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Wrestling with flying saucers.
Submitted by Julxzs — 7 days, 1 hour before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
UI & UX; visual design, clarity & ease of use, guidance, accessibility support#122.3092.667
Creativity; innovation & originality across design, concept & execution#152.3092.667
Gameplay; core mechanics, objectives, balancing, progression#162.3092.667
Features; gameplay enhancements, integrated systems#182.0212.333

Ranked from 3 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

Judge feedback

Judge feedback is anonymous and shown in a random order.

  • No Documentation


    • Cool concept of presenting the tutorial in the main menu. Very effective, went into the game knowing the controls. Nice UX points.
    • Replaced the stock capsule
    • Non stock camera
    • Custom level with ramps and moving platforms.
    • Hard to control
    • Stock UI and water background.
    • Simple audio elements.


    • Doesn't deviate far from the starting project in terms of the game idea and core game loop.
    • Focus on interesting character setup and level elements.
    • Quite fun controlling the Saucer. Probably needs some polish in the physics to get it feeling just right. To easy to fall off. 
    • Recommend try experimenting with changing the game objective around a bit. 
      • Add some barriers to stop player falling off, important because control is harder and more manic now
      • Make most of new level elements, moving platforms and ramps.
      • Make the objective more about trying to reach something
      • OR capture/defend an area of the map
      • OR push opponent into something, like the button from robot wars
    • What about adding a tractor beam? Fits the theme, could be fun.
  • Feedback

    The concept for this game is very appealing, the objective to knock your opponent off the map with your own ship is good and easy to manage.  Upon playing the game I noticed there was no main menu system used, while there are instructions to play the game in a small tutorial zone before playing the game there was nothing in terms of a UI system.  Even a basic Main Menu should be used just to give a better gameplay experience.

    The use of game mechanics which allow the saucers to drift work well in some areas however when hitting the enemy the saucers seem to slow down by themselves before impact which sometimes causes a little confusion.  Once leaving close proximity of the enemy the speed of the saucers suddenly goes back up again, this caused uncontrollable acceleration of the players.

    There does not seem to be any ambient sounds used in the game, this is always recommended to help break the silence of games and helps to encourage longer gameplay, you do have some sound effects of impacting the enemy which appears to fit the game well.  But the method of drift from the players was developed very well, my saucers do not come to a dead stop when I choose not to move which is a function demonstrating good use of Unity mechanics and/or code.  Having the thrust effect from behind the saucers showing how fast the player moves is also a good add-on showing just how fast I am going and lets me estimate where my future position will be.

    Unfortunately I was not able to find any documentation relating to your games development, if you have one this should be attached with your submission.  It is always good practice to have at least a basic game development documentation to help explain how you built the game and what problems you encountered and resolved.


    Overall the game works well, the simple construction and choice of environment work well and performs effectively.  There is certainly room for improvement but then again there always will be in game development.  As a YouTuber and game developer myself we consider it a pleasure to try your games and I am pleased to have had the opportunity to try your game.

    Thank you.
    YouTuber – FellowPlayer:

  • Graphically it is very nice, but the blur is a nice touch. The main menu should be a bit clearer, this is the hub for a player and has a massive impact on how they see the game. It is interesting to see how this is an "in the game" menu, however a classic menu would be better for this game as controlling the ship is difficult and you don't want users to abandon the game already while in the main menu. There is no tutorial, and this should be a must - yes, controls are simple but you need to guide the user on the journey instead of placing everything in the first screen (currently a main menu with tutorial).  There is still work to do, and more features might need to be added in order to increase engagement and returning users. For example, gamification of some sort, leaderboards. Furthermore, would you also give the option to users to play with say two controllers instead of being on the same keyboard?

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