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Very nice job.  Will there be an Android port?  Preferably compiled for as low as API 16 (4.1) Jellybean aka OUYA ;)

This was one of the very first games I ever tried on OUYA. ♥

I have a few but they're in storage right now.  Although I have a call out to my OUYA Saviors community testers to see if someone can test it.  Will keep you posted.

Charming infinite runner.  I only got 3500 points.  I like the randomly generated map.


We were just talking about a 2.0 so keep your fingers crossed 🤞

Will be interested to see if it works for OUYA.

I wonder if it'll run on OUYA?

Another marvelous creation by Sophie.  Sheer brilliance.  Can't wait to see it develop more.

It's a beautiful creation.  My brother got a Score of 53.  I love the stars floating in space.  The game looks and feels great.  It'll be nice to see it develop more.

They're awesome!

My younger brother got 18032

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Made it past the first boss and about 1/2 way through the next section HISCORE=18830

Pretty challenging.

Tried the PC version.  I like it and no headaches ;)

Haha, I will

Looks sweet.  I like the screen shake.  Can't wait to play it.

Super cool!  Original idea.  Executed nicely.  Will look forward to updates and progress.


It's Nyan Cat's cousin.

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Wholesome.  My nieces love Kitty.  But honestly, so do I ;)

Looks interesting.

Enjoyed the OUYA version.

One of my favorite OUYA titles.

I found the gameplay a bit confusing on my first play.  Just wandered around and wasn't sure what the objective was or if I was doing anything useful or just walking around.  Will give it a second go.

Another intriguing entry by zondarg.  I wanted so much more.  Will be nice to see if this one develops further.

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Haven't tested yet.  I guess it needs P2.  It is 2 player only right?  

Got to test it with 2 players and it's really fun.   Reminds me of Atari 2600 games.

Fun game.  Looks good.  Not a fan of the "jump" sound but no worries.  Will enjoy trying to get as far as possible with this one.

It was fun.  Looked good, sounds good.  Difficult enough to create a fair replay value.  The only thing I would have liked to see was the ability to jump like Sonic does into the center of the bombs.  Nice one though.

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Having trouble downloading the apk.
I got it.  I had to try a different browser.  Download ok.

Cool coloring!

Dual stick action?  Oooo!

Hmm.  Interesting.

See you in December, for The OUYA Winter Game Jam 2021!

Looks intriguing.

Looks very interesting

Interested to try this out.