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Sounds great, I’ll try to make it! It’s always such a great experience watching someone play your games ^^

Love the art! And the energy of the crowd chanting was really cool too!

I really like the feel of this! The sort of chunky retro like reminds me of old roguelikes. The movement is a clever idea too, but I struggled with the double-tap sometimes to turn the other way. I almost think it might have worked better with only one way to turn, but faster turning. That way you just turn three times quickly to turn the other way.

At any rate, this was fun to move around in! I’d love to see an expanded version - or another game that builds on the idea!

My brain is so bad at this game ;o;

But! That’s not the game’s fault! I think it’s a cool idea. I love the geometric vaporwavy aesthetic too. And even though I’m bad at playing it, I still enjoyed it!

You have a really nice art style here - it’s an absolute joy to look at! I’m impressed by how intuitive all the different actions mapped to one button is. I thought it might be too easy at first, but I quickly realized if you just mash a key - you pay for it. So the timing on everything feels really good.

One little criticism would be that sometimes the foreground trees obscure pits in front of you. Maybe that’s by design - but it always felt a little unfair failling in a hole I couldn’t see. Still - cool game!

This is such a beautiful game. When I started it up, already loved the art, animation, atmosphere and music. And I would’ve been content if the whole game was just playing one character at a time - but I absolutely love how much more interesting it gets with two or three at once!

The rain adds another dimension as well. This is just fantastic, I’m almost sad I finished it - I could happily play a ton more levels.

Really cool aesthetic! I love the idea of using morse code as instructions - though I maybe would have liked some slightly more complex inputs. Instead of just matching what you see on the radar, maybe have a situation where more than one command works and you have to work out the best one? Regardless, reall neat game! :)

Really relaxing game! It’s so satisfying when you land it just perfectly :0

This was really beautifully made! It had me tearing up more than once. It’s a difficult subject to write about, and I’m glad you added the option to play without the story, but it resonated with me.

On a technical level, I was also impressed with how smooth and polished everything was - shooting the stars, rolling around (I know how dicey spherical movement can be to code), and all of the dialogue sequences. I loved the ending too, and the way you scored it worked super well. I was really looking forward to playing this and I wasn’t at all disappointed.

I really loved this. It’s so rare for an ostensibly grid-based puzzle game to make me think about positions within a tile. I honestly felt like I was wiring up new parts of my brain to make sense of some of these puzzles - which is the best feeling for a game like this.

The art was cute, and the music was so relaxing too. Plus I was impressed with how many puzzles you had! Nice work!

This was neat! I really like the 3D pop-up style, and it was entertaining seeing the narrative poke fun at the kind of tropes often found in the genre. I hope we get to see more, particularly of the moncom themselves.

This was so much fun! My vision is swimming… It’s infuriatingly hard at times (especially the second last level for some reason?) but a great time. I don’t think I could get sick of the music for as long as I live. The animation when you hit the ground is really satisfying and the ending sequence was so pleasant! Really calmed me down after purple level…

If I have any nitpicks, I think it would be that the controls are a little too snappy. Maybe that’s a matter of taste, but I often found I’d overshoot my target and run into something because there’s no acceleration on the characters.

Really nice work!

Really glad you liked the end! I was so excited to make that part so I’m delighted to hear other people appreciating it too!

Ahh sound balance, my true nemesis… But really, thank you for your lovely comments! I’m so glad to hear that you picked up on the stuff I was going for, and that it landed properly! The goal really was to have the player build preconceptions about these characters based on how they look, and then twist them around. Relieved to hear it worked narratively!

Anyway, thanks, this was lovely to read :3

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Thank you! I’m glad you thought so - I’m happy with how the art and music turned out. As for game “engine” - I have a simple rendering library in Rust (it’s here, I don’t……. honestly recommend it to anyone but me: ).

Sorry you got stuck there - the dialogue before the fight gives some hints. For that first fight, you have to have Dylan use Stoic to survive the hit.

i was only one short im so mad

But really, that was cool - especially the later parts. I really like the fake-out especially - that got me. There’s something intriguing about sacrificing your little front piece for it to be replaced too. It just feels more meaningful than if you sacrificed one of the blue pieces instead. Not sure what it is, but I like it.

The whole thing looked pretty too!

This has such a wonderful creepy atmosphere to it. I adore the grainy, monster-movie art style, and the music goes great with it. Every other element just reinforces this too - from the weird unsettling abstract effects (OMG!) to the eerie vocalisations. It’s really left an impact on me. I think my favourite thing though might be how the end (at least one of them) ties right in to the beginning. It’s a neat story!

I really loved this. There’s something about the sort of bleak background art and the warm and hopeful music that just feels cathartic. It’s beautifully drawn and scored. Some of the levels felt like a bit of a struggle to navigate - but the fact that having more little friends made it so much easier is just chef’s kiss.

The palette too looks fantastic.

The chill aesthetic of this game, and the music, is really relaxing. For some reason it reminds me of 90s era educational videos, and I don’t know exactly why - but I DO know that it’s a GOOD thing, because I love that stuff.

Also your voice really added to it as well - just excellent ambience all round.

You know what: I have definitely had jams like this. This made me laugh, and brought some. nice. memories back. So thank u!

This game looks gorgeous. I love the conceit, and it’s extremely satisfying having a whole shoal orbiting you. The puzzles are neat, and everything feels nice to interact with. I love the music, even if it could have been varied just a tad more. Highlights for sure are finding the new wee fish and seeing what they do, as well as watching your partner’s story play out alongside you as you go. It was just cool that stuff was always happening.

The whole end sequence was great, and extremely stressful. I managed to collect all the fish by the end and then just bailed out the exit in a panic without thinking about it - but on the replay, I realised little human was showing me what to do! I love it.

Anything I could complain about would just be little nitpicks - like it was easy to get stuck on things sometimes and struggle to fire jellies through tight spaces. But all in all, it’s just really cute and polished and I had a great time.

This was so pleasant to play. There are a lot of stories you can tell about queer people, and a lot of stories queer people can tell, but I think it’s the warm, simple, serene ones that often get overlooked. But they shouldn’t be, and I like that this is reminding me of that.

I also smiled when I realised what that little square at the start was turning into. This was such a nice experience!

I really love the palette choice. The systems are super interesting too - especially the mirrors! I want to see those used even more. The rules of the game are really intuitive but get surprisingly tricky - especially in the last couple of stages.

There’s a couple of things that tripped me up - particularly with the reset function. I found if I reset too quickly, I would sometimes not be able to fire. Not sure if it’s a glitch or if I was misreading something, but it’s a minor thing anyway. Really neat idea! I’d love to see more puzzles.

The design of this whole thing is just beautiful! It’s a really satisfying kind of control to have - instigating communication. The art is gorgeous, and the music choice was really good. I definitely want to come back to this one. Obviously for a jam this’d be tough, but one thing I’d love to see more of from this would be alternative ways to misdirect people. If nothing else, I’d love to be able to ignore channels more often, even if maybe I’d regret it in the end.

Really impressed with this one though - I hope we see more of it in future.

Off the top of my head, not that I can think of, besides a lot of point and click games changing the cursor to indicate what actions you could take (examine, talk to, etc.)

But what I really liked about it here was that it indicates your current state, so you know if you’re doing damage/taking damage without having to look away from the cursor at all. I feel like you could carry that idea into any mouse-based game and it would work really well :0

I find this really pleasant to sit and watch - especially the changing skybox and the night time window lights :3

Just incredible use of OS cursors - probably the best I’ve seen in any game. Though I have to admit it gives me anxiety that the bullets really are individual <li> tags.

Fun educational game about where dogs come from. I like the super clean pastel art!

I think I peaked at 0.97! Sequence didn’t look random to me though - really makes you think :0

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Badgers Eat Bugs


Let’s face it, you’re a badger so there’s not much else you’re going to do. Fortunately for you, eating bugs is delightful! Play through seven earth-wormy puzzles to learn the basics, then challenge yourself to get the optional bugs in the level. Think ahead and avoid falling rocks. You know, normal badger things. Short, simple, but a little tricky.

Play it right here!


Ahh, thank you, that comparison is high praise! I hope you enjoy some of my other games too - though this one is the one I'm most proud of.

(Also I really enjoyed mini-ship! I'll have to play through some of your others as well.)

Really nice idea, with a really atmospheric... atmosphere...

The sound, music, lighting, and even the UI all contribute to a very intense, slightly unsettling, alien vibe and I love it. The tutorial was really helpful, but the text was quite slow. I definitely want to come back to this and see what else I can generate!

This is a really cool take on the match-3 genre! I really liked that you included traditional dungeon elements beyond just monsters and chests and stuff - but scenery and props as well. I also liked that it's not just a case of matching identical colours, but of seeing opportunities above and looking for matches with those.

Beyond that the  art and music is just really nice. Especially the backgrounds in the title and ending. The muted colours with quite detailed shading is not something you see a lot at low resolutions, but it works super well!

This is really cute! The larger sprites/zoomed in perspective combined with the small viewport - sometimes felt like 3x3 tiles! - make the whole game feel cozy. The nursery-rhyme music was a nice touch too, and the art made me feel nostalgic for old pokemon games or the like. Good job!

Really pleasant and relaxing to play!  I also liked the almost-all-blue color scheme, and the tactile mouse controls. Also, serious props for the use of emscripten. That's a challenge all on its own.

The environments and the lighting are really beautifully drawn! The floaty controls are fun - especially while drifting past projectiles and hazards - and cautiously sneaking around for lights to fix in amongst all that is a tense, but good, time.

I absolutely loved the variety of enemies, weapons, and options in this. I feel like I could play it for hours. Even with a lot going on on-screen, the sprites are clear and bright enough that it's not hard to read. Also, I really appreciated the high-energy music! Though I felt like the sound balance was off relative to the sound-effects. Not sure if that was just me.

All in all, a really nicely executed spacey shooty game!

I really like the one-bit aesthetic of this game! The 1D building was interesting too, though I would have liked if it was a little easier to navigate around. Maybe I just build too much :P

Really nicely done though!

This game is just really nice to look at, and feels good to move around in. I feel like you played to the strengths of the low-rez restriction by having short snippets of text and small, colorful, animated sprites. Really nicely done, and I'm looking forward to coming back and finishing this one after ratings are over.

This is really amazing. The music is catchy, the sprites are pretty, and the puzzles are thoughtful. Things ramp up slowly enough that it's not overwhelming, but fast enough that it doesn't feel patronizing either. And the fact that there are two characters to control makes planning interesting - even if you can see where to go, you need to know who to send there.

But the thing that stood out to me most about this was the sheer level of visual flair and polish! Every little thing is animated, from Minx and Fufu's wiggly tails, to the geese's flashlight sweeps, to yawning, and turning, and rolling. Even the fact that the knocked-out geese can have more than one little dream circling their heads is just another lovely little detail you didn't need to put it, but I'm glad you did.

It honestly feels like you didn't cut a single corner while you were making this - I'm finding it really difficult to find fault at all. Just wow, well done!