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Seaweed (Rainbow Jam 20)View game page

Underwater exploration shenanigans
Submitted by DragonXVI (@DragonXVI) — 4 days, 5 hours before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Use of Theme#74.3754.375
Use of Diversifiers#281.1881.188

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This short game is brilliant. It reminds me of Metroid. The graphics are very well done. I agree with freds72, the second pipe sections is unfair to the player, the enemy is hard to hit and I lost most of my hearts in that area.


Fun game. I like how you can throw your little fishy brethren.


Great job! I quite enjoyed playing this game. You made it straight forward to discover the different types of fished and how they can help you. Unfortunately I lost in the boss fight and wasn't very motivated to play through all of it again. So maybe some sort of save points would be a good idea. :-)


This plays great and looks so great and sounds great. It's bonkers how many different fish there are, and hazards, and environmental elements. Plus the story going on in the facility is fun. It's kind of a bummer that losing takes you back to the start of the whole game, coz the end was too hard for me.


What an amazingly detailed, complete experience! Love that you even included multiple endings. Absolutely fell in love with the little characters, and great use of pride flags in some of the fish designs. The fact that this was done solo in two weeks blows my mind, and the ending boss fight had me totally invested in the story. Really love the animation of the hair when swimming for some reason -- it just makes me smile :D

Only real piece of feedback is that it took me WAY too long to realize you could kill the enemies. I think because I tried once with the saws, but it didn't sound or look like it did anything, and then I tried again several times with the sturdier enemies that only go back and forth, and since they take more hits to kill, I gave up before trying more XD. Having damage show on enemies would go a long way for the game feel (or introducing an enemy in a less high stakes way, like trapped with just enough space for a fish to reach it).  After I saw the gameplay gifs I went back and had a MUCH easier time (even if my scientist girlfriend drowned in the end T_T -- would also be cool if there was a save point before trickier bits, btw!)


This game looks gorgeous. I love the conceit, and it’s extremely satisfying having a whole shoal orbiting you. The puzzles are neat, and everything feels nice to interact with. I love the music, even if it could have been varied just a tad more. Highlights for sure are finding the new wee fish and seeing what they do, as well as watching your partner’s story play out alongside you as you go. It was just cool that stuff was always happening.

The whole end sequence was great, and extremely stressful. I managed to collect all the fish by the end and then just bailed out the exit in a panic without thinking about it - but on the replay, I realised little human was showing me what to do! I love it.

Anything I could complain about would just be little nitpicks - like it was easy to get stuck on things sometimes and struggle to fire jellies through tight spaces. But all in all, it’s just really cute and polished and I had a great time.


Really fun to play and the art looked great!


This is such a well made, lovely game.


The game is very fun to play and it also has a nice artstyle. Great work!


Great use of the theme! The puzzle gameplay reminded me a lot of CARRION

Very polished especially for a game jam, awesome work!


this game is so charming, from the art to the little cut scenes to the game play, well done!


This is my pick for winner. Id love to see a feature length  version of this