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Thanks for the feedback! This is something I threw together in six something hours, so it lacks a lot of, well, everything. I’m happy you like it though, and I might expand on it in the future to become something more full. I’m currently pushing myself to just put out more stuff, and this is one of the first attempts. 

Thanks a bunch for playing!

Interesting way to see it. Not what I would expect from the game, but it's a good interpretation!

Wayyy too long since I played one of your games. Wall of text incoming, as always!

Literally on the first screen and I realize how much iconic your musical style has gotten to me. And both instrumentation and composition has improved a lot since last I heard something, great work! Actually smiling like an idiot right now.

The bullet patterns are really nice, and I can see a bunch of systems were carried over from putrid shot (good call), I think the crunch of the pixels make the bullets feel so much more agressive here, and I adore it. The ship is fucking difficult to control though, and getting hit by one of them really hurts. It's a bit difficult to tell where you are going, and it turns fast. It makes the game interesting though, and I enjoyed working out how to position yourself with it, and move in a way that doesn't get your ship sunk. 

And another thing, the ship repair is a super neat way of handling failure! It still feels like a "aww I got killed" but when it doesn't remove progress it gives you more of a "I want to get better and beat them" rather that "I suck at this". Very much liked. 

Some nitpicking, I would have really liked a victory theme for the final boss. The chill between levels tune is really nice, but it becomes a bit of a whiplash coming from that bossbattle. Camera work is also a thing, while the arrows help in identifying where enemies are, it wouldn't hurt nudging the camera in their direction. That would also subconsciously help, you would be able to "feel" where the enemies are. It being a game though, I think that time was pretty well spent somewhere else. 

I think you have gathered an identity that encompasses you games. The chunky pixels, the square lead, the bass and the crunchy drums, white screen flashes for boss battles (getting nostalgic about dreams of d4rk from it heh) and amazingly juicy visuals. Tutorials that lead you into the game, while still letting you get your ass kicked every once in a while. They're challenges made approachable, put in a very neat packaging. A bit star struck to be honest. Great work!

Runs: ABB, AAB, AAC (damn it). Around 1 hour break. AAB (died first phase, damn the spinny bullets, so hard to predict). SAA (LETS FUCKING GOOOOO). Not going for no hits on all of them, not yet at least. I now have a lot of adrenaline in my body. Fuck yea.

Literally two buttons, yet it so deep. I would love to see this expanded upon, great work!

You’re really bringing out something interesting points here that I think applies to any hobby as much as it does to gamedev. I’ve been struggling with this for a long time (being a student does not help either), this makes me feel more like it alright to just goof around a bit. Very appreciated!

I really like the first idea! I’m putting that in my pile of “to explore” prototypes, so I’ll have to try that out sooner or later. Thanks for checking in!

I can really agree with you on Unity, it really is bloated. Defold is actually super light-weight (exports to web are for example about 2mb, you know how massive Unitys are), you could probably run it on a toaster if you'd want to. Good luck!

Thanks for checking in! And nice work on getting all of them, I wasn’t expecting anyone to actually do that. 

I love Defold, it feels like it has the convenience, coziness and easy of use that love2d has while also having a lot of utility functions like a little game object editor and a scene editor without it ever getting cluttered. Exporting is a breeze and everything is super snappy and satisfying to do. Only complaint is that you can’t really extend the editor in an easy way, but making your own little editor with the engine shouldn’t be too hard. In general, super nice to use, but still very stripped down and efficient! 

Again, thanks for checking in :D

Oh thank you! It went better than I expected, the magazine has an audience somewhere between 50 and 100 people (just based on what I got payed). For the format itself, I really enjoy it actually. It's a nice way to get to try some new games and to support some small developers while you are at it!

Short wall today. First things first, I like the new visual style! It's easier to tell the action apart from background now, and overall I just think it looks a bit nicer. The spotlight is a bit odd, having just a circle around is more what I had expected, but I wouldn't say it's bad. It's just unexpected. I only had time for a quick run, but the axe is cool, and being able to upgrade based on damage type is interesting as well. I noticed that some upgrades are kind of garbage now though, like make all ice do 1 more damage. It's only usecase would be if you have a massive (and then i mean massive) amount of low damage dealing ice spells, because then the stacking would be worth it. Might work in full game, idk.  

An idea for the idea pile: having areal spells change the shots that pass through them.

Really looking forward to the full release!

Did a quick run, were just a slither away from getting the boss this time.

I picked banana as active just to try it the new version out, and damn it is it fun to line up a bunch of small enemies and just wreak havoc on them, especially with flare!

A thing I saw last time but I think I forgot was that hitboxes on the stage with a hole in the middle and one flying platform has really funky hitboxes for the health pickup. They sometimes fall through mainly the left platform.

I picked orbiting flame as a passive, and I basically just spammed the fire key to get as many as possible, and then rolled through the enemy to just slam them with them with all the flames. It's pretty fun but it doesn't that that much skill to be honest. So maybe that's something to balance.

Just here is what is going on in my mind during a battle: press fire, dodge bullet, maybe peek the clip if I'm fancy, a lot of smol jumps. I literally never look at the passives to see what I'm gonna get, I just shoot shoot shoot. It's maybe not the bast way to play but it's the way I do it anyways.

About it flopping on steam, if that happens I think it’s ok. You could maybe check if armored games would like to show off a demo / help you release and market the game. Really hope it all goes well :D

TOOK ME THREE SESSIONS BUT I GOT THE DAMN BOSS OH YEA BABY FEELS SO FRICKIN UHEHEHEHEH. So some feedback on the boss, it's a bit frustrating to have it reset the level after you have built up a good stash of storms and snowballs, so you have to begin from zero on those. 

That honestly was amazing, the rush you feel when you manage to get it down is so incredible, wow. A thing I noticed was that I needed those breaks to be able to actually finish the games. So maybe encouraging breaks could be a thing? I don't really know to be honest. 

Um, if you are interested in making b-sides (looking at celeste here) with remixes of the songs, I'd be up for it :D. Same with playtesting / more feedback, just give me a headsup and I'll get on it :>. 

(Be aware, waterfall of words incoming)

omg I love love2d so much literally 8mb for the whole game plz unity is giving me nightmares.

First off, the game title is maybe a bit long. Shortening it down to just PUTRID SHOT would work (I did a lil google and noone else seems to use it). If there is a reason to have it so long then sure run with it :D

Actually starting the game now. Oof settings menu doesn't scale when you change to fullscreen. Music is such a bop! Maybe work a bit more with stereo, having just some elements hop in and be super stereo is a bit odd. (I think I've said it before) DDRKirby is really good at 9bit, so giving them a peek could be nice.

I love how the game evolved from pico8 to love, nicer aspect ration, better music and MORE PARTICLES! 

SO FRICKIN POLISHED. The transitions and everything just look so incredibly smooth. 

I think I talked about this on planet d4rk. Wait lemme just pull a new term straight out my ass. SO, let's call it information prioritization. Information which has more value to the player should be more prevalent to the player. I had a lot of problems with no really being able to see the enemy and what was going on, and Information Prioritization™ could solve that. Basically, make things more important stand out more, and things that are less important stand out less. This happens in art and animation as well (mostly 2d), more important elements get more details. This is so you don't overwhelm the viewer with information, but also so the information that matters gets seen. In the game, sooo many things are happening at once, and after stacking a few orbiting ice things the screen begins to get really cluttered. And with fireballs and such the effect is even stronger and therefore, the enemies get even harder to see. When you are playing and trying to keep track of 10 enemies at once, then having those vfx everywhere (even though they look really nice) makes it impossible to keep track of everything. This goes into something I think the celeste devs talked about (maybe on gmtk), the player should always feel like they are the ones responsible for messing up and taking damage, otherwise they feel powerless. So for example, when getting hit by a bullet that was covered in a huge blast just before it hit you feels a bit meh. This goes into the color scheme as well, stronger color for the things that need to be seen. This is how I think about it anyways.

Ok there is a thing with infinite stacking I will absolutely not exploit this at all (i exploited it and still died. Twice). 

First death now, aaand I'm back at the start. I love rougelikes.

It's really nice that the first thing you do is to choose your active ability, it spices things up from the getgo. If you want to make it just a bit more interesting, being able to choose an upgrade as well would give you loads more combinations in the start, giving each run even more individual flare. 

So I'm having a bit of problems with the flying enemies. It's hard to jump up to deal with them because they will slap you, since you can't really dodge well when you are shooting. Standing on the ground and then firing at them is also not that much fun, it's pretty slow and you only hit one or two shots before you have to reposition. Letting the run after and "track" the enemy could be more fun. Maybe something to experiment with?

There are a lot lot of buttons to press. I have about six braincells, and each keeps track of one or two buttons max. So using the active ability while rolling and hopping kind of overloads, and I usually just end up ignoring the jump or the active ability to keep myself alive. Maybe holding down the button to use the active ability could be a thing, or having just the jump / roll or combining them. Combining two things could be really cool, like jumping and firing to use active ability, or rolling and firing. It would add more complexity without having me fumble over my keyboard, and could lead to more interesting and complex ideas, since you'd be able to combine inputs. Having the gun being able to fire upwards is a good start, but I wonder what happens if you dig deeper.

I really like the box before you get an upgrade, it builds some anticipation.

After listening to the song a bunch of times I'm really impressed by how good the composition is! It switches itself up and keeps moving constantly, did you use anything as inspiration or did you just come up with it all from just bleeping things out in your daw?

Ono I think I'm at a boss. It is. And I'm dead. Maybe having some checkpoint would be nice, look into how you can make it work in a fun way that doesn't ruin the stakes though. Shovelknight can be something to look into. 

Question, how authored are the upgrades? Do you just pick a bunch at random or are they decided by some algorithm?

I've started getting close to the shooting birds and it's a bit frustrating that they shoot straight at you no matter how fast you go. Making them a bit slow to target you would be interesting, since then it would be really fun to hop around them, dodging their aim. 

Got to second phase of the bosssss. But I'm dead and I need a break so I'll take a break. Will probably attempt more later today / tomorrow.

be aware of overscore / adding too much stuff

A word of warning I guess, be aware of adding too much stuff. Especially be wary of adding new systems, use the ones you have but make them as interesting as possible. In music it's usually way better to make something which has fewer elements but they are all more interesting, than to add lots and lots but have them all be kinda meh. I think the same applies to game mechanics, try to add few, but make them really good. Just as an example, in 3hos I initially was going to add a selection menu for picking up new clothes. Which I tried. But it took a lot of time to get it sorta working (this was super early in dev) and it did feel a bit like you got ripped out of the game to select the clothing. So when I got further down the line with the combat system (the old picking system was gone) I tried to add the clothes in by having them be part of the game world. And (in my very humble and unbiased opinion) it works great! It's a lot more intuitive and it saved me a bunch of time. It also kept the codebase clean, which is a huge huge plus. 

That's "all" I got for now at least. I really like this so far, the boss is really interesting, them music a bop and the gameplay is pretty fwooshy and fast. Great work!

Thank you! The text overlapping is sort of an "engine jank" thing, because I just implemented it hastily and in a pretty dumb way. Happy you still enjoyed it! Thanks a ton for playing :D

Oh cool! I’d recommend you to read the unity documentation and watch tutorials, and just google a lot. If you want any help then just give me a heads up :>

Thanks! Developing for pico is actually really nice, because you can hide so much crummy sprites and halfassed code behind those pixels, so it's great for tiny projects / prototypes! Really happy to hear it felt good to play! 

PFF I missed the irony in it entirely, I'll be more cautious in the future. If you want more feedback, just give me a headsup anytime :>

Aww. For a first game this is really impressive! Are you usually "just" a visual artist? Also if you want feedback on something else then just give me a headsup, I'll probably be lurking around in the pigsquad so you can find me there :D

To start off with (first thing I saw), it's not a terribly great idea to have a gender selector or things similarly gendered. Keep in mind, I'm miles deep in the lgbtq community, so for most people it won't really matter. For those nonbinary, it's gonna be a bit of a pain, and for those who don't relate to gender at all it's gonna be very meh. So if it doesn't serve a super important purpose, keep gender out of games. 

This is a cute lil thing, it's unfinished but there is a framework for something fun in here. It's super basic, but it does have a bit of it's own flare. The monster after you feed it looks so frickin fuzzy and cute I love it. Great work!

Mm yes unity ui. 

Ok so this was pretty fun when you got the hang of it! I like that you get too choose in the end what you want to be. Controlling the character was one hell of a time though, having so bad control over the spinning was kind of nauseating. The movement felt interesting though, and having a game purely focused on this movement would be really interesting. Great work getting everything in in time!

I don't have a controller so I'm playing with just mouse and keyboard, and I can't get it to snap photos so I just flew around enjoying the wackiness for a bit. So mouse and keyboard support would be nice, and having controls written for both would be nice.

The art though, whoa! It's really surreal and it fits the setting perfectly. Great work!

This is a really interesting take on character creator, experimenting with hot demons is always a good time! Fulfilling the prompts is really hard though, and sometimes it felt like I didn't have all the potions in stock. 

I think the visuals miss just a bit of grit. It feels super smooth and polished, but just a bit too clean. Layering a texture on top of everything can add a bit of, um, texture. Same with noise, more imperfect brushes. Making a game look smooth, clean and good is very very difficult, but I think you've done really well for the jam.

Great work on the art, you made something and you got it done in time!

Some minor issues / things that could be nice if they were tweaked:
A "click to continue" prompt
Music distorts a lil

A fun thing to do would be to have all (maybe capped at 20 or something) on the screen at the same time when done, having the crawl around and just be cuties. It's a bit out of scope, but I'd really love to see everything at the same time, so it gives the feeling that I've contributed to a large project.

Great work, super cool you got something with multiplayer set up for the jam! 

This was a bit confusing to be honest. I did listen to the characters but the only thing I got to hear was boogeyman, which didn't help me a lot. So I just dressed up as a begaydocrime:er and scared people which was still a bit of fun. I like the dithering, it looks really cool, but I think more time could have been spent making the gameplay more interesting. Great visuals, and great character creator though!

Thank you!

Oh glad you like the upgrades! They were probably one of the less painful things to implement (enemy AI killed me) and it would actually be super easy to add a few more garments if anyone were up to mod the game.  Really nice to hear about the music as well, it was a last day of the jam thing so when I was making it I had mentally turned into a sponge. Fun fact, no patterns fade in or out, but I queue the next song and then I have a lil update function that checks for the current track to finish and then starts the next one. Not terribly impressive but I'm really happy with it nontheless.

About fitting so much content, I really just made a manager that reads through a list that contains all "scenes" and what is being said. It was a surprisingly efficient way of doing it, could have been optimized a bit for sure but it still worked pretty well. I checked now (just for boasting reasons) and there is a bit more than 2000 tokens left hehe!

And the shoutout, not even joking, cards of the bog was in my head for half the jamtime or something. So I stole a lot from there, maybe not directly but it's surely in there. 

Thanks a ton for playing and throwing a comment!

Oof I'm planning on playing all 52 (-1 for mine) entries, but I'll have to come back to those other endings later :D

So I got it running, just downloaded the whole thing, opened it up in notepad and saw it was a html document and just renamed the file. You can make it run straight in the browser from itch by creating a zip file containing the html document like this:

Zip file
| - index.html

Yes it has to be named exactly index.html (or Index.html I can't recall) otherwise itch yells at you.

WHOA I was not expecting that ending! That was so cool! I'd loved to know a bit more about the fate of the spirit and how it got it's ending. The choices in the end were super interesting. I don't know if you have written "correct" answers, but it was really fun nontheless to guess. Even though it had no impact on gameplay it was still super interesting, because you actually had to think about what the spirit had around the house. The images are also so damn adorbs I can barely handle it. The plant and dustbunnies were amazing. Fantastic work!!

THIS is adorbs I'm melting pleaseeee. Like the faces are just too funky not to make me happy. I'll keep tini on the desktop for a while, I want to see what happens. SHE SPOKE. THE LINGUINI HAS SPOKEN. Totally awesome

Nice lil thing, could be used for just coming up with new designs. I might actually use this for ttrpg games. Great work!

Made a lil thing! Everything looks so cute I love it

Hey this is super cool! It runs so incredibly smoothly and just looks and feels great! The prompts (I guess you can call the that) are pretty funny as well so it's a nice way to just sit and come up with dumb scenarios in your head.

Nice work!

First of all, optimise your project size. It does not need to be 500MB, then you have something really funky going on. So check what is taking up so much space when you build the game, and reduce it. Most people will not wait while half a gig downloads. (I figure this is all the music. You could easily cut down the number of tracks and compress it harder)

Nice amount of options, it's enough to be interesting but not too much to be overwhelming. The gameplay is quite fun though, I'd wished for more snappier weapons though. The roll is a bit short as well and it feels sluggish when you stop after it. I really like the way enemies spawn and weapons change, it makes it a lot more interesting and gives you more options to engage.

Great work! I'll come back and play this more when I've checked out the other jammies :D

Ok so I thought it was a bit clunky to have no snap at first, but it actually makes it super interesting because you can place things wherever you want them to be! Scarfs can be placed as a headband, the ribbons work everywhere and the cuts can be anywhere as well!

Have you thought about opensourcing the framework you use for this / making it moddable? Because that could be super fun, so people can make their own clothes and add them in! I run a TTRPG campaign online with a bunch of artistic people, so if I could let them go ham and create a bunch of clothes, and then dress up their characters it would be super fun! Maybe something to think about :D

A piece of feedback though, the order that things are drawn is a bit wonky sometimes, and I'd like to be able to change what is in front of what. For example, I had a bit of touble placing shoes because they were getting put below the pants. So being able to change what sprite is on top would be nice. 

Great work!

So I played it for a while and I kinda ended up trying to reach the seafloor as much as possible, as that would give me more points on the way up. That meant I aimed more for not hitting the fish on the way down, and then letting the hook get things on the way up. I'm not sure if this is the intended way to play, but I had a bit of fun with it. 

Yea, so a really good thing you can do is too look for those things in your prototype that is fun, and then enhance them and give them space. For me the fun thing was to try and reach the bottom, so I'd double down on that. When you think you have figured out what the fun way to play is, make it even more fun, and make it interesting! What you could do here is a lot of things really, but the main things that pop up into my head are:

  • Being able to control the hook a bit on its way up and down
  • Making it clearer that you get higher score for fish deeper down
  • Give a bonus for getting to the seafloor

Basically, you can reward the player when they play in a fun and interesting way to make them play more in that way.

It's nice to see that you tried to polish it up a bit as well, well done!

Great work!

Fun to see a scratch submission, I was not expecting that!

It's a good idea to put controls ingame, as people (like me) are stupid and doesn't read descriptions.

Ok so I sort of exploited how much you could get from the trampoline, because as soon as yo get a bit of speed you can just spin spin spin. 

Some feedback: keep in mind how players can exploit the game, because they will exploit the fun out of it if they can. Test the game early so you can tell if it's fun and what you can change to make it more fun. Do a lot of research on gamedesign and make a lot of quick dirty prototypes, maximum a days work on them. Then when you have a prototype you think is fun, let others play it and give feedback! Then you know that the game will be fun from the start. 

Awesome work, and congrats on submitting :D

so hi! I’m realizing that the time constraint is actually real now and I’m getting a bit lazily stressed. So could you please tell me your ways to get things done and stay calm?

I'll be waiting with no patience at all, literally be bouncing around at the walls. No but really it would be cool to see expanded on!