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I loved your play through I watched the whole thing!

ah no I can’t access the link anymore :( < here’s the documentary! We should probably link this in the description too

@Jaco wait how do I get past the first screen :P 

I got stuck on the load screen but I'd really like to see if I can play it later - looks cool

I loved how important I felt because the typing happens so quickly, and I’m just like - Timmy  I’ll be there for you!. One one email left I get and… suspense. What next?

i wasn’t a huge fan of the simplification of the character Sandra. It kind of feels like making fun of the emotional nature of women in the workplace through her reaction- I totally get that may not have been your intention but the charm of the game dissipated a little for me after that. Maybe because I’ve had experiences where I’ve felt like I was seen that way.

Maybe my style of gaming is different but I kind of enjoyed the emails more than the mini quests - I was kind of hoping it would evolve somehow - but I know some other people enjoyed the mini quests better.

We saw 8pm but were confused and we only ended up uploading the game after 8pm because we saw the upload cut off time was 11:59.

Sometimes instead of crawling into bed alone I take my laptop and sims too

Oh I love that ! It would be hilarious if the true hour count was unbelievably higher than the true count.

Love that you made a pic of it with your game :) That is so special! 

Thanks for the super in depth feedback - we were deliberating on whether to make the instructions more specific but ended up prioritising the art and music - definitely think that the initial feel and the consistency could do with some work :) but we really enjoyed making it and it's so nice to see that come through

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Yeah one really has to chill out to play this game, right? :P 

Love that it sounds similar to Journey - we love that game <3

Thanks Razer1999 for the super rad feedback :) and well done for making it across! 

Thanks for the feedback! We've updated the description so hopefully that will help :) 

This game was such fun and a delight to play. The music was super creepy / had stranger things vibes, and the combat was really fun, especially with the ability to carve your own levels. 10 out of 10 would play obsessively again.

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Since you drew others games..... Lovely concept. Cute and consistent aesthetic. Id be interested in seeing a version where points are placed photoshop style... eg. a point every N time units. May be a bit easier to draw and will simplify the controls a bit. Right click should no longer be necessary. 

this is so relatable except for me instead of writing it’s art and I soooo feel you about the billable hours

this game kept our team engaged for a good while and we enjoyed making the story 

as someone who’s learning JavaScript this was a really exciting idea. Our whole team sat and no one could figure out the gravity thing. Even the programmer 👨‍💻 

personally I’m really keen to circle back to this though and share it with my work team because they’re into cyber security!

please keep working on this!!!

Thank you for sharing the personal story - a part of me enjoyed the abstraction of the story, but another part of me wondered whether the point of the game was a ‘choose your own adventure type game’ or whether the player was captioning the image. Perhaps the abstraction in the game is a part of the intended game. With regards to the theme its likely easier to read this comic than to experience this, so I think it fits the theme pretty well and I found it really interesting to read this. Thank you for sharing Natalie!

Felt pretty drunk playing this 😂 Control sensitivity was a bit whack but all in all it was good fun! 

Ooh cool art style! 

Thanks so much! We're doing it this weekend :) 

Hey Riker, thanks so much for the feedback! 

Hey Zayd thanks so much for the in-depth feedback! Looking forwards to trying out your game!

This theme is the cutest!

This is such a cute game, and a super original inspiration.

The soundtrack is super awesome, the colours are really minimalist, and it looks intuitive to play. Excited to try it out!