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Submitted by aperrygardner — 8 hours, 23 minutes before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Gameplay; core mechanics, objectives, balancing, progression#62.7502.750
UI & UX; visual design, clarity & ease of use, guidance, accessibility support#82.5002.500
Features; gameplay enhancements, integrated systems#162.2502.250
Creativity; innovation & originality across design, concept & execution#232.0002.000

Ranked from 4 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

Judge feedback

Judge feedback is anonymous and shown in a random order.

  • Not a bad idea, but the execution should have been better. The UI is not very clear, onboarding is not there (tutorial), the two screens mode is nice but it is rather confusing as it is difficult to trace where you screen ends and when player 2 screen begins.

    It's a good idea with a lot of potential, make sure you add gamification elements, good onboarding, good UI, and look at the overall UX. You want to engage players to play more, so make sure you have a solid experience and a really solid core game loop to show off your product.

  • Feedback

    I played your game and the concept is very interesting, I found trying to navigate the map fun and challenging while trying to pick up the blocks without falling into the water.  The UI is a simple setup but once I began the game I found sometimes when collecting blocks no points would be added to my counter.  The objective of the game is to reach 200 but once  I did this nothing happened and the game continues, if there is a game over screen I did not see it.

    There also appears to be no music or sounds, this should be added to help break the silence and be more entertaining to play, as no documentation was attached I could not see how you built the game which is a shame as I was curious to see how you built it but apart from this the two player method appears to work well and there seems to be no worries about knocking each other over.


    There is certainly room for improvement but then again there always will be in game development.  As a YouTuber and game developer myself we consider it a pleasure to try your games and I am pleased to have had the opportunity to try your game.

    Thank you.
    YouTuber – FellowPlayer:

  • A very simple concept, well implemented and fairly robust.

  • No Documentation.


    • Pretty stock menu
    • Has controls, no gamepad :-(
    • First to 200, lets go.
    • Split screen Camera, Camera is fixed so depth perception issues.
    • Floor seems to have had some custom work done. Weird that player doesn't move with the floor.
    • Collecting cubes for point. Taking quite a long time to get enough points.
    • Pickup vfx.
    • Both players hit 200 and the game didn't end.
    • Noticed the health bar so tried killing each other,
    • Ran out of health and game didn't end. :"(
    • Had to quit out.


    • Nice idea to make a pickup based game with the moving level creating a skill element. This enhances the jumping mechanic, giving it a purpose. Split screen allowed the level to be much bigger but fixed camera was still stock and feels pretty basic.
    • Noticed that the lighting was disabled. Often in games with a jumping mechanic the landing area is indicated with a fake shadow type blob. That is a pretty simple change that would help people to get a bit of perspective and make traversal a bit more forgiving.
    • Even though effort has been put into developing the level, there is no real development to the art style or production quality. (aside from pickup particle fx) In these kinds of jams replacing stock assets immediately helps you stand out. There are plenty of assets available online so just pick some that fit the theme and try and develop a bit of a style. Adding audio is also a big win.
    • The main game functioned well, no noticeable bugs BUT the overall game loop was not complete. A complete game loop framework is a good thing to have for jams.
    • Enjoyed playing it BUT would like to see a complete game loop and more depth to try and make the most of the mechanics. How can you make the most of pickups, jumping and moving level pieces? Also start thinking about the player experience a bit more. Things like improving the camera, arting up the UI and little things like adding the shadow blob under the character would make a big difference.

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