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You're so sweet! No, we don't have a Patreon, and discord is definitely best place for updates (and potentially play testing new features!) 😄

Thank you so much!! 

We are still working on the game, slowly but surely. 😊

Thanks so much! A character creator is something we've been thinking about adding for some time, and will likely get to eventually! 😄

No worries at all! Was super gratifying to know someone liked this game enough to come back to it a year later <3

Ohnoes! Can you let me know what browser (and version) you're using? Was just able to play the web build in Chrome and can't replicate this issue D:

I hope so too! xD

A lot of misc personal and family stuff has delayed development, but we still are actively developing and making plans! :D

Happy to hear you're liking the game!

For the download issues, another Mac user had the same problem, but it seemed to fix itself when downloaded through the Itch app (, vs downloading directly. Let me know if that works!

Thanks! May I ask what you plan to do with the code?

THAT INTRO, and the story, and the audio -- what a joy. 

I was a lil confused on the controls, but eventually picked it up!

So much communism and so cozy! Was easy to get into, and the voice acting was great. I made all the friends :D

This game speaks to me. But is it a disappointment when a game about disappointment is NOT a disappointment? :-O

I could dust covers all day long 10/10

This game is SO CUTE. The art is great (my favorite anim is going through bushes so satisfying), music is SO COZY, and such a fun concept to steal back your sweater! Well done to everyone on the team 😄

Confirmed fixed! 

Gonna play through the rest of the demo now :D 

Love the characters and ambiance! The slider 2x4 slider puzzle I got in "the deepening" is unsolvable though? Like, eventually got fed up and opened up a slider puzzle solver, but there was no solution.

Omg that was bizarre and I loved every minute xD

Art was perfect for the creepy atmosphere and story, the characters were memorable, and that's a tricky kind of game to pull off in a short amount of time! A lot of nice little clues and nudges really helped to make this game come together and make it so the player doesn't feel stuck, so major props there. The writing was hilarious, and the little notes all around were well done.

I did get a bit confused and didn't realize that searching the containers was essentially like saying "I think it's this person!", so I ended up playing a lot of the arcade game to calm my heart xD after needlessly searching. I think also I didn't realize I could search Queenie's bed until right at the end of the game, so I thought it was just the lunch bag or the trash can were my search options.

Your original game got corrupted and you still managed to have a tutorial (and it's your first game in Godot)?? Mad respect. Super cute art, love the little animations for the main character, and sucks your game got corrupted when making a game about saving a heart from being corrupt :(

Wow, big undertaking as a second game for a game jam! Also great questions on your game page. Right now, I think focusing on player feedback and controls could make a big difference. Like, right now, there's not a big feeling of "Woo! I did it!" or "Dang! so close!" when finishing up a patient (could potentially have a few different "failure" screens like if you put in one too few hearts or something, maybe there's a mini animation of them walking then collapsing).  As-is, I'm not 100% sure if I did get any of the patients right after playing through.

The drag and drop of the organs was also a bit touchy at times, and even something simple like making the organs on the ground react to being moused over would help a lot in knowing where the hit box really is for the organs. You could have a lot of fun here with sound effects like mushy organs squishing. Also, if you are going to have different tools bound to different keys, good rule of thumb is to also have a way to click on the tools in the UI, or at least have them labeled.

For the lounge area, I also found it a bit tricky to read, and think you should focus on the surgery gameplay, maybe even having something like a timer so there's some sense of urgency to finish the surgery faster.

But all in all good job, and I'd encourage you to take it farther!

Great jam game! The music really worked with the main mechanic, and I found myself really drawn in and concentrating. A few more juicey graphical and/or audio effects when getting on beat or off beat could amp up this effect, but it's already engaging as-is. :D

This is a cool concept! My combat skills are not great (I'm more of a tank type of player where I'm not so good at moving and not getting hit xD), but would be interesting to see where you take this after the jam.

Might be cool to have a little bit of the heartbeat mechanic built into the player character -- like lil tiny sparks on the beat, so it's a bit easier to time attacks if you're not super great at keeping a beat.

Haha, that intro was great, and really cool art style!

One thing that was a bit annoying was how the game end button came up *right* where I was clicking on the heart, so I kept accidentally restarting xD.

Actual child! My niece :) (well, all except for the tantrum yelling xD)

Good note on less random generation! I haven't looked much into best practices on how to do this well (like maybe making it so no more than, say, three of the same item?), but it can definitely completely change a player's perceptions on first playthrough.

Super interesting! 

You might want to try updating the description for the controls to include the actual keys. I played a couple times and just wasn't sure if I was doing anything? I tried moving around first with WASD, then with arrow keys, but thinking maybe I got stuck or something? Also tried clicking around and pressing enter and spacebar, but nothing seemed to change. Adding audio feedback when moving would have also helped this, potentially even having that feedback give me a sense of speed, like, am I walking into a wall? Or am I going somewhere?

Nice job really going all in on a wildcard!

That was a last minute change??? Yeah, it really brought the whole game together!

ah, the constant struggle between new content and polishing!

thanks so much, and thanks for playing it on stream! 😄

haha, I wonder if you were able to decipher the audio better than a child free player!

haha, keeping the giant arms was one of the biggest debates on the team. I animated them that way at first as a joke, but then kind of fell in love with them like that xD.

Good idea on working up to the big tantrums / big reactions! We ultimately didn't just for simplicity's sake during jam time (since changing it up the same way we change up the faces/hearts would basically be quadrupling the animations and...ugh xD), but I might go back in and play around with them with a clearer head :D

Cute design and a lot of potential! The character design is great, and love the little animations.

I played the windows version and noticed it was a debug build, so read the logs a little as I was playing if I got confused. I think the biggest thing missing was feedback on the mini games. Like, for instance, as soon as I got the capsule colors right, that mini game just ended (without being able to even see the finished capsule), and I was taken back to the main room. I also noticed on the needle mini game where you try to hit the center, the log was displaying things like "you win," but as a player just looking at the game screen I had no indication I was doing anything right.

Great job, would be fun to see with a few small improvements!

What a great jam game! I got to I think 2460 before I lost my last limb xD

Controls were intuitive, loved the bleeding effect on the one mini game, and I think the basic mechanic was really well done. It was a bit of a resource management game in that regard, looking at all the percentages across all the limbs, and trying to figure out if you should mend or beat the heart. Felt like a good length, with good pacing. 

Love the gif cover image as well. :)

Cute! And tons of content considering each tool is like its own minigame! I like how there's a story and a goal, and you have a choice of buying more tools or saving up to pay off the debt. The day end summary was nice as well, especially showing how many days were left. I ended up purchasing the biopsy syringe, scalpel, adenosyl, and needle, though I never ended up using the adenosyl to my knowledge.

I got really into this and played to the end, even though I used all my money on fancy toys instead of paying off my debt ;).

The heartbeat on the patient status was a nice touch, but didn't feel like a key mechanic, since the circle and their faces tells me more at a glance.

I did find it a little hard to understand what was really wanted from me in some of the procedures, like putting the bandage on. Sometimes it'd look not great and like I was missing part of the line, and that would be accepted, and other times it'd yell at me when it looked like the bandage was perfectly aligned and completely covered the wound. Possibly having some kind of positive reinforcement or guide could help here, so it's not just accepted/rejected and you have to figure it out through trial and error.

It also seemed that if two tools were required for a procedure, only dragging one of them onto the patient would work (and which one is "the one" changed from patient to patient for the same procedure), which was a little annoying. I also got stuck a little with some patients just not being able to be interacted with at all. In my case, when they needed the biopsy needle and the scalpel, neither of them would work to bring up the procedure when dragging onto the patient.

Game balance-wise it seemed a little off. Buying new tools didn't seem to increase my money earned, and there were so many tools available, possibly too many for the 7 day game time. The days themselves also seemed a bit long -- one day I was able to see I think 39 patients?

But all-in-all this was a massive undertaking and I had fun :D

Well done indeed! The story goes beautifully with the game, and love the game opening / title with the news and messages. Lots of great little touches made this enjoyable -- the shortcuts for choosing which ambulance, the route lines and even showing when the fuel will run out by changing the color of line, the hearts getting larger over time, the effect of a dying heart -- really all come together in a cohesive way.

At one point, one of my drivers was stuck refueling for half the level -- I think that must've been a bug -- but no other major issues with playability. I did wish there was maybe a bit more forgivability on heartbeats when you have an ambulance realllly close to a heart about to go. xD

I think I got most into it and most overwhelmed once I had three ambulances at my disposal. :D

Holy shit that opening sequence!

Really cool concept with having puzzles around ejecting your heart to go through barriers and being able to walk around for a short amount of time heartless. The visual effect of that was tremendous as well and worked well. 

I was a little confused at first about the heart ejecting mechanic, I think partially because of being unable to move after the preceding instruction (and before heart ejection), so I thought I probably still couldn't move at first and then wasn't sure what I ejected or that I could/should collect it. I went through that scene several times, thinking maybe I just had to go through the door and reach some milestone to proceed.

I could maybe say some minor things about some weird clipping with the models around doors, but man what a feat to do all this 3D modelling in the first place for a jam.

Oh, and fantastic job with the level design, too. I'm the type of person who very easily gets lost, like, just in general, but I never felt lost playing this game. The key card dynamic was introduced and made sense, and there were so many little touches with the map, the signs, just super cool.

Voice acting was also amazing, and loved having the text + the audio. Definitely felt reminiscent to something like Portal.

This was really a nice experience! I felt relaxed at first, then when the screen turned more red then black, with the images inversed, I was intrigued. And at the end of the game I smiled and it was just a great reflection moment, like even thinking about good memories I've had in similar places.

I really liked the animation of the carousel, with the horses turning around, and the inclusion of the arcade game that went with the theme was also fantastic. I think the pacing of the game was good, too, and a good length for what I think you were trying to accomplish. The inclusion of the list helped me feel grounded and gave me a sense of what all is in the game, so while I was just wandering around I still had a purpose. The changing tint to the screen was perfect as well, and hinted at the ending, making it a more natural transition.

For controls, I'm wondering if maybe there could have been a way of indicating that there is something you can walk into? For most of the buildings, it worked out great, but I think there was just one building that was not interactable, but that wasn't just a plain building, and I was a little confused at first if maybe I wasn't at just the right location to trigger that interaction. Something like an arrow that appears could maybe serve this purpose, for instance.

Well done!

didn't seem to want to play on browser for me :(  (using Chrome  88.0.4324.182 (Official Build) (64-bit)). Might try to play the Windows version later or come back to see if the browser version is fixed. Congrats on your first game!

Bob was always my last to die xD

Great graphics, and the audio effects and music all seemed to fit really well together. I liked the introduction of the generator with emergency power as well -- great way to bring another level of difficulty and mix up the pace of the game.

It took me several tries to really understand the controls, and the description on the page didn't really help. I think partially because I didn't understand at first that giving the wrong treatment means they then need the defibrillator in addition to the original, correct treatment? The blood, organ, and defibrillator  symbols made the most sense for matching up the correct treatment, but the others felt a bit disconnected. I think originally I also thought the hearts were status symbols and just tried giving all the patients all the treatments to make them go away xD.

Finally got the hang of it, though, and if not for the generator needing powering could have kept them alive indefinitely!

Oh no! Sorry to hear that!

I know occasionally people have issues with web builds like this when on a VPN? Also make sure to have an updated browser? I think Chrome and Firefox especially should work well.

Let me know details if you can about your setup so I can troubleshoot! It shouldn't take more than half a minute to load.

Thanks for the kind words and suggestion! 

We definitely thought about some different mechanic options to balance more but ultimately ran out of time for development 😅 -- will think of different options to possibly add in the future to balance against the doggos 🤔

No engine requirement! They just posted examples that might be easier for those without experience.

Thanks so much, Brad! Also Overlord Aso for president xD