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Ahh, thank you, that comparison is high praise! I hope you enjoy some of my other games too - though this one is the one I'm most proud of.

(Also I really enjoyed mini-ship! I'll have to play through some of your others as well.)

Really nice idea, with a really atmospheric... atmosphere...

The sound, music, lighting, and even the UI all contribute to a very intense, slightly unsettling, alien vibe and I love it. The tutorial was really helpful, but the text was quite slow. I definitely want to come back to this and see what else I can generate!

This is a really cool take on the match-3 genre! I really liked that you included traditional dungeon elements beyond just monsters and chests and stuff - but scenery and props as well. I also liked that it's not just a case of matching identical colours, but of seeing opportunities above and looking for matches with those.

Beyond that the  art and music is just really nice. Especially the backgrounds in the title and ending. The muted colours with quite detailed shading is not something you see a lot at low resolutions, but it works super well!

This is really cute! The larger sprites/zoomed in perspective combined with the small viewport - sometimes felt like 3x3 tiles! - make the whole game feel cozy. The nursery-rhyme music was a nice touch too, and the art made me feel nostalgic for old pokemon games or the like. Good job!

Really pleasant and relaxing to play!  I also liked the almost-all-blue color scheme, and the tactile mouse controls. Also, serious props for the use of emscripten. That's a challenge all on its own.

The environments and the lighting are really beautifully drawn! The floaty controls are fun - especially while drifting past projectiles and hazards - and cautiously sneaking around for lights to fix in amongst all that is a tense, but good, time.

I absolutely loved the variety of enemies, weapons, and options in this. I feel like I could play it for hours. Even with a lot going on on-screen, the sprites are clear and bright enough that it's not hard to read. Also, I really appreciated the high-energy music! Though I felt like the sound balance was off relative to the sound-effects. Not sure if that was just me.

All in all, a really nicely executed spacey shooty game!

I really like the one-bit aesthetic of this game! The 1D building was interesting too, though I would have liked if it was a little easier to navigate around. Maybe I just build too much :P

Really nicely done though!

This game is just really nice to look at, and feels good to move around in. I feel like you played to the strengths of the low-rez restriction by having short snippets of text and small, colorful, animated sprites. Really nicely done, and I'm looking forward to coming back and finishing this one after ratings are over.

This is really amazing. The music is catchy, the sprites are pretty, and the puzzles are thoughtful. Things ramp up slowly enough that it's not overwhelming, but fast enough that it doesn't feel patronizing either. And the fact that there are two characters to control makes planning interesting - even if you can see where to go, you need to know who to send there.

But the thing that stood out to me most about this was the sheer level of visual flair and polish! Every little thing is animated, from Minx and Fufu's wiggly tails, to the geese's flashlight sweeps, to yawning, and turning, and rolling. Even the fact that the knocked-out geese can have more than one little dream circling their heads is just another lovely little detail you didn't need to put it, but I'm glad you did.

It honestly feels like you didn't cut a single corner while you were making this - I'm finding it really difficult to find fault at all. Just wow, well done!

I could play this for hours if I didn't have other games to rate, I love it! The art is gorgeous, the mechanics are really solid, it controls so well and is stylish and readable at the same time.

I love the little quirks to the gameplay, like having the two different weapon options, and the fact that bombs can double as lives if you need them to. Just a really excellent game all around - seriously well done!

This is wayyy hard! It's really fun though. The sprites are nice, but the particle effects are especially beautiful. My only complaint is that I would sometimes lose track of where I was in the explosions. I don't know if I'll ever manage to finish it, but seeing how each room's different layout and puzzling through it was a good time.

The art style in this is super nice! I also really liked the hike in tension whenever it became night, though I wasn't sure what I was supposed to do during the day time. But running from skellies was a good time!

This game has really good atmosphere! The music especially is striking. Jumping around was a really good time, and I had fun smashing stuff. It'd be cool to have a bit more of a goal/more obstacles though.

I like the base idea of this - once I understood what I was doing. I'd love to see this expanded on!

I really like the pixelly/voxelly art style, and the life in all the animations! I had fun exploring for quite a while, though I have to admit, I never really felt like I was in any real danger. Still, a good experience!

I did not remotely think this would be as scary as it is, but the dim lighting, low-rez view, and super ominous sound design really did put me on edge. I found myself crouching everywhere, just because I was too scared to turn around and check if there was anything following me...

I didn't get all the way through it I don't think, but I like the ghost-story vibe I was getting from the plot so far. Nice work!

This is a really cool mechanic! I don't think I've ever played a game where I had to move _away_ from something to trigger it. It made me have to think in a new way, and that was fun!

My only real criticism would be that the controls are a little awkward. I wish I could hold a key to keep moving in a direction, plus having Enter and Space not be a confirm key was unintuitive.

Still, a nice idea!

I'm not big into FPS games, so the first few times I got eaten, I wasn't having too much fun.

BUT! Then I started being super careful and wow, I started having a great time. Creeping along, listening so carefully for that (really creepy?) wolf sound, praying I was about to happen upon a wee cactus, squinting into the distance (which felt so much more real with the low-rez graphics) to make sure I was still safe. It conveyed the feeling of stalking dangerously through the desert perfectly.

Plus, the music was just really nice! I have to admit though, I did not... slay the beast... I was eaten a lot...

Ahh, I'm sorry it's crashing! Does it happen as soon as the game launches, and do you get any error message?

Could you maybe also tell me whether this is Windows/macOS? I can't promise I'll be able to fix it, but I can certainly take a look.

I'm glad you're enjoying it! If you do come back to it, make sure you download the latest version for the crash-fix. :)

I really liked the art and music, and the gameplay was an interesting idea - though I did find myself clicking around randomly a bit.

A really nice demo, with a cliffhanger that makes me want to see the rest of it. I like the semi-chromatic art style as well. I hope you do continue it and I look forward to playing it in future!

First of all, I loved the music - it's memorable, but also varied enough that it doesn't get boring. The pixel art looks great, especially with all the lighting and shadow effects. The puzzles were simple, but the dialogue really carried it through. I don't know if you'll continue it, but I'm definitely curious to know what happened!

This really draws you in - I'd love to see where this goes, and more of the characters.

It's definitely a little too fast paced - but it is effective, and I am curious to read more. If you do continue this, I look forward to reading it :)

I'm honestly stunned by the polish of this game - especially in such a short time! The light tone of the aesthetics and the flavour text offsets the more grim elements of the plot, without detracting from it at all. I just love the attention to detail of it all, the compelling characters, the writing, the soundtrack. Seriously, well done on a fantastic entry!

Really wholesome message, pleasant art, and really inclusive. The sheer number of flags in there really hammers home how different we all are, and yet how there's space for all of us. The minimalistic synth is really nice too.

I'm really impressed by how much work must have gone into this combat system! It took a little while to get to grips with it, but it's really nicely done.

I am terrible at this game. It feels really good to control though! And it's really pretty, especially the chromatic abberation effect.

Wow. The writing in this is really powerful. Slightly painful at times too. A lot of this is relatable, even though I'm not aromantic. I think it's really important that we communicate that doubt is often a part of learning about your own identity, and that it's OK to do so, whether it sticks or not. Thank you for talking about that.

The aesthetic is really nice! The sprites, colours, and even the font! I also love the shared, double-ended health gauge. Trying to look out for two characters at once is tricky, but conveys their focus on each other perfectly.

What a just genuinely pleasant time! It felt so nice just looking for all the little things scattered all over the place.

Really elegant use of the theme. When the levels get tough, you really start to dread falling out of the colourful zones. The awkward controls for jumping in the unsafe space was literally painful at some points - which maybe doesn't seem so good? But it definitely gave the right effect, so I'm all for it!

I also really appreciate that you can't even tell what your own colour is until you're in a safe space. The sort of colour masking effect of the safe spaces looks really neat too.

A nice simple representation of the theme. Definitely gets the point across with the rather blunt text and difficulty.

It's beautiful how you managed to convey your message visually with such simple interactions. I wasn't really sure what I was meant to be doing, or whether I was doing it right, until I noticed what was happening around me. Which is pretty perfect :).

I love the frantic multitasking this game makes you do! I was completely lost at first, but that sort of feels right for the atmosphere. The difficulty is pretty steep but maybe that's just because of how many crew members I took. The ambient music is really nice too - it sets the tone but isn't too dominating. Also, bonus points for the literal rainbow of hair colours!

This game just has so many nice touches, from the different fonts of different speakers, to the dialogue differences when you fail a delivery, to the item names as they get bashed up. Thanks to all that, I had a lot of fun replaying this! Also I love the super chill music.

It got a little rushed towards the end there - there's a few things I'd like to polish up when I get the time. Overall though, I had a lot of fun making this! It's the most complete game I've written in Rust so far, so I'm pretty happy about how it turned out.

At the moment, I only have a macOS release, but I'll see if I can get Windows and Linux binaries up over the next few days.

Hope you enjoy!

I've been thinking about this way too much - but think about this: what are the two defining traits of the Knight in chess?

  1. They jump over other pieces.
  2. They move sideways in the air.

Now I'm no horse expert, but to me, this sounds way more like rabbits:

So, I've decided. My entry will have bunny knights.