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Thanks for playing!
Yeah I'm uploading a post-jam build not with a character :) it does feel alot better. 
Separating the clicks is a good idea, the people who were playtesting were also spam clicking which I didnt like too much.

Yeah, I originally planned to have it like that, where the player adds the drawing after finding ALL the plants, but I was worried that they wouldn't know what they were looking for. Perhaps I am holding their hand too much.

Yeah there could be more of an "end" Maybe a finishing poem or something. 

Good feedback, thanks

I loved this! Very quirky!
The art reminded me alot of night in the woods <3 very pretty.
Strange your project was in html lol, Having the art and text being on a full application screen would have gone a long way.

A lot of the narrative was going back and forth, but loved the characters. They are all doing such dodgy things, and at the end the kid was like "the community is really nice and tight knit" lol. I liked the undertones of something else going on. Good job!

Hey had fun playing this.
Art was great and I love the feeling of dragging the blocks into you with string.
The writing was good, I felt Like you could have got away with getting rid of the text in the beginning and explaining it less literally to start the game. Trust your audience to figure it out.

The credits in the beginning were a lot of work that was a bit unnecessary. I think to start a game of your first impressions are quite important. I think putting that at the end would have felt more rewarding.

I think a smart way to "end" the level would have to just have an expensive block limiting you from passing. That you had to finish the other sections before going through. 

If I had any mechanical crit, it would be the jump. Check out "Ghost jumping" just add a delay to when you can jump after leaving a platform and it adds 1000000% better feel and control.

Overall great mood and a well put together project. Good job <3

Lol the white square represented where the player would be :')
Thanks for playing


Narrative tied into the death thing like you were talking about really well. 
The ladders were the only real issue for me. I died on them more than anything which just made me frustrated.

Really good game feel and art, and tied together WITH VOICE?! I havent seen many game jams with so much voice acting.

Slowing down scaled really well and I really felt sluggish and the mood was reflected well. 
I was waiting for some redemption, some way to come back from the pit of despair. RIP

I drew it all <3 Thanks for playing.
Yeah I spent alot of time on art and was left with alot less time on the narrative,  oh well...

You must run a dnd campaign! Got the feeling from the way it was written.
I really enjoyed the writing. There were moments that made me chuckle like "our favourite broom!" lol. I felt invested in the characters.

Not the hugest fan of the "you got caught, retry?" sequence. With these types of narratives, I expect all the dialogue to pan out. I.E. We got caught, how should we escape? Its ALOT more work because the branching narrative becomes exponential, but it pays off. (Not expecting it for a jam)
Giving the player meaningful choice makes them feel like they have agency. I liked being able to screw up, I just wished it panned out. Making the players decisions have consequences (that pan out) is its own sense of progression and "reward"

In general the characters movements and expressions were really nice. 
Like Kaeyara standing on the chair in the beginning. Those small details have payed off, good job.
The string at the top, I thought it was some kind of health bar? and confused me right until the end. Glad you explained it though. 

Yeah! I saw the bug! Its actually not updating the image when it is forced to a specific page. Such a silly oversight But I guess thats what you get with an 11 o-clock submission.

Yeah I wanted it to be more of a poetry thing. But the book to be more in depth as well. For instance when you click on a plant it'll say something unique about it. This is how it flowers etc.
The free form writing is also nice. Perhaps I can tie that into the poetry and make it more interactive.

Thanks yeah, I think I spent too much time on the art and not enough time on the poetry. 

Thanks for playing <3

Oh no 😭
Unfortunately I couldn't test the mac build... I guess I will take it down for now.


I will send you a mac build when i know it works (been fixing some jam bugs up for a post jam build so will add it to the bug list)

This was cool,
Had that I.T. crowd pixel art aesthetic B)
I can imagine this developing into a nice simple mobile game (leaning that left-right type of input).

One of those games that you can just keep adding content too endlessly :) Thats a cool place to be

LOL glad it had the obsessive feel 😅
glad you guys enjoyed it <3
Glad you liked Morgans tracks :P

Yes we didn't listen to the theme much at all 😅

Thank you! 
Yeah I love love to play with more block types for the level creation too <3

Yeah alot of the game was poorly timed, Like when you win, I want it to zoom in and spend more time looking at the winner before they transform. And the combat was too quick and the level design too slow :)
Things you find out in a jam though :')

Yeah I was thinking about doing a snake-esque mechanic. But I imagined the levels would be too broken if you killed yourself in 2 seconds lol.
So I made it more simple for the jam sake. 

Great feedback and alot of thinks for me to think about in future! Thank you!!

OH NO!!! I guess I didnt read the controls properly.
No regrets though <3 
I get to play the game again ;) free content

I just realized the jam page doesn't say local-multiplayer on it.
So if it felt like it needed more content that was probably the issue (you do have a gun and the other players are enemies).
Made the page more clear since :) thanks

Drew some faces <3 very chill. Cool to have a new drawing experience!

Short and sweet, I liked that each little application had its own little puzzle interaction.
The loop was perfect. Had many good laughs!

Great art! The first thing I wanted to do was get the animals out, so i started pushing them😂, they just stood at the door the rest of the game.
Lots of little places to hide things, nice and sneaky!
Couldn't pick up the toilet paper so couldnt finish :)
Great overall, coherent aesthetic <3

I thought the mouse dpi was like that because you were supposed to feel drunk 😅

Very Atmospheric! Felt great, like I was balancing.
UI reminded me of Tony Hawk pro-skater grind, but was elegant and fitted well. Like how it moved with the wind.
I spent the whole time watching the UI, which is a pity because the rest of the game was really pretty. 
Loved the fall.
10/10 atmosphere

Great player feedback.
Small (well scoped) and well rounded :) great job

Yo :) thanks for the nice words. <3   
We had some trouble replicating the jump thing (we found a device that had it; and it was SUPER ANNOYING), It just wasn't showing on the dev devices... The bug actually appeared when we fixed another jump issue right before deadline and it just ended up worse.

We pushed a post-jam build that you can check out if you want to see the end. The build is alot closer to what it was and what its supposed to be (in theory).
If you find any more bugs please let us know! :)

Thanks for the feedback.

Congratulations on your first game! Really interesting game and story! Your characters were really well developed and their personalities really showed through their dialogue. 

Here are some tips for next time you make a narrative game or do a game jam:

Create some more branches in your narrative, the more choices you have the more the player is engaged in the story. It also makes them feel like their choices matter (even if they don't ;)  )

Team up with people who can make original artwork for your project, even if they aren't as good. Original content is always better when jamming. Working with others also helps create a better tested game, giving feedback on each others work.