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Terry Cavanagh

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I think it's pretty well taken care of! What do you think of the French translation?

Hey! Thanks, but I have someone working on this now!

Yes! Very soon, I hope - it's being worked on :)


1) Standalone build is coming in a future build! It's almost ready :)

2) Fullscreen should work, that's weird. Sorry about that! Hopefully it won't be too long before the standalone version is ready...

edit) Sorry, aware of this issue! Apparently the upcoming app update fixes the problem!

edit2) Yay!

Gosh, thanks!

i used haxe - the source code is here:

Yep, absolutely!

This is cool :)

I'll make a note for the next update! (that could be a while away, though)

(You can preview a note by clicking on the notes on the left hand side, by the way!)