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Local multiplayer where the winner builds their own map buy eating through it as a giant worm!
Submitted by Ben Crooks (@AnotherOtherBen) — 2 minutes, 27 seconds before the deadline
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Names and Email Addresses of Team Members
Benjamin Crooks
Morgan Kunhardt

LOCAL MULIPLAYER GAME (required more than one input and players)

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Categories Your Team is Eligible For: Overall Winner, Best Art, Best Audio, Technical Excellence, Best Physics, Professional, 72 Hour Jam

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:( :( :( just didnt have anyone to play with. I absolutely loved the art and how you move around

Tried running the Mac build, but it didn't seem to wanna run on my machine.

From what I can see, art looks awesome, and the concept sounds super fun. Sounds like something that would be a hit in a Super Friendship Arcade!


Oh no 😭
Unfortunately I couldn't test the mac build... I guess I will take it down for now.


I will send you a mac build when i know it works (been fixing some jam bugs up for a post jam build so will add it to the bug list)


Maybe worth hearing from another Mac user if works for them. Might be some kind of issue on this end, rather than the build being broken.

Cool to hear you'd be keen to have it at SFA! We're doing a mini arcade in early December and would be great to include this in the lineup!


Unfortunately didn't have the extra hardware on hand to be able to really test this game out. However I really liked the concept. The art style was chunky, in the best way and the character controller was well executed. 


THIS WAS FRICKING COOL! 3 of us played it together and had lots of fun falling forever and chasing one another through the mazes we made.

The winner designing the next level is an awesome twist. I feel like there is a lot of room to play with how the level is generated in that context… eg collapsing smaller islands to open up spaces?

The aesthetic is awesome and when the worm turns to blood and the leaves come in its a really rewarding moment.

I found the movement to be a little too fast for my comfort. Wall sliding didn’t really slow me down much and I struggled to aim and hit where I wanted to. Maybe direct line of sight shooting would be better? Not sure.

Did you guys consider having death in the worm phase? eg. Snake mini game? May be interesting.

One of my favorite games so far.


Thank you! 
Yeah I love love to play with more block types for the level creation too <3

Yeah alot of the game was poorly timed, Like when you win, I want it to zoom in and spend more time looking at the winner before they transform. And the combat was too quick and the level design too slow :)
Things you find out in a jam though :')

Yeah I was thinking about doing a snake-esque mechanic. But I imagined the levels would be too broken if you killed yourself in 2 seconds lol.
So I made it more simple for the jam sake. 

Great feedback and alot of thinks for me to think about in future! Thank you!!


This game was such fun and a delight to play. The music was super creepy / had stranger things vibes, and the combat was really fun, especially with the ability to carve your own levels. 10 out of 10 would play obsessively again.


LOL glad it had the obsessive feel 😅
glad you guys enjoyed it <3
Glad you liked Morgans tracks :P


The movement is nice and fast, but like the other people I couldn't do much but play with myself.

0/2 Bros on the theme.


Yes we didn't listen to the theme much at all 😅


I hooked up my controller and started testing the game, the combat was interesting and snappy, and I especially enjoyed the continues loop in the world space, it reminds me of Portal, a good classic.

Well done with your platformer, really liked it.


I didn't really have anyone to play this with (uhm, that sounds kinda sad :P) but I booted up your game up anyway... The movement is super slick, well done! Going to try and give it another bash when I've located a friend and another input device.


A good, robust system for platform movement, and I especially enjoy the looping world space! Having a gun and some enemies would be fun to play around with!


I just realized the jam page doesn't say local-multiplayer on it.
So if it felt like it needed more content that was probably the issue (you do have a gun and the other players are enemies).
Made the page more clear since :) thanks