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The linux version depends on adobe air, which is the bulk of filesize on mac and windows. See this page for more details!

You know, this actually *almost* works great on mobile browsers! If you're doing an update, maybe you should make it so it reloads if you left click on the ammo icons in the top right corner?

Ah! Interesting, I don't have a check for this for the achievement. Should be an easy thing to add for v1.9, thanks!

Ah, interesting! I'm on a standard installation of Ubuntu 20.04 LTS, if that's helpful.

(Btw, don't stress about it if a fix for this isn't planned! I have other ways to play the game!)

Heya, hope this is the right place for bug reports!

I'm not getting any audio when I play this on Ubuntu. Is this a known thing? Is there a workaround?

Hey, thanks for this! I think I know what's causing this, and should be able to fix it for v1.9! Appreciate the crash log too :)

Hey! That's odd, what happens if you try to change language in the options menu? Does Irish not appear? Could you send me a screenshot of the language selection screen?

Hey - are you on Linux? Try a clean reinstall, this seems to be an asset corruption issue.

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Ahhh, it's this one. Unfortunately then I know for a fact we can't fix this - we're on a particular fork of openfl and we can't change it without breaking the game for a lot of other people. Sorry :(

(thank you very much for checking the english version crashed too, it's a relief to be able to rule that out!)

Thank you! Please let me know if it helps!

I've been thinking about this a bit, and wondering if there's maybe some kind of string encoding issue going on (I noticed you were playing in German)? Could you try playing the opening cutscene in english and seeing if that causes a crash too? Would help me narrow this down!

(There was a bug in early versions of the game that caused crashes on Linux for some people if the game tried to display any non-english characters - I was getting a few crash reports from spanish players during the same cutscene. It's been fixed for a while though, so it's probably something else - but it would set my mind at ease to know that your copy is also crashing in English!)

Hey! I'm very sorry, I have no idea with this one. I suspect a graphics card driver issue (that's usually the case if you get a silent crash during a cutscene), but it's really hard to know with Ubuntu! I'm probably not going to be able to figure this one out, so I recommend getting a refund:

It's here!

Oh! The status effects sheet mostly just holds data about descriptions and icons and stuff. The actual effects are implemented in the game. However, modders have been able to equipment scripts to control custom status effect implementations!

I recommend joining the discord - that's where most discussion of this sort of thing is happening right now :)

Sorry, that's a joke - The joke is that the mod replicates the typo from the earlier version of the game. The "You Defeated" thing is referencing a mistranslation in early versions of Dark Souls.

Haha, no worries, glad you got it!

Oh, that's very weird :( You should try contacting support, they should be able to figure out what's wrong. Sorry you've had problems with the site!

Thank you :)

Hey! Please follow the instructions on this page:

Hey! Please follow the instructions on this page:

Hey! Please follow the instructions on this page:

Hey! Please follow the instructions on this page:

Hey! Please follow the instructions on this page:

Hey! Please follow the instructions on this page:

Hey! The only launch bug I've had on Mac OS is for people running very old versions, and there's not much I can do about that. What version of OSX are you on?

No worries, am aware of this one, should have it fixed for launch!

Heya! Thanks, will have this one fixed for launch!

Nope, sorry!

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Ah, yep, that description was unclear. Have changed it to "Heal +2. If above max hp, convert excess to shield" for launch! (have changed the behaviour too!)

Nope, the alpha is over! But if you wanna get an email when the game comes out, you can sign up to the mailing list!

Ok, no worries! I hope itch are able to sort it out for you!

Wait, you didn't buy the game on itch? Where did you buy the game??? If someone else sold you a copy, they're scamming you - it's only available for sale here right now.

Hey! (I responded to your post on the steam forums!)

Current plan is to release v0.17 either next friday or the friday after that, and for v1.0 to come out later this summer! The game is very actively in development, but I'm mostly talking about it on twitter and discord!

Here's a recent blog post about what I've been up to lately:

Or, on twitter, some pictures of a new mode in v0.17!

Got it, thank you! Should have this fixed for v0.17!


This sounds like the distorted text bug described here:

Nope, that sounds like a bug! We found a saved progress bug related to switching languages that we're looking into now, hope to have it fixed for v0.17!

Hey! I think this is due to a new bug in v0.16, where Dicey Dungeons fails to load assets from unicode file paths. Could you try running the game from an ASCII file path like C:\Dicey\ and see if it works there? In anycase, should have this fixed for v0.17!

There's fairly active discussion about modding stuff on the discord!

Not a bug, just not implemented yet, sorry!