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Great job! I quite enjoyed playing this game. You made it straight forward to discover the different types of fished and how they can help you. Unfortunately I lost in the boss fight and wasn't very motivated to play through all of it again. So maybe some sort of save points would be a good idea. :-)

The dialogs were cute and I really could relate to the characters. Nice work! :-)

Thank you for your nice words and the suggestion! :-)

We also realized that some places are hard to find by watching people play. So maybe we are going to make a patch release with an overview map.

This game reminded me a bit of Baba is you. It's very lovely and the blobs are cute.

I found some of the first levels a bit hard but it became easier in later ones. :-)

I liked the style of this game! :-) Even though it was short, the existing part already felt very polished to me.

The only suggestion that I have would be to lower the music volume a bit. Even on 20% it was a bit too loud for me in contrast to other things that make noise around me.

This is a great game, I really enjoyed the dialogs and the wobbly cables! :-)

I am not a professional cheerleader myself, so the game was a bit difficult for me. :-D

The idea seemed innovative to me and the music encouraged me to practice some more.

> I'd love to give this a try, but sadly I don't have any VR equipment.

same here :'-(