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I'm so happy you put this online! 11/10 is a delightful game.

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 That makes sense. It was mostly was a time thing, though I was a bit at a loss as to what to make the track walls look like that worked thematically.

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Thanks for the comments Terry! Really helpful feedback on the art style. Was it the glowiness vs the clay style ships that wasn't quite working or was it something else? Wasn't sure if the song fit the style that well either

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Art & writing were really great/clever! Gorgeous colour palette.

Found the controls/level design maybe a bit too challenging for me, so ultimately wasn't able to experience the whole game. The jumping was maybe a bit too twitchy, not sure.

Flirting with death was fun, but in terms of time got quite punishing due to the game resetting the level each time.

Really well executed art style. And the popup book effect really sold it. I loved that even the ground coverings were water color. In terms of time it probably was a stretch, but would love to see what enemies would look like rendered in this style.

Minor visual annoyance was the occasional z-fighting and that the player character felt like it was missing either a mesh or that the normals were flipped.

It was an interesting choice to create a tower defense in a single dimension. Think the design as it stands is a little tricky as there is very little incentive to move between nodes along the line, feels like the optimum strategy right now is to continue to expand the frontier. Maybe adding an additional dimension or branching would help solve the problem, or failing that, at least providing reasons to go back and forth between nodes. Dialing in the feeling that you're successfully spinning plates is where I'd imagine a lot of the design potential lies.

Just on controls, found it a bit frustrating that space serves a dual purpose, since sometimes radishes were too near towers and so I'd accidentally spend my hard earned radishes.

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This was at the very least an interesting art/tech demo. I really also liked the idea of sort of training/interacting with a household pet that has opaque internal logic, kind of like Black and White if Molyneux thought in Tamagotchi scale.

The morphing animations of the character were great. And it was pretty funny that it turned out to be a literal cookie monster. 

I'm curious to know whether you'd consider using clayxels for something bigger.

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Really impressive effort. Felt a very complete game. Thought the gameplay was fun and interesting and really liked the tool system. Though I'm not 100% sure about the chanting mechanic. I ended up writing down a cheat sheet that mapped a given spell to the numbers I needed to press. I think with the time pressure, trying to remember spells is quite challenging, particularly if you don't have good short term memory. Perhaps with a more gradual tutorialization you'd be able to internalize the sequences.

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This was definitely a challenging experience. But thank you for making it. I thought the intertextuality worked well. And the sense of shame/self disgust that the main character felt was very relatable.

Thanks for the feedback @Gnoblar_agency. Glad you enjoyed it!

I liked the design of the game. It was a lot of fun to be able to pull all these dynamic climbing moves off.

I wasn't a huge fan of the "hope" grip mechanic though,  think it detracts a bit from the climbing experience. 

The "Zone of Dispair" was a really nice (and stylish) touch and think also helped tutorialise the game when you inevitably fall the first  time. 

Tech wise, the ragdoll mostly worked well, though I'm not sure whether it was intentional that the character would occasionally explode if it got too twisted.

Well done! A solid jam game.

Thanks for trying out the game ReadyGO. Sorry you couldn't experience it in all its chaotic mess.
> Controls feel a little soooo unresponsive
That was a common complaint. Think there are things that could be done to improve it without eliminating the chaos in the multiplayer mode.

Thanks for trying out the game! AI would be cool. If only had had more time :)

This is all round a great beta. Just wish it had the ability to save game.