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A jam submission

Warrior IslandView game page

Local 2-player arena style game for the Search For a Star 2018 game jam.
Submitted by JackHolmes — 10 days, 10 hours before the deadline

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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Gameplay; core mechanics, objectives, balancing, progression#33.4644.000
Features; gameplay enhancements, integrated systems#33.1753.667
UI & UX; visual design, clarity & ease of use, guidance, accessibility support#32.8873.333
Creativity; innovation & originality across design, concept & execution#33.1753.667

Ranked from 3 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

Judge feedback

Judge feedback is anonymous and shown in a random order.

  • Feedback

    I like this concept idea and when playing the game I found it very challenging, there were a lot of environmental assets to deal with as well as other challenges that presented itself to the player, it had a minecraft feel but I believe it fitted the games style.  Your main menu system is also put together well giving the player options to change the settings in-game.  The use of sounds and music was done well which helped give the game a bit more atmosphere.

    I did feel controlling the players was a little hard, their speed can be a bit unpredictable especially when I dash from one point to another, there was also a minor issue I found when I ‘almost’ fall off the edge, I found my player could ‘cling’ to the edge but not fall into the water, this meant I was limited to walking only on the edges of the maps blocks.  An option to jump might have solved that issue but I do not believe I can do that in this game.

    Also I was not able to find any documentation relating to your game development, the game itself looks great but with no documentation showing how you built the game this can be restricting and it is important to prove the work you did was your own and not all standard unity assets.


    The function of the game works well with many different game elements in play and I found it quite fun.  There is certainly room for improvement but then again there always will be in game development.  As a YouTuber and game developer myself we consider it a pleasure to try your games and I am pleased to have had the opportunity to try your game.

    Thank you.
    YouTuber – FellowPlayer: 

  • No Documentation


    • Can just about make out the starting project in this one.
    • Good title screen, objective is made pretty clear. Play!
    • Split screen - interesting choice. Allows level to be much bigger. Stock camera controls tho.
    • Lots of moving elements. Animated characters, consistent blocky style.
    • Danger zones highlighted with shader effect. Not sure if its a bit over the top but make it very clear where danger is.
    • Found the flag zone. 
    • Capturing upgrades weapons. 
    • Not much reason to explore the level, all attention focused in the middle.
    • Nice victory screen, with UI and animated camera.


    • Overall a good submission
    • Lots of additional gameplay elements, improvements and content.
    • Subtle tweak to game objective makes it stand out.
    • Not sure how you would scale this
  • Loved this game. The gameplay is original, the graphics are good (for this stage at least), there is a lot of variety in the game - traps, environments -. Some points to consider for this stage:

    - Add a good tutorial/onboarding phase

    - Add gamifications elements

    - Add a player versus cpu mode

    - Add a story perhaps (nice to have)

    Good luck!

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