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Cute, I like how the eyes follow you too

Great work, lovely choice in music too, suitably stressful for a house full of flies.

Great work, I like the overall design and the menus too, very cool.

This is the least “fun” “game” I’ve played, well done :D

Wave Race 48 (hours)

Nice work!

This is cool, reminds me a little of something like Aim Hero for practicing FPS aim. Nice little ‘retro’ easter egg too!

Fun little game, and the music is a bop!

Are these levels procedurally generated?

My feedback:

  • I would agree with @bokoyoss that the checkpoints are not really telegraphed as to whether they’re good or bad visually speaking.
  • I had some initial trouble working out the diagonal crossings between blocks as they look too thin to walk across, so I was trying to jump between before I realised.

You reminded me the Vectrex was a thing :)

Nice work!