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Thanks again for the playthrough video!! Really appreciate it <3

Thank you so much for enjoying our game!!!! <3

Thank you for noticing the improvements!! It's great to hear that <3

Woah!!?! We're super honored to hear that!! Thanks for giving our game a shot! <3 We hope you enjoy the other games as well! :)

Thank you so much! ; U ; It always always always makes our heart warm to hear that people enjoyed our game! Thank you so much for the support <3

Thank you so much!! We hope it gave you your quick dose of cute fluffy yuri! :)

!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!! We hope you enjoy the game!! And thank you so much for the praise for the artist! :' ) It really means a lot <3 Also, unfortunately, we do not have a Discord server, but maybe one day we'll be big enough to garner interest and start one! :)

Hey wow!! Thanks so much for making gameplay videos of our games!! And I'll thank you for the videos of the other two games here as well! <3 Surprised that you played through the old ones, but super appreciative that you did! Makes me want to revisit them as well haha

Hi there! We listed step by step on how to download the game in the imgur link. Sorry for the super low quality of the imgur post but it should still be understandable!

Hope this helps!

!! WOW THANK YOU!! We're glad to have created a couple worth shipping ; u ; And yes!! All our previous games are all yuri games, please check them out when you can! :)

!!?!?!!! A fellow yuri game with a long title?! Nice to meet you! Thank you for checking our game out! Hope you like it!

Aaah thank you so much!! We greatly appreciate your support!! 

Haha glad to hear your faith in humanity has been restored through yuri :) Yuri is love. Yuri is life.

Thank you! 

Thank you so much! Very happy that you like it!

Thank you!! Super happy that you enjoyed it and that it was able to show you something new!

Glad to hear you finished the game and enjoyed it! Thank you once again from the bottom of our hearts for playing! <3

Ah we're so sorry for that! Unfortunately we only have the builds for Windows, Mac, and Linux. We apologize deeply for the inconvenience!

Oh wow thank you so much!! We're honored to have this be one of your top VN's!! It wouldn't have been satisfying if our characters didn't end up together v u v. Unless.... maybe we start having choices and paths.....? Heh.

Hehe thanks for noticing the usage of "neko" in their names! These characters and their color palette are based off cats after all! 

Thanks for enjoying it!! We hope it gave you plenty of cavities :)

Thank you again for trying out our games! We really hope we can continue to make more wlw games in the future!! FOR THE SAKE OF YURI!!!

Wow!! Thank you for playing one of our older games and even loving it!! So happy to hear that you really enjoyed!! <3

We would love to, but I think our games are too small of a scale to be worthy of Steam or Mangagamer! :( We're honored to already have itch as a platform we can host them and share them on v u v. Thank you for the suggestion though! Hopefully maybe in the future we'll create a super full length one worthy of being put on Steam! <3

Yes :) 

Oh!! A heads up though, the vampire one is on the older side, released in 2017! But nonetheless, we hope you enjoy that one as well! :)

Thank you so much for trying out our game! And thank you for noticing the little details we put in our game! There's one more Easter egg, but you'll only really know if you have played our previous game haha. Thanks for the support and we hope you enjoy this one to the end!! <3

WOW!! THANK YOU!!!! We're so happy you think that!!! <3 Really encourages us to strive to create even better ones!!

AAAHH!! Thank you so much for playing through one of our games yet again!! <3!! Much love! And we're happy that you caught on with Kaneko sensei hehe. It makes us squeal when people notice the easter eggs we put into our games haha. 

Thank you yet again for your super encouraging and supporting words!! It really touches our hearts ; U ;  coughcough especially since i'm the only one that works on these games now hahaha cough cough We really really hope to continue making more!! 

Thanks so much! Very happy to hear you enjoyed it :)

Hello!! Thank you so much for playreading through our game! Glad to hear you liked it ; u ; And haha, yes... maybe one day there will be a patch.... one day.......... 

Thank you!! AND YES IT IS!!! Haha!! Thank you for pointing it out! <3

Yes!!! Haha!! Thank you for pointing it out! We've been waiting for someone to explicitly call her out LOL! Kotone's last name wasn't really mentioned that often in the game, maybe like once, and then once more in the game summary, so we were afraid people didn't realize it was her! Especially those that never played it, or forgot about the last bonus doodle from the game. Thank you again <3!

Hey there! Thank you so much again for supporting our games! Very very happy that you liked this one! 

Hmm so it's still occurring? Do you mind if you screenshot the "An exception has occurred" screen when it does pop up? Thank you! Sorry about the inconvenience ; n ;

Hello! Have you tried closing the game and reopening it? (You should be able to skip to that scene again so you don’t have to re-read everything up to that point)

If you’ve done that and it’s still crashing, let me know if you’re on PC or Mac and we’ll troubleshoot for you! :) 

You’re welcome!! ❤️ Thank you as well for playreading through our kinetic novel! :)

Thank you!! Thank you for playing through the kinetic novel! ❤️

Hello, we have fixed the issue and hopefully it works now! 

Hi, thank you so much for bringing this to our attention! We'll get to fixing it asap! :)