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Cool game! It starts out simple but then ramps up as fuel becomes more of an issue -- and then you're rewarded for riding the currents. Thanks for sharing it!

Ha ha aww that's great to hear. I wanted the game to make people smile, and I wanted the silliness to help offset the confusion some of the puzzles cause. Glad you're enjoying your time with it 😀

Wow, very charming and fun! I can't believe you made this in such a short period of time. The sounds music and visual style all match very well and the gameplay is cool too!

Wow! These are really cool suggestions, so I'll respond to them individually

> Richard Scarry's busy little town illustrations and Where's Wally books

This is a cool idea, but I want to avoid it because I want to have a lot more frogs and sharks. Currently it takes me about 5 minutes to draw a new frog, so I could probably add like 50 frogs in a day if I really went at it. ...This suggestion makes it harder to add new frogs because at a mininum, I'd have to have new graphics for each frog without the 'card' outline, and logic for where each frog belongs. But to actually make it look good -- I'd probably want to have logic to make sure you don't drop a scuba diving frog in the sand, or a weighlifting frog in the middle of the sky. So I'd have to choose between having 100-200 simple frogs like I have now, or 20-30 cool Richard Scarry frogs.

> It'd make sense to have a place (a separate scene maybe?) for sharks too

I love this idea. I have ideas for a frog artist who draws you pretty frog pictures as you find more frogs. Maybe there can be a shark artist too!

> I'm a big fan of inviting players to reflect rather than compete

I greatly respect your ideas on this. It's discouraging to repeatedly look at a high score you set months ago, or to be faced with the implication that every playthrough is pointless if you didn't set a record. A "recent N playthroughs" idea is intriguing but seems like overkill when there are 20-30 different levels to chart, so I'd lean towards something simpler

> additional UI responsiveness - hover sounds, maybe visual pops

These are all good ideas! I was originally going to have the cards flip over like playing cards, although now I like the snappiness and surprise of just having them "Pop". I still think a little squash stretch or scaling would be a good addition. I don't want to overdo it because I think the understated subtlety of the UI adds to its charm -- but just a little!

> I'd love to see the "progress summary" screens be interactive... I'd also love to see a "return to menu" option

I think both of these could go together. Maybe a "bye bye" button in the bottom left to return to the main menu, and a "fast forward" button in the bottom right. The fast forward button could skip to the next level -- or if you found a shark, the fast forward button could spawn more sharks and make them run faster.

> if the sharks had a small chance to trip

Ha ha, this is a very cute idea. ...I don't think it would be hard to add. ...Actually, when I was first making the game, I considered letting the player keep their finger if they avoid sharks for long enough. But, it feels like it might turn what's currently a cute easter egg into a tedious mandatory experience.

Thanks for all your suggestions! I'm going to turn most of these into change requests and enter them into my backlog for the final game. They're very good!!

Oh wow that's just the cutest thing! Hopefully he finds a frog again so the music can change back. It startles me too sometimes!

Aww, thank you! I'm glad you liked it 😀

Thanks, I think that's the hardest one!

It's hard to design puzzles which aren't too simple to figure out, and which aren't too trivial once you know how they work. ...I think maybe I pushed it too far with that one! But I appreciate your patience.

Ha ha that's so great! I always sort of wondered if a young child could figure the game out. I would imagine they'd get frustrated or scared!

Congratulations on finding the frog 🐸🐸

Thanks for the suggestions! There are a few advanced techniques I haven't put in a tutorial yet which cover some of the things you asked for. You can instantly squeeze a piece into place by tapping "down", and you can actually instantly squeeze a piece and lock it by holding "down" and "space" at the same time. You can also drop, rotate or move pieces immediately after they appear by holding the appropriate keys. ...There is a fast way of doing everything! But, at the start it is hard enough just to remember the slow way.

If you want a taste of the faster/snappier modes, they're available in Practice Mode if you pick the harder difficulties. The various expert difficulties snap pieces into place way faster, and Marathon/Master approaches Tetris Grand Master speeds if you can survive long enough. I'll eventually work these into the main mode. ...Maybe by the end of November if I'm lucky. I have some big plans!

Wow, it sounds like you really explored the game fully! I didn't expect anybody to find or notice all that stuff I snuck in.

I have something like a "Sticker Book" in mind for the full game! I think two big things missing to make this a full game are 1) a longer series of trials to advance through, and 2) a sense of progress where you can show off how much you've played, your best times, your best scores, which frogs you found, and things like that.

I have some ideas for how to fix each of those! And based on your sticker book idea it sounds like maybe you have some ideas too. But mostly, I'm thinking about a series of many, many worlds which each introduce 2-3 new puzzles at a time, and which intermix those puzzles with ones the player's already seen (like a 50/50 mix of old and new stuff.) And, some little things like the sticker book idea where the player can relax and look at all the cool stuff they did.

If you have any other ideas I'd love to hear them! Thanks so much for playing frog finder. And good job on finding so many frogs 🐸

Oh wow, thank you so much!

I think it's really cool when the player's cursor becomes a game piece. It's something you can throw in almost any game and it makes players go, "Wait... What is happening!!"

I'm glad you enjoyed the game, and that you didn't find it too difficult

Thanks for the feedback -- I agree it's really unfun when you're stuck on one type of puzzle, to not have an opportunity to practice it again until solving 5-6 puzzles you already understand.

I'm brainstorming some ways to address this as I stretch this into a bigger game, like having different sections which focus on specific puzzles. I think playing the same exact puzzle over and over is slightly too repetitive, but maybe something having it be about 40% would be OK.

Up to hard drop has been a staple of mainline Tetris games since the 2001, including the latest editions such as Tetris Effect.

If players have not played a Tetris game before, they will adjust. Additionally, up to hard drop is practically required for some very advanced moves which will eventually be explained in a tutorial.

Thanks for the feedback! ...I have an idea for how to make this puzzle easier to understand without changing the rules. I'm going to give it a try later.

Wow, thanks, that means the world to me! It was my first game jam ever but I'm looking forward to the next one. I had so much fun!

Skyroads has some clever innovations, and almost plays more like a puzzle game at times. There are squares which prevent you from jumping, or force you to jump, or prevent you from turning. Some squares refuel your car and are mandatory for finishing the level. Sometimes they are hidden or hard to get to. As a result, learning to reach the goal is often more about memory and planning rather than reflexes.

It's interesting to me how almost any game can become a puzzle game if you design the levels a certain way.

I'm sorry! The frogs are being very shy today. ...I'll try to make some changes over the next few weeks to see if I can tempt them from their hiding places.

Thanks for your patience

Thank you, that's VERY good advice and I've actually added an extra second or two so that you have more of a chance to recognize the pattern!

There are two levels which give players a lot of trouble. I've tweaked one to give more information (there should be 2 or more arrows pointing to a frog when you fail) and I have ideas for tweaking the other.

Thanks so much for your valuable feedback! For every person like you who voices a complaint, I know there are dozens of others suffering in silence. So I would like to thank you on their behalf as well 🐸🐸🐸

Oh that's great to hear, thank you!

I took inspiration for designing a textless game from a video I watched about Octopath Traveller. In hindsight, Fez is another great game which has almost no dialog.

The art and music was all put together myself over a few days, and I went with a very simple style partially due to time constraints and partially to my own limitations. I'm glad it came together and that you like how the game looks and sounds 🐸🐸🐸

Are you thinking of Skyroads? That's what it reminds me of too!

Thanks, that's what I was going for! Some of the rules are very hard to figure out, but I think it's a fun idea.

If you are ever doing anything like `load("res://EnemyScene.tscn")` where you are loading a sound effect, scene, or script at runtime -- that might cause it. I'd try to cut down on runtime loading of stuff, and `preload` where possible, or spawn nodes when your game starts and then switch them visible/invisible.

Unfortunately I'm not 100% sure what causes these issues -- for me, it just seems to occur during scene transitions or when a lot of things are loaded. I'm sorry.

Wow, thank you!! That's exactly the vibe I was going for, the "slightly misguided edutainment" vibe where the game teaches you misspelled words and is maybe sometimes a little frightening for children. I'm so glad you liked it!

Thank you, at first the levels are a mix between completely trivial and completely impossible. I'm glad you weren't too frustrated and could still finish the game. Congratulations on finding the frog!!

Yes -- the best way to fix this is to never load any scenes. Make your entire Godot game a single scene, and load all of your assets/scenes up front. This is the approach I took for my submission "Frog Finder", to work within the limitations of Godot and HTML5.

An alternative approach to fixing this is to fade out/fade in your audio during scene transitions or when you need to load new resources. This is better for bigger games where you need to load large levels or where it's infeasible to have the entire game in a single scene.

It is frustrating :(

Whoa cool style! I still have the #2 score on Anteater on an arcade high score site. Ha ha! I love that game! You did a great job recreating it.

Wow, it's really fun! I can't believe you learned this much about Godot in only a weekend!?! What do you think about Godot!

ha ha wow this is my favorite one yet!!! so cute!!!

It is a gimmick level. If you access the level through the cell phone, the description warns you "Skins doesn't rotate as many of the upcoming pieces. ...This is progress?"

All of Skins's levels involve horrible rotation rules, it is sort of their thing!

I fixed this bug in the newest release! Thanks for reporting it.

Thanks! It used to save but I probably broke it last week. I'll see if I can fix it.