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Thanks for the feedback! I wonder how we can de-emphasize the UI reliance. I guess ideally the actual animations will clearly indicate how close to falling you are.

Whoops… yeah don’t press backwards 🙈

Mikhaela did a great job with the music so the balancing stuff was my mistake. Kind of frustrating that you mix audio using Db in unity. Easy to have 1db too many make a super noticeable difference. Tired me was a little careless.

Yeah we were hoping to add bouncing and tricks in. But a little too ambitious for the time we had! XD

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Nice artstyle and a very polished experience. I love that you added a music player. Does it do anything besides make you feel cool?

An insane amount of UI to implement. Really scary and impressive. I felt like I was in an OS.

While I understand some peoples wish to make money faster. I think the fact that we are making any money at all is a miracle. Very much easier than real life!

The idea that you have to buy(and presumably play) games to make them fills me with feelings. Good and bad. But makes sense from a gameplay point of view. Could have used health related and/or therapy bills as an alternate resource sink.

A small thing. Some small visual hover/click feedback to the buttons would go a long way to knowing what’s interactive and what’s not. I found myself not knowing what was mock UI and what was real.

Also… singleplayer socialist experience?

THIS WAS FRICKING COOL! 3 of us played it together and had lots of fun falling forever and chasing one another through the mazes we made.

The winner designing the next level is an awesome twist. I feel like there is a lot of room to play with how the level is generated in that context… eg collapsing smaller islands to open up spaces?

The aesthetic is awesome and when the worm turns to blood and the leaves come in its a really rewarding moment.

I found the movement to be a little too fast for my comfort. Wall sliding didn’t really slow me down much and I struggled to aim and hit where I wanted to. Maybe direct line of sight shooting would be better? Not sure.

Did you guys consider having death in the worm phase? eg. Snake mini game? May be interesting.

One of my favorite games so far.

This seems like a really personal story and I feel privileged getting to vicariously experience a slice of it. Its moving. I don’t want to comment on the craft of the game because I don’t feel like that’s what this is about (And I know you’re a crafty badass). As an expression of experience its beautiful. Thanks for sharing <3

Love the colors, characters and general aesthetic. The setting didn’t seem to save properly and nothing happened when the timer ran out. Also the navigation on controller didn’t work perfectly. Maybe some more time was needed for the polishing touches!

I loved how I felt strong picking up lions and giraffes and throwing them into the void. Overall really well executed! The start screen was AWESOME!

Yay <3


I love the look and feel! Beautiful little world. I’m terrible at hitting the meteors. BURN FORREST BURN

Nice take on a rhythm shooter idea! I definitely wanted to try playing around with frequencies with my game - but it’s so hard to design around! I think maybe the ideal would be a combo of charting - bpm and signal processing. Really impressive how accurate and consistent the melee AOE attack feels if it is just beat detection from the audio directly!

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Thanks for playing!

@IceFROTTEE wrote the music to a specific tempo - then we repeatedly fire an event when one bar is complete by checking the audio playback time and doing some math with the BPM.

It’s a bit finicky. Very easy to have it go out of sync. To keep it in sync we get the time from the audio track samples directly, and make sure that if we check the time a bit too late (if the update loop misses the exact beat time) we subtract however much time we are over the beat.

So far by doing that the beat events will fire reliably in time with the music. IDEALLY it would have been super cool to use some charting software like Moonscraper but it was a bit too intense to integrate in the time we had :D

Good observation thanks!

Thanks! Yeah exactly. 💃 Carnival of PAAAIIIIIN

That’s a great idea!

LOVED the music and general vibe of running around collecting items. Strongly reminded me of riding chocobo's in final fantasy 15. Also great stippling on the menu. I wasn't totally into the potion mixing, maybe the info on both the buyers and mixing screen could be condensed, because it didn't feel like it added that much jumping between the two screens. Regardless, I didn't care because I WAS A BABY DUCK WITH A FLOWER HAT.

Overall really impressive.

Awesome game! Great writing. Reminded me of PT, but slightly more palatable for a fragile minded individual such as myself. At one point I thought you had made the game loop, and was going to quit before I saw you had adjusted the language slightly. Just enough to allude to time moving forwards. I did not think I would get into this as much as I did, but I was immersed for 20+ minutes. Really well executed!

I'm really excited about this! Overall, great game feel and play experience.

- Loved the slowmo combined with the great music choice.
- The feeling of traveling further and your view slowly expanding over time really gave me an awesome sense of progression.
- Adding a redemption mode really spoke to the theme and was generally just an awesome addition to the game.

Some issues I faced:
- I feel like you could swipe from anywhere to make this a bit easier to play, as there is only one action at any one time, you don't lose anything by doing that.
- The player would not always go where you pointed, not sure if that was a physics issue but I found myself falling short on a few hand holds because of that.
- That inspiring sort of jealousy. Very cool!

This would be GREAT for mobile. Pleeeassse make it for mobile!


My only criticism is not enough monkey butts, BUT the ones that were there, were good!

Nice! I managed to beat the game after some time figuring out the wall jumping.
It felt like there was a disconnect between the character controller and the character animation, potentially also a collider/sprite misalignment.
With that in mind, keeping the character as a cube could end up feeling a bit better and you could maybe spend more time focusing on the character controller.

I know others have mentioned that the force should be generated from in front of the center of mass, but honestly I quite enjoyed figuring out how to be precise with the rockets as they are. Once you get the hang of it the drifting is quite a lot of fun. The one thing I would have liked to have seen is a map with wider lanes, possibly slower curves.
The fact that this is an online multiplayer is mind blowing to me. And the art-style you are developing is really gorgeous! Well played!

I'm a total mirrors edge fan and this scratched that itch nicely. Took a while to get the hang of it but I managed to complete both levels after a few attempts.
I never really got the time mechanic though. It sounds like a pretty challenging technical feat to do properly, so I understand why the "backwards jump" was a feasible jam solution. That being said, the game was really fun even without the time reversal.

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I love how this game looks. Feels quite polished in terms of interactions. I really liked the healing effects. I think I struggled a bit with the difficulty. Buildings were very fragile and I ended up healing the whole time, but even then I couldn't really keep up with the onslaught. I could be missing something on that front though. The foreboding sense the bombers gave me really sold the "on the brink" vibe.

Cool project! As others have mentioned, this is really well scoped and polished for a first jam! The fact that you even had a tutorial in there was very impressive! Changing music to suit the mood and everything. Your level design could potentially be a bit more open to take advantage of the momentum mechanic. Also, for some reason both my Occulus app and SteamVR opened up when I launched the game. Not sure if that's something to do with Unreal's build settings? Something configured for VR?

Anyway, really well done!

Cool game! Well scoped. Progressive difficulty. Nice risk/reward leaving the merchant to collect coins... I presume that also connects to the theme? Good feedback when being hit/hitting enemies. Took me a few rounds to get into it. I was a little confused about how to build walls and didn't realize the gold circles on the level were coins. One that was out of the way it was smooth sailing though!

I like the idea of a merchant charging you to save his life.  Gotta question his motives as all his wares revolve around his protection.

So I managed to find the main building and tried out a bunch of the units, but I never figured out how to gain resources. The best strategy I found was to build a turret, and then that would kill 4/5 enemies. The last one kinda, died on its own?
It seems like things were coming together but not quite there yet but the 48 hour mark. Would have loved to have seen what you guys would have done with a bit more time.
- What is hard light?
- Why the doggos want pop tarts and hard light?
- Why beavers dont like doggos?

So many questions...

Pretty <3


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Well tutorialized, A lot of time has been put into each room. the platforming and enemies are super engaging. Room for replayability.  Accommodates players with varying skill levels. if you want this to be really hard it can be. if you want it to be simple it can be. Quite a broad scope for a jam, but what matters is there and well crafted.

At some point I realized my hand was moving faster than I could think and I got a little adrenaline rush trying to keep my thumb under control.  When the game gets the beat of your song it really gets it. Feels great.