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It's good with new update! Total time 172.6 seconds.

Great graphics!


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Oh, there is a bug, only if you talk to them once per character they will do it right!

Thanks! Did you played is on mac computer? I believe our mac build has bad reputation of running in any kinds.

It runs good for me no issues, all levels went smooth.

I did play! My final score is 17000, last level was pretty long trying things (maybe it is just me wanted to sleep, huh). The design both visual and audio is elegant and simple, with nice animations and effects. I like lighting puzzle! Rotating cells is also gives a room for interesting combinations. The transparent walls was little confusing for me, the rules they work lay down for me only in latter levels. Actually this is really great puzzle, and one of the best entries in this jam! This was fun to play!

Oh. . . You're right, though. I was confused by the .exe extension, I was totally inattentive.

Oh! Can't run it on Windows. I do rename *.exe.x86_64 to *.exe, but it can't run... Screenshots looks like interesting abstract puzzle!

I like it! Maybe some of first levels will be less randomized for easier first win. There is plenty of levels so it will be nice to introduce difficulty curve.

Great leveling and modeling, nice neon style! It feels like in the machine actually. Going back is also interesting experience, like me going back in mental process, looking at thoughts I doing when I pass in. Great!

Wow! This is my jam's favorite. This was so interesting to play. Level design is superb. Time-bending game mechanic is crazy good!!!  Thanks for free burgers at the end!

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I like this game very much! Some levels is too hard for me, but I like idea and implementation! Bits and robots is nice match with jam's theme. Reminds me of Mindustry game but with clever twist.

Super result for a first game jam!

Level has a face!!!

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Thanks for playing! There is some bugs, especially if you talk to components more then once. Also there is low power PC graphics option by pressing L key.

Thanks! @downhill2k01 did the music and SFX for this project, I don't know details, but he used FL Studio DAW to produce music.


Thanks! Sometimes they do what they want! There is also graphics quality toggle by pressing L button.

Solid style, deep atmosphere, nice music, and sweet dither shader! Gameplay is super experimental and interesting. But I can't make myself make all the connections, it feels little monotonous for me. I think, some additional landmarks, or big lamps can make experience more rewarding.

Very clever idea with growing plants! Nice music choice, and pleasant graphics. But it is very hard to beat level with two plants, one of them crossing whole level and dies fast... What's the secret?

I like the idea, music and graphics, but it really hard to get what game trying me to do. The "Perfect" labels do some feedback, but I didn't feel how I can do better result. If it is a rythm game, the beat can be a starting point, also little visual things like notes in guitar hero can do the job.

BUT, for first game jam it is impressive stuff you guys made, I wish you got fun from the process and result!

Nice graphics and music. I love clock at the background! The gamemechanic reminds me of game Gish. I feels like it lacks of just jumping around levels where player can play with inertia of a rolling gear. Some sounds feels little overdrive for me, but they add nice feedback.

Thanks for detailed answer! Also I find a page in Godot docs about it It's really great that Godot supports such things out of the box!


Lovely design and simple but good idea for collaborative game!

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Interesting networking setup, did it worked well? As I understand main traffic was between clients, and little server was only to coordinate connections between. Will users have global IP to connect each other?

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Guys, did you try enabling multithreaded html5 export? By default, it one thread, it may be that audio cant refill buffer when game does large delay spikes (loading a big chunk of something). 

I didn't tried this yet, my games usually one scenes. But I'm interested in resolving this issue.

Be notified: multithreaded html5 build can work on smaller set of modern browsers, please check docs.

I'm usually bad at car configs, but it's definetly cool feature for rally game.

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Almost 55

Ohhh, nooooo! hahaha

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I tell you - I like racing games!

This game looks interesting. First time I see cards made of that shape, haha. Using photos as a game graphics looks interesting and little strange, if applied to whole game it can be used as an art style. How do you plan the players will interact with others?

I like it! Every key can be a player, and this is a lot actually! It takes some time to understand controls, that is - they can rotate or not.

Flying done easy!

Beautiful game! I like the little story behind it. Interesting water shader.