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I can only apologise haha (Salad fingers is very much early 2000s school humour...)

This is such a well made, lovely game.

Love the art style, gave me salad finger vibes

+1 for this being the cutest. I wanted to play simply for how cute it is and was surprised to then see the great mechanics in play - loved it.

Appreciate the work that went into that opening title!

This was great, I love the idea of an ancient switchboard. Great art style too!

This was a very slick game, great job! A sad but relatable story told in a lovely fashion.

The only bug I hit was at the end, the ending popped up before I'd clicked through the final chat.

Hey, thank you for playing and thank you for the feedback.
Yeah I realise the extra lives are no good if you're stranded! I will update the game so that they do come back :)

I appreciate you playing it guys, sorry the format doesn't make it great to watch.

I'm sorry to hear that, @Sausage. I'm sadly unable to test on Linux (or Mac). The build is a 32-bit one I made using Windows for another player who had requested a Linux build. They downloaded it and managed to get it running on Ubuntu (unsure which version). I hope that you still got to enjoy the game on Windows!

Working on my Window's 8.1 laptop using Chrome (v46.0.2490.86 m). Love the aesthetic, calming and the structures are interesting to explore.
Only issue is that the floor collision appears to be updated before the physics so when I land on the ground (either the dunes or the surface of a structure) I'm constantly falling through, giving a bobbing effect.

Great work.