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What are you talking about? I literally haven't used Twitter in months



New version is already uploaded on Humble! If you don't have access to the latest version there, contact them for support!

Should be available on your download page; if not, get in touch with itch support

ok, done!

This is really great, especially when it picks up the pace around the second stage. Keep up the good work!


yeah, agreed - planning to add those to a post jam version!

ohhh I didn't realise, ah!

Nice little vignette!

This is really fun! Nice work!

This is cool, had some really nice moments like jumping over the geometry to get the key, and shooting the doors to make progress. Great entry for the jam!

Gorgeous and super polished game. Really nice jam entry!

Nice! This is a really well made platformer, especially for a jam game!

Really impressive entry! I haven't thought about Zuma in a long time, it's a great thing to draw inspiration from!

This is nice! Managed to stop the sequence after a couple of reboots! (is there a fishing rod secret?)

I *really* like this one. Charming as all hell. Thanks for entering the jam!

thanks for this! Gonna look into doing this properly for v1.1!

Oh yeah, I changed the collider at the last minute to fix a different bug, and didn't check that! Something to fix for an update, haha

(11078 is a great score)

Yep! Yeah it's supposed to be constant, it's better that way I think.

people keep mentioning this game, I should probably play it

Oh yeah, apparently the exported mac binaries need to be signed on a mac to work, which I didn't do. Gonna look into that for v1.1! In the meantime the old xattr -d "Triangle" trick works!

haha, great - you're missing the .pck file though!

This is clearly not made in Godot - why did you submit this to the Godot game jam?

Nice! Welcome, and good luck!

Yeah, it sounds like was having some tech issues earlier. Hopefully resolved now!

Welcome, good luck!

Ok! It's set up for us now. You can join the official godot discord here:

They've created a channel #stop-waiting-for-godot for us, with threads enabled! Will announce it properly before the jam, but feel free to join now!

The more I think about it, "Keep It Simple" is actually a great theme for this jam. So that's officially going to be it!

I've thought about this, and I'm going to ask the official godot discord if they'll set up a channel for us temporarily! Will have details before the jam starts!

This is cool!

Eh, I don't think we need a theme. If people really want one, the theme can be "keep it simple" :D

Yeah, this right here is *exactly* the motivation with themes - to keep things fair. Not really an issue for this jam, I think!

I could set up something temporary for the jam, which might be nice - small and focused. But maybe it's better to direct people to one of the existing Godot servers? The official one is huge, 30k members or something. I dunno!

This is definitely something I'm interested in figuring out with Godot as well, but probably not this weekend, haha. Thanks for the doc link!

(1 edit)

I didn't really want to clutter the page with any more info, but basically, this is a permissive jam where whatever you want to do is probably ok.

I'm not sure I'd recommend forming teams, since that's likely to complicate the process of learning the tool - that's maybe a better idea in more compo like jams like Ludum Dare. But if you want to, that's fine.

You can do some reading and poking beforehand, sure. There will be a pretty wide range of experience levels coming to the jam, so I wouldn't worry too much about it. Nobody's going to disqualify you.

I've set the time to range all the way from Friday to Monday as well, so people can kind of "pick" their weekend. Yeah. It's very loose!

The linux version depends on adobe air, which is the bulk of filesize on mac and windows. See this page for more details!