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Wow!! Thank you so much for yet another playthrough video! Always happy to see you upload a video on our games and I love watching through them! Thank you for your kind comments and support, it gives me serotonin hearing that you enjoy our games :') !!! Fingers crossed I make another game this year haha! Thank you again!!

Thank you!!

YEAAAHHH!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Hope you enjoy the game!! <3 

Yes!! Please enjoy the game when you get the time to play it!

It's been a long time coming!  Thank you for waiting! We hope you enjoy this year's game!

LOOL Hope you enjoy the game as much as you enjoy the title if you ever play it! 

Haha, I hope you'll enjoy/enjoyed the game!! Thank you for waiting for so long! 

Thank you!!! You playing the game and commenting is already supporting us a lot! Thank you!!!!!

Hi thank you for playing and loving the game! Unfortunately this is all there is to it and there are no plans on creating different endings. All our games are made within 2-3 months due to that being the Yuri Game Jam duration, so choices take too much time to fit in! Hope you understand!

Thank you for enjoying this year's game! Sorry that the alcohol kinda threw you off though;;;; But nonetheless thank you for reading through this year's game!! The bonus doodle at the end turned out better than I expected haha


Honestly, one of my favorite Britney Spears song, and I also think of the song whenever I see the title LOOL. Thank you!! I hope you enjoyed the game!

Thank you so much for waiting!! Very happy to hear that you loved the story! And thank you so much for the video! Really appreciate it aaahh! 

OMG!! You know about Opanchu Usagi?!??! To be honest, I only found out about Opachu this year via someone i follow (yes, Umeko finding it via twitter is a real life experience). Thank you for noticing all the easter eggs! I love putting little references here and there from my previous games!

I hope you'll enjoy it just as much if not more the second time reading through it! A wonderful rest of the yuri year to you too! 

Thank YOU for waiting this long!! We hope you enjoy this year's game! Cheers to another year of gay ass games!!

Thank you!! And thank you for the feedback! If you ever decide to play again, you can always press A to change the font size! (This goes for all other Renpy games as well) 

Also awww haha, it's too bad Ringo only appeared for a little bit. A friend and I were joking that she should be the MC for next game LOL


Thank you so much!! 

COLLARBONE!! Yes, you can adjust the text size by pressing "a" on your keyboard! 

Thank you!

Thank you for enjoying our little game!!! Glad to hear you liked it! It always makes me happy that this game delivers above and beyond what people expect haha! We would love to see some fanart! Make sure to @ us on twitter so we know (assuming you're posting on twitter) !

Hi! Thank you so much for the code! Is there a way to keep the phone screen up while still showing the textbox? Currently the phone disappears when I have the main character thinking to herself in the game textbox, and would like the phone screen to stay up while she thinks to herself. Thanks in advance!

Thank you!

LOOOL Thanks for playing!

THANK YOU!!!! Thank you so much for enjoying it!! A fandom for this game would be a dream come true actually haha. If you ever get to playing the other games, I hope you enjoy them too!

Thank you so much for playing through this one! Happy you enjoyed it!!

Thanks for the amazing ratings!! Glad you enjoyed the kinetic novel! 119 pages of game saving though holy cow haha

Ohohohohohoho, do I have news for you. 

It is her!! Thank you for noticing the little easter egg! ALL ACCORDING TO PLAN!!!

Thank you for enjoying the game! 

Haha thank you so much!! Hope you have a great time playing again!

Thank you for your interest! There are slight themes of isolation/bullying but I personally think it's pretty light and doesn't last for too long. This game doesn't go too heavy into the theme and is not dark. Don't force yourself to play if these topics are too uncomfortable! Your safety is most important! You can always watch playthroughs of the game if you'd like! That way you can skip the scenes if you find that they're too uncomfortable for you! :)

Thank you for playing through our game! We're glad you enjoyed it!! <3

Thank you for your kind words! And thank you for re-reading it! That's a pretty big compliment honestly :' ) Also yes haha time is always the bane of my existence, but without it I would never be able to finish making a game 😂 Hope you enjoyed it nonetheless! 

Thank you for all your kind comments on this game and the other games!!!! This one is a little rough around the corners but it was, after all, the first game and honestly it still holds a special place in my heart v u v. Thank you for playing through all the games, I'm really grateful and happy!!

Aaaah thank you so much!!! I really hope you enjoy the others just as much as you did this one! I kinda wish there was a separate NSFW version too huhu, but oh wells. Maybe a short story compilation of all the first times of each couples ???? hmmmm 👀 HAHA no promises. Again thank you so much!!!! <3

Thank you so much! I'm very glad you enjoyed the game, and no worries about paying! We just want to spread the good word of yuri!!!

Yes, this game is complete! No cliffhangers here! : )

Thank you so much!!! I know I always says this but it makes me so happy to hear that aaaahhh!! I'M HAPPY IF YOU'RE HAPPY :'D

THANK YOU!!!!! <3333

Same honestly

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 啊啊啊啊!! 真的謝謝!Thank you so much! I'm very happy that you liked the game! I'm curious, how did you find this game?