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Carefully consider what our hero does in this sweet puzzle platformer, and see your decisions play out on screen.
Submitted by PuzzledPrinceProductions, Kane Brutor, MarieCBrix, SketchDarling, TheBaron, CCallround — 4 hours, 54 minutes before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Most on theme#44.0004.000
This game made me feel an emotion#112.8822.882
Most not on theme#261.4711.471

Ranked from 17 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

Team Members
Puzzled Prince Productions:


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nice idea and v cute characters! but pretty hard to play as it turns out :D

I thought I should use the voiceover as timing for my actions, but it wasn't quite possible to do so, because the timing of it didn't seem easy to follow, and also there was not enough feedback for entering actions, plus sometimes they would be skipped, like pressing D right after releasing space. But perhaps with a bit more feedback and tweaking it can become a good and original kind of rhythm game. nice job! :) 


Neat little idea. Wonderful clouds, and very nice character portrait. 

Would have liked to see my input "charging" up while pressing a button, to better keep track of how long I've pressed. And I think having a way to speed up the "charging" would eliminate some frustration.

I think I liked the first level the best - gave me a kind of QWOP vibe in the sense of making a normally extremely simple video game task much more complicated.


Definitely, the inputs showing in a proper way was a big thing on our toDo list, that we sadly ran out of time to implement, so ended up just being the quick and dirty initially mocked up just for ourselves. But really glad you liked it.


Great game, only criticism would be having a script that checks if audio is playing, or at least cancelling the current audio and overplaying.. Bit annoying having two sounds going on at once.


The audio yea, the bug arrived in a build and well, the usual jam thing. Glad you liked it :D


That art is gorgeous and super nice that there's voice acting as well! Love the concept of input pending, it's really satisfying when finishing a level on your first try. :)


Thank you :D That was the hope and intention. Some things didn't quite go as intended, but overall we were also rather happy with it.


whoa, I was definitely not expecting voice over. The art style is amazing too!! great job. :)


Hehe, yea the narrator does an excellent job (though sadly one does have to wait a bit before taking actions, as he will otherwise be competing against his own speech).

Another charming game! Showing the inputs is super cool! Definitely helps and I like how the prince walks slower. Much easier to time.


Thank you and yea, the calm and slower walk is a good help (+it fit the style). We were already worried if we had made it too difficult just by the timings. Glad to hear you liked it.


Interesting to see another pending input game. 

You seem to have focused much more on the story and making levels than us though

Developer (1 edit)

Yea, we had a lot more levels planned with narration for them, but as it goes time flies :P


Hah, let me join the pending input party :D Although we are missing the brilliant narration and undeniable charm of the prince...

Developer (1 edit)

Thank you, the story part of our game was a big part of why we made it. And those in charge of narration and art direction was doing a brilliant job. I love that we got such a charm in it and it was a fun thing to animate, among other things - and for a brief period we also thought we were the only one doing the delayed movement, how foolish :P Doing a two player game with it, never entered our minds - but while I can't test out how it would feel to play with others, I can imagine it gets quite hectic.


I see someone else had the same idea of pending input ;)

Developer (1 edit)

Indeed - though very different in style and execution :) But I do like the hit of nostalgia (although I didn't get the exit screen, the one after pressing quit, as it seemed to be stuck, without registering key inputs).


Our game is kind of a rage game, so the inability to close it was intentional. It also fits with the blue screen of death XD


:D I see - the fun thing is a more real looking bluescreen would properly have gotten the message more across to me :P