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Moncom [pre-alpha]View game page

Go on an adventure solving puzzles and fighting bad guys, or just relax and explore with your Moncom.
Submitted by TERRY — 3 hours, 21 minutes before the deadline

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Use of Diversifiers#182.5632.563
Use of Theme#302.6882.688

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This is great! I love the Pokemon games so it was fun playing a game that pokes at those tropes!


This was neat! I really like the 3D pop-up style, and it was entertaining seeing the narrative poke fun at the kind of tropes often found in the genre. I hope we get to see more, particularly of the moncom themselves.


Thank you for taking the time to play my game and leave feedback.

I really enjoyed working with my writer and artist on this game. I did hoped to let players see the first three Moncom creatures in action but sadly I ran out of time.

I do plan on updating the game after the jam do please check back later.


I liked the style of this game! :-) Even though it was short, the existing part already felt very polished to me.

The only suggestion that I have would be to lower the music volume a bit. Even on 20% it was a bit too loud for me in contrast to other things that make noise around me.


Thank you for taking the time to play my game and leave feedback.

Thank you for complimenting the first, if not short, portion of the game. I promise there will be more added after voting closes.

Regarding the music and its volume, I completely agree. There is a complete rework of all sounds within the game and at the main menu on my road map.

I'm aiming for a relaxed light hearted game with a bit of strategy and a bit of comedy mixed in so I hope I can source music to compliment that.

Please do check back after the next update to see the progress.


Graphics of moncons are very cute! I liked the vibe of this game. Good luck with development!


Thank you for taking the time to play my game and leave feedback.

The artist is very talented, and captured just what I wanted for Moncom.

Be sure to check back in future to see our progress, and good luck to you too!


i like the 3d style and dialogue! best of luck continuing with it!


Thank you for taking the time to play my game and leave feedback.

I really enjoyed working with this style and coming up with the characters and their dialogues. I plan on changing some things so please do check back in future.


Good start! Also liked the text you added for the NPCs, like the neighbor and the guy who stares off in the water -- and I could see riding around on the balloon being a really fun way to go from place to place! I like how you've put some thought into the types of monsters as well -- listening to the descriptions was fun :D (though I think it would have been better without the ex-wife joke).

If you're planning on developing this more down the line, I'd be careful with your sound effects -- the ones on dialogue options got a little repetitive 😅

Overall though, woo!! You made a game! :D  It was definitely ambitious to take on something like this for a game jam, so feel great about what you achieved.


Thank you for taking the time to play my game and leave feedback.

The balloon was actually a mistake and was only meant to be used for screenshots, but I may put it to use later.

I plan on reworking the sounds and actually adding music when I can. I think that will improve the quality massively.

I do agree, it was very ambitious. It definitely was more work than I expected! Thank you for your nice words.

I plan to continue development so I hope you check back in the future.


It looks promising. I liked the first pokemon games vibes it has. The 3d view looks cool, although when you are outside buildings the black sky looks somewhat strange. It would be great to play a pokemon style game that includes LGBT themes and characters. 

Developer (1 edit)

Thank you for taking time to play my game and give me feedback. I will try a few options for the sky box to see which ones fit.

As mentioned in personnel messaging, I will sort the grammar issues and make the game a little more mobile friendly. There are also plans for a graphical rework too, as well as continuing the story.

I hope you check back after our next update.


Hey everyone, thanks for checking out my game. I know it's pretty short right now but if you have any feedback let me know!