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Thank you!! It's okay, better late than never! We're happy to hear that we've redeemed ourselves from last year HAHA. Also super happy to hear that this one might be your new favorite! It means a lot :' ) Hopefully this year's entry will be somewhat okay! Though I have a feeling it might be another slow burn oop, which I really don't want it to be, so I'm racking my brain for ideas and something fresh! Stay tuned and find out when December rolls around! :)

Thank you so much!! We hope you like our entry for this year as well! 


Thank you so much! We're happy you loved it a lot! Be sure to give some of our other games a try too! :)

Thank you so much! I'm still surprised this game is making rounds as it's one of our older ones haha. Super glad to hear you enjoyed it though!! 

Yay! Happy to hear you enjoyed this one too! I also love my some adult yuri stories too heh. And yessssss we've succeeded in portraying emotions and making the reader feel something haha. On the topic of Midori, I would love to create a spinoff for her too maybe one day haha.

Also, congrats, you've caught up to all our visual novels! Thank you so much for playing through all of them!

Woah thank you so much! I hope you also noticed the little Romeo and Juliet references sprinkled into the VN as well (if you didn't that's also totally okay)! Hope you have fun playing Model Not Maid just as much as you did this one! Hmmmmm R18 scene :)))))))) Maybe one day....................................... eyes emoji

Thank you!! One's Lonesome is my personal favorite (though Model Not Maid is soon taking that spot haha) ! Hope you had fun seeing the little bits and of course the little Easter eggs in the notebook in the studying scene hehe. Thank you!!

Woo! It's always great to see your gameplays of our games! Seriously makes my day :') 

Thank you so much for playing through Secret Satiation! Yes, most--if not all-- the puns in here were intentional! And yes, I myself cannot cook   Also thank you for noticing the backgrounds! Although they are all blurred stock photos, I take pride in taking the time and effort to find and choose the PERFECT one for whichever scene. We're super glad you enjoyed the game despite it being one of our older ones! I had a blast watching this one as well as the previous videos you've made! Thank you once again!

You know, funny thing is, I didn't know about this until now, now that you pointed it out.... I did some asking around and it seems my other teammates that used to work with me had added that in as a joke without me knowing LMAO. I could take it out, but at this point it's whatever HAHA.

Nonetheless, thank you so much for giving our very first VN a try! It's crazy comparing it to our latest and newer works, and to see how much we've improved! (And thanks for pointing out the Katawa Shoujo file stashed in there.)

Thank you!

Thank you so much!!! We're glad that you enjoyed this game! <3

Oh haha, we only plan on sticking with yuri stories, sorry! I'm sure there are plenty of good yaoi vns out there though, just gotta look in the right places! :)

Haha, to save you the trouble of checking in every week, we usually upload our new games when the Yuri Game Jam ends, which is usually in December! Although we've only ever made games for the Yuri Game Jam, we'd like to soon create games outside of it maybe -insert eyes emoji- Though that's still a far off dream 

Thank you so much!!! Also, an astrology themed yuri novel huh............ HMMMMMM... INTERESANTE..... We'll think about it! We got loads of ideas, and we really want to make one that's fantasy themed as well! We want to keep making yuri visual novels forever to be honest :')

Haha thank you! Glad to hear that you enjoyed it in the end :' ) 

Yeah! Kaede's lover is going to be a new character that did not appear in From Salt to Sugar :) If you remember what club Kaede joined, the love interest is related to that ;)

Haha, no worries! I would love to write a spin off for Midori like I'm making one for Kaede, but I don't think it would be anytime soon!

OF COURSE THEY DIDDDD!!!!!!!!! You heard it here first, folks, they might got some history with each other ;) But will they have a future with each other? Who knows~ 

Thank you!

I love FLOWERS too! Unfortunately I haven't finished Autumn and Winter yet, but one day... Funnily enough, Team ANPIM's name was from a line in the game when I was playing it with a mediocre machine translator LOL. I'm super thankful that this game got a Chinese version for international fans to fully enjoy! Thank you for enjoying the game and liking the art too! 谢谢!!

Ah, that's definitely an alternative route that could have happened haha. I can totally see that happening, honestly, if Hibiki had decided to give the guy a chance! Sad for Kotone though :(

It actually does end at "Wait, what?!", but I think someone else also had the bug of the game crashing RIGHT before (?) Ada says that.  Right after "Wait, what?!", the end should be a smooth transition to black and then to the title screen;;;;  

Thank you for enjoying our games and binging them! Appreciate the love and support <3

Hello! Good news! The mac version is now uploaded! :)

Hi thank you so much for the interest! I would love to collaborate with you on a French version! Please contact us via DMs on twitter so we can sort out the details :) 

Thank you! We hope you continue to enjoy our other older games <3

Woaah!! Thank you for doing yet another playthrough of one of our games!! We really really really appreciate all the time and effort you take to playthrough our games with commentary <3 I just finished watching it, it was great!

As this is one of our (kind of) older games, I do agree with the music and Kotone's sprite LOL. Kotone's sprite wasn't meant to make her look like she's looking off into the distance and I honestly never really noticed it until now, but I totally get what you mean now that you mention it and the more I look at her LOL. 

Happy to hear that you liked the bonus doodles haha, though I wonder if you remembered Kotone's cameo in Most Popular Girl in School   Anywho! We look forward to watching more of your playthroughs of our games and hope you'll enjoy our older games as well (even if they might be slowly declining in quality LOOL) ! I wish I can also create yuri games full time too v n v, oh what a dream that would be ; u ;

A big wholehearted thanks to you once again! :)

Thank you once again for the support and love for our games!! <3333

Hi sorry, we're currently working on it! We'll have the mac version as soon as possible! 

Thank you so much! Glad to hear you're having fun binging all our games <3 In retrospect I think the perspective change in this game was executed a little too poorly, but we hope to change that in the next game that does utilize it! Thanks for liking it though! 

And no problem for the replies! I love hearing and seeing that people love our games, and the continuous nice  comments  (and even the comments with constructive criticism) and support fuels me to create even better games :') Joining the very first Yuri Game Jam was a spur of the moment thing, and it's evolved into something bigger and something that I love to do oh so much, so knowing that people actually like our games is like WOAH INCREDIBLE!! I appreciate all the comments I get, so thank YOU for taking the time to leave such positive and nice feedback on our games <3

Wooo thank you so much!!! <3

Thank you! Comments like these always make my day <3 Hope you enjoy our other games just as much as you did this one! :)

Thank you so much!!! Thanks for enjoying our game!!

Thank you so much for your interest! I think my original translator has a couple of our new games in mind to translate, so I'll have to double check before finding new translators! Feel free to reach out to us on twitter @ for further inquiries!

Unfortunately, our other games are not yet available in Chinese :( Because we're a small group, it's hard to find people to translate for us. We were only lucky enough to have someone offer to translate for free, but they're really busy. Hopefully they will be able to translate our other games in the future! Thank you for enjoying our game! 

Aaaah thank you so much!!! So happy that you enjoyed our game! Honored to have it as one of your favorite vns ever!!! wooo!!!!

Aaaah thank you so much!! Super appreciative that you gave our game a chance! We hope you like our other games! (Though they might decline in quality if you're playing newest to oldest haha. You can really see the improvement throughout the years) But enjoy nonetheless! 

Thank you so much! Hope you enjoyed this game! And wooo glad you liked the soundtrack! You can find the direct link to each song used in the Credits section in the game!

Thank you! and thanks for playing! :)

Thank you so much!!