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Triangle RunView game page

Made for the #stopwaitingforgodot jam. Run triangle, run!
Submitted by Terry Cavanagh — 12 hours, 36 minutes before the deadline
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This was cool!

I found myself wishing that I could control my air time just a tiny bit with how long I held down space, but I appreciate that that's not what this is.

I hope you had a positive experience with Godot, and thanks for doing Linux builds :)


Getting the following error on an M1 Mac: ““Triangle Run” is damaged and can’t be opened. You should move it to the Bin.”

Thanks for running the jam, I had fun making a game :)


Oh yeah, apparently the exported mac binaries need to be signed on a mac to work, which I didn't do. Gonna look into that for v1.1! In the meantime the old xattr -d "Triangle" trick works!


If it's helpful to know, downloading and launching games through the Itch app should allow Mac users to sidestep this issue as well.


It is a ninja wearing triangle costume. I like retro style of this game and level design is good!


Managed to get to 9k. This is pretty neat! The tri looks pretty adorable, with his lil swingin arms! I honestly thought while playing "well this music kinda sounds like it was made in bosca". Then I realized. No shit it is made in bosca. Feedback:

  • The movement is kind of jarring with how quick it is, some smoothing would've helped
  • Music is nice BUT THERE IS NO BASS
  • Flip is very cute

I keep overshooting the landing for the little squares! So tricky, good work!


Awesome! Reminds me of a game I used to play as a kid called Star Roads, but even harder. You really improved it over the test build version. It's a shame I'm not very good at it, as I was also enjoying the music and didn't get to listen for as long as I would have liked :D


Are you thinking of Skyroads? That's what it reminds me of too!


people keep mentioning this game, I should probably play it


Skyroads has some clever innovations, and almost plays more like a puzzle game at times. There are squares which prevent you from jumping, or force you to jump, or prevent you from turning. Some squares refuel your car and are mandatory for finishing the level. Sometimes they are hidden or hard to get to. As a result, learning to reach the goal is often more about memory and planning rather than reflexes.

It's interesting to me how almost any game can become a puzzle game if you design the levels a certain way.


Yep, that's the one!


Fun little game, and the music is a bop!

Are these levels procedurally generated?

My feedback:

  • I would agree with @bokoyoss that the checkpoints are not really telegraphed as to whether they’re good or bad visually speaking.
  • I had some initial trouble working out the diagonal crossings between blocks as they look too thin to walk across, so I was trying to jump between before I realised.

These jumps feel great! I like being able to control my height/distance for precision landings. This is a tough but fun game- my best is around 9600. There are some real white-knuckle moments later on. I also stupidly dodged the checkpoints for a while when I first tried it. PSA to anyone playing: the floating orbs are checkpoints!

Side note: thanks for putting together this jam! We needed something to motivate us to try Godot, and we ended up having a ton of fun learning.


Wow, it's really fun! I can't believe you learned this much about Godot in only a weekend!?! What do you think about Godot!


He knows the art of slamming your head into a program until it works heh