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<333 THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR PLAYING THEM AND LIKING THEM!!! Really touches our hearts ; U ; 

Woooo!! So glad you enjoyed it!! And yes haha Hibiki is a pure sinnamon  cinammon roll hehehehe. Thank you for reading through it!! <333

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Oh thank you for pointing that out! And thank you so much for enjoying our kinetic novel!! <3 So glad you like the characters ; u ;

ALSO! We're very very very happy that you recognized that ringtone C:

Thank you for the feedback! If only our music guy was free this time v n v As great as royalty free music is, there's never one that hits just the spot. But thank you so much for playing and enjoying it! Also grateful that you left such a positive feedback as well ; u ; Your support is greatly appreciated and loved!! Please have fun reading through our other works! :)

WOAH!! Thank you so much! Such an honor to have you play one of our vn/kinetic novels! We're so glad you enjoyed it, and thank you for taking the time to pick it up!! <3

Thank you!!  Very ecstatic you were hooked!! Hope you enjoyed the rest of the visual novel after the 20 minutes haha! :)

Yes!! We really hope to keep going with more in the future! Yuri has too much suffering already, we need that fluffy and cheesy yuri sometimes! We hope you enjoyed our game!

Oh thank you so much for thinking this highly of 1, 2 (abbreviated cause boy, this is a longer title)! We're grateful that you had a great time!!

Oh we're super super happy to hear that!! WOW!! Thanks again so much for picking this visual novel/kinetic novel up and liking it! <3

Thank you for reading yet another one of our works!! <3 Super glad you like this one too!! Until next year HAHA. Again, really appreciate you liking our games!!

!!! Thank you so much for reading!! We're really happy to hear that you enjoyed it! <3 And thank you for the video playthrough as well!! Your kind words encourages us to create an even better game next time (hopefully)! Please also enjoy our previous games when you have the time ; u ;

Wow! Thank you SO MUCH for giving the game a (partial and hopefully full) playthrough!! Glad you like it so far ; u ; The guessing of the rooftop (oops, spoilers for others?) comment really got me and I couldn't help but laugh HAHA. We hope you end up liking the entire game when you get to it! Thank you once again for the great video! ; U ; 

Hey! Thank you so much for the feedback! Really helps us improve our next game (hopefully!) by pointing out stuff like this. We apologize if you felt any dissonance for our characters in the beginning, we were trying to paint Kotone as a type of person to shut people out/keep to herself (hence her initial attitude). I agree with you though, build up was kind of lacking, and maybe in the future we can flesh out the stories better. Though two months really is tough -sweats-. We will work around it!!

Thanks once again for the constructive criticism! Really appreciate it! And thank you for giving it a chance by reading it to the end! <3

Oh nice! Haha that is pretty weird hm.. But glad to hear it's working fine now!! Enjoy! ; u ;

Hmmm.. I don't believe so, you should be able to unzip it with your preferred unzipping program. Our previous games are all compressed into .zip files as well. Let me know if it still doesn't work! :)

Yesss!! We love stories like these too and hence this story was born v u v Thank you so much for playing and liking this game woo!!

Thank you sOOOOOO MUCH for playing all our games and enjoyed them!! We ourselves love cheesy, generic, and just good old tried yuri! Thank you for the compliment for the art as well! Our artist works really hard ; u ; We really hope we can make one more complex, but we will really have to see about that haha;;; Thank you once again!!

Oh wow thank you so much for your kind comment! We're super happy to hear that you liked the story albeit it being a short one! You give us great support! <3

Thank you soo much! We're very glad you liked it! :) We do hope we can make a game that goes for longer with a more rich story, but we really will have to see about that haha. We can dream! Thank you again for the kind comment ; u ;

Wait no further! We've finally delivered another one! Hope you like this one! :)

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Thank you so much!! We're glad you enjoyed it! ; u ; We very appreciate you taking a read through our little short visual/kinetic novel!

And haha! Yes, that ending indeed ;)

Writing: 100%
Sprites: 100%
CGs: 100%
BGs: 100%
Music: 100%
Coding: 100%

WE MADE IT!! FOR SURE!! The game is going to go up tonight sometime before the deadline, probably a couple of minutes before deadline or earlier.

Please look forward to it!!!

!!! Thank you! Unfortunately it's a bit too late to fix the sprites now, but thanks for the pointer! AND GOOD LUCK TO YOU TOO AAAAH!!!! Hope we can make it on time! :)

THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!!!! We really had to cut down on CGs but I think we'll be able to fit 2 in!! Can't wait to release this project!!

Oct 29:

Writing: 100%
Sprites: 100%
CGs: 15%
BGs: 100%
Music: 100%
Coding: 100%

Will we make it!?!?!?! Stay tuned...... Meanwhile, have a sprite

Oct 27:

Writing: 100%
Sprites: 35%
CGs: 0%
BGs: 100%
Music: 100%
Coding: 30-40%

hustlin', hustlin'

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OL standing for Office Lady***

Hello~ This is Team ANPIM here! ....And we're starting a VN/Kinetic Novel a week or so before the deadline........ again.....

In a city where a society of vampires secretly live amongst humans, Ada tries her best to keep her vampire identity hidden. Starting at a new job means starting with a clean slate and Ada is determined to keep this job for once. She tries her best to fit in and stay under the radar. That is, until she slowly begins to fall for her human co-worker. With the duty of keeping her vampire identity a secret, will she be able to confess despite the taboo of a vampire being together with a human? Can Ada even be in a relationship hiding such a big secret from a lover?! Read through this kinetic novel made for the 2017 Yuri Game Jam to see if Ada will end up baring her fangs feelings and secrets, or keep them sealed like a nailed shut coffin!

Long story short: We originally started when the jam started but gave up in mid September. But then artist jokingly said on Oct 18 "it's time to make another VN in 2 weeks (in reference to our first VN we made for the first ever Yuri Game Jam" and... it somehow became true. We had to change and shorten and take out a lot of what we originally had to fit this tight time frame we have, but s'all good. As usual, our story is nothing too big or flashy, just good ol' true and tried yuri!

We're really pushing it because half our team is busy so we have to cut corners on background and music (thank god for royalty free stuff) As of today, this is our progress:

Writing: 85%
Sprites: 10%
CGs: 0%
BGs: 100%
Music: 100%
Coding: 5%

Here are some roughs for character design so far, pretty simple! 

Will/might change some stuff regarding design to be more distinguished (or not seeing that we're short on time), but we're focusing on writing first! tfw artist and main writer are the same person

We hope you look forward to our short little vampire yuri kinetic novel! 

No, thank YOU for reading through it and loving it! We're SUPER glad that there are people that actually like these, which encourages us to make even more! Please look forward to any of our upcoming works in the future :) We need more yuri VNs!!!

We apologize for the text colors and we're saddened that it was enough of an obstacle to stop you from reading through From Salt to Sugar, however due to our busy schedule and the small scale of this kinetic novel, we are not able to fix this issue anytime soon, if ever.

Feel free to read through our other one though, Natsumi & Fuyuko: All That's Inbetween, as it has easier to read font colors :) We're sorry again for the inconvenience, and we'll be sure to fix this issue in our next novel!

We thank you so much for enjoying our novel! These words really mean a whole lot to us so we sincerely thank you! We'll definitely see about expanding more for Kaede!

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Thanks so much for giving our game a shot, even if the description did try to pull you away! We're super stoked that you think our game is cute and that you liked it in the end! Sorry about the Paypal only thing, it's the only option for us at the moment due to some circumstances, I hope you understand!

Aaaah!!! Thank you so much for your kind words! We're all super happy and glad that you love this! It really encourages us!! And we're honored that you created an account just to leave this nice comment! ; u ;

Thanks so much aaaaah!!! We really appreciate you loving this game!!! It makes us all very happy to hear that! ; u ;

Thanks for your feedback! We'll be sure to take note of that in our next game

We fixed some errors from version 1.0, so to those that downloaded that version, please re-download version 1.1 which is now up! Thank you and sorry for the inconvenience;;;

Thank you so much for your kind and encouraging words!! We're absolutely speechless from your comment and can't thank you enough! We're super super glad you enjoyed it! Also, we are indeed working on another one for ; u ;

We're doing it! It's going at a slow start tbh cause we're occupied with something else cough cough games and mmo's LOL but we're sure to get it done!!