfriends I've generated have been very into blood...! But I love them all very much and support their strange hobbies.

This was a really strange game! It made me feel a lot of nostalgia and unease at the same time.

I don't know if I can say I liked it in the traditional sense of the word, but I think it was a really unique and interesting exeprience! 

It's definitely unlike anything I've ever seen before!!!

Cheering you all on. Let's have lots of fun!!

I'm here too! So far I'm just a one man team, and I've got a some plot scribbles and sketches.

I'm kind of lollygagging myself, and watching too much TV instead of working, but hey we've got time we can do it!!

Best of luck everyone!

I had a ton of fun during the Yuri Game Jam, so I'm really excited to see what comes out of the Sweets Jam. Also the fact that there's a community hub is so fun. I hope we all get along. OvOb