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Welcome to Sugar, Sweets, & Jam! Co-hosted by Ana Valens and FemHype, this game jam is all about sweet things—candy, pastries, ice cream, cookies, cupcakes, strawberries, and queer relationships… just to name a few!

Want to participate? The rules are simple, really. Between January 21st to April 30th, create a video game featured around the following premises:

  • Queer relationships. Whether it's love, friendship, or something in-between, create a game about queer characters relating to one another.
  • Sugary sweets. Your game has to have 'em. It might be an ice cream float, a candy cane, some hot chocolate, or a girl made out of frosting. As long as it tickles your sweet tooth, it's up for grabs!

Sugar, Sweets, & Jam is all about LGBTQIA+ characters spending time with one another and enjoying sugary foods. As long as it's sweet, and as long as it's queer, it belongs here!

Before you get started, there's a few other rules to keep in mind. Check out our guidelines below:

  • The jam will officially start January 21, 2016 and end April 30, 2016. Brainstorming and drafting can begin any time, but game assets (i.e. scripts, in-game art, composed music, etc.) have to be created during the jam period. The exception to this rule is Creative Commons & Public Domain assets, so long as these assets are properly sourced per the original creator's instructions.
  • Submissions will be judged for two things: fitting the basic criteria, and observing FemHype's general guidelines. After all, we want Sugar, Sweets, & Jam to be an inclusive space for our readers, and that includes our developers, too!
  • Don't let the term "game jam" fool you—virtually anything is up for grabs for submission. As long as you're developing something interactive, you're welcome to submit. That includes: kinetic visual novels, Twines, interactive comics, choose your own adventure passages, and more!
  • Submitted games do not have to be final products. Demos, WIPs, proof of concepts, and alpha/beta releases are all perfectly fine.
  • Sugar, Sweets, & Jam will certainly deal with issues like gender identity, sexuality, love while queer, and discrimination in everyday life. Some games might deal with these themes implicitly, others might be more explicit. Both are perfectly fine, just make sure to clarify on your submission page that your game is 18+ and/or NSFW.
  • From time to time, new rules may be added to keep the community section running smoothly. Jillian and Ana reserve the right to create new rules as need be. Any updates will be announced on the forum section and stickied to the top, so keep an eye out during the months ahead!

Want to read more about Sugar, Sweets, & Jam's origins? Check out our official announcement post on FemHype!


Q: I'm interested in creating a game that deals with darker themes - such as discrimination or psychological trauma. Is that allowed?

A: Of course! As long as your game features queer relationships and sweets as major focal points, feel free to create a game that deals with more explicit themes. Again, just make sure to tag 18+ or NSFW content on your submission, if applicable.

Q: My game features two queer characters, but they aren't dating. Is that okay?

A: Yes, platonic relationships are perfectly fine! Your characters don't even have to meet each other, either. As long as there's some sort of relationship among queer characters, whether directly or indirectly, you're good.

Q: I've never developed a game before, and I'm a little overwhelmed. Where should I start?

A: Hey there! That's okay, game jams are great for newcomers.

If you're interested in developing a visual novel, consider trying out Ren'Py. If you'd like to create a side-scroller or platformer, Game Maker and Construct 2 are both great starting tools. And if you're more interested in interactive fiction writing, Twine is an excellent free software suite.

Q: I have a really cool idea for a project, but I need a [writer/coder/artist/playtester]. Where should I go?

A: Check out the community tab above, or leave a comment on the open thread on FemHype! Both are perfect for meeting fellow developers.

Lastly, we'd like to give a special thanks to a couple contributors who made Sugar, Sweets, & Jam a possibility!

Sugar, Sweets, & Jam would not be possible without the help and support of FemHype. If you haven't already checked them out, feel free to follow them on Twitter and tumblr.

Games writer and critic Ana Valens originally introduced Sugar, Sweets, & Jam to FemHype. She's currently planning a visual novel about a queer relationship, a cupcake girl, and emotional trauma for the jam. Feel free to follow her on Twitter or check out her work for FemHype.

And Sugar, Sweets, & Jam's official artwork was created by Leisha-Marie Riddel! She can be reached at @LeishaRiddel on Twitter! If you enjoy her artwork, make sure to also check out her graphic novel at @ProjectSolaceTO!

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