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just wanted to say this was not not inspired by, but we still appreciate that game made at castle jam (where half the team also participated doing other games)

Super well crafted game, from story to coherent art to good writing to nice music! Impressive to read that it was made in 2 weeks. Seems to me that you built a proper scifi world for this game, with interesting backstories and tangents, that is also easy to understand by a casual player but deep enough to be entertaining and actually make you think a bit.

I'm super glad it was free because I only stumbled on it by randomly browsing free games. But that being said, I hope you are able to sell some games cause you are good at making them! Congrats and thanks for sharing this game!

very nice game! sorry I started off with a complaint about a missing word

Dane is a word for danish perso

reminds me of that sausage game! Stephen's Sausage Roll

hmm does it tho


haven’t played yet but looks super ambitious and well made! Great art and even the logo is pretty dope! Seems super polished, def seems like a game that might be released afterwards! Good job!

beautiful and profane! Nice way to immortalize the old dude

nice game! I always wanted to know how it feels to be at a game jam, now I can!

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so good! Great gameplay, sound design, polish(emphasis on the polish), fun and original powerups! Def improvement of the ol checkers

intro is killer

Game is nice too :D well done


brings back so many good memories! Wow. Feels like I’m really there! Well don’t

nice game, fun way to explore the castle!

controls feel super good. you gotta fix the waves and it would be great to play more!

love the JANk! I made a pepsi car didn’t work but I had fun!

unique mechanic! V nice idea, can do more interesting levels maybe

nice creepy mood!

Nice game! Great music and art! And programming!

I played it with keyboard, it was not so bad. But probably best with mobile.

If you scroll away while the music is playing, the last ~0.8 second repeats, it's kinda funny.

SPOILER ALERT! here is my fav picture after playing.

fav img

empty hallway

10/10 well done

JankoWeber, I’m sure it’s not. But we learned how to make builds in the last hour of the jam, and it might be 64 bit. So it’s not gonna change now. I hope you get a chance to play, or at least enjoy the video :D cheers!

Nice game and world building! I got immersed and wanted to find out more about the characters as I played along. Here's some feedback that I thought maybe could be applied to another project if not a later update:

- I found myself not quite trusting the game to deliver packages at the right times, because I was aimlessly going around in any direction. At first it was nice controlling the boat, but when I realized there is no point, I just kept the same direction pressed and it was far less enjoyable.

- I feel like a bit of level design could have helped make it feel that I am the one finding the packages, rather than the game delivering them to me at random, altho the pacing felt right. Perhaps keeping the map along the coast would have made more sense - there would be a clearer sense of direction and there would be no question as to why there are more packages in a certain direction, plus there would also be a reason to control the boat around obstacles. It would also be an aid to the storytelling in that we are going North or East or whatever. As it stands, it is just random and it's easy to see through the procedural generation - while a coastline would help suspend the disbelief in favor of the story.

- This is a pure matter of artistic decision making but I would have totally expected to be blown up by enemy aircraft by the end of the game.

Anyway thanks for the wonderful little game! 

Best wishes, H.

Cool game! Keep coming back to it. It is quite a bit luck based, but it feels like it's possible to get better at it. 

thx for playing! hope you enjoyed :)

I like it when Mac plays the piano!

I liked the thought of it, and the way it was executed, bugs aside. I got stuck after I clicked "Wait" after peeing on the test btw :) 

I hope you manage to fix the bugs and upload a working version, because it's a compelling story and I would love to experience it. It is a perspective I have rarely seen explored in games, and because of that alone it feels like it's more interesting than 99% of the games out there :) keep up the good work!

Loved it! I got 12 points :D I didn't mention that they worshipped the sun and it was the solstice, and I also misinterpreted the black marks to be tire screeches or something, hinting at a fourth person who maybe managed to leave in time and might still be in danger (the phone convo was also a hint, though I didn't pay attention at the names). Turns out it was shoe polish ahhah (I hope I would have not made the mistake that shoe polish is tire marks in real life). 

First I was coy and thought I could solve it without even talking to them, but I actually backtracked after taking a look at the submit page with the dropdowns.

It's too bad this kind of story is hard to make replayable, because it was quite enjoyable and I could play some more :D Well done Victor!

is this supposed to be a multiplayer game? I didn't have a single client at my bar, walking around with a beer in the empty hall. Perhaps it's because they haven't opened the bars over here... Seems like a nice idea though, and from the screenshots I can see there are some characters doing funny stuff so I wish I managed to somehow play that. Oh well! Such is life in the pandemic times!

5/5 on the emotion score. The emotion was stress.

Nice game tho! my strategy was planting half the screen, then doing pirouettes while spamming the water button and moving around my plants, until they were ready for harvest. It sort of worked, I harvested a lot of carnivorous plants, seemed like I made some money, and the counter on the left side kept resetting but I didn't understand why, because I expected to lose when it did. Anyway, eventually the game informed me I lost and made ~350 dollars, when I in fact believe I won and that's how I'll remember this game :)

I think I would enjoy a chill version of this game even more though. Hope you make something of it! good luck!

Cool game! I tried this right after the prince game, and I like your implementation of the pending input mechanic better, but I like their story more :) 

I couldn't pass the second level and gave up... 

Nice work with the art style!

nice idea and v cute characters! but pretty hard to play as it turns out :D

I thought I should use the voiceover as timing for my actions, but it wasn't quite possible to do so, because the timing of it didn't seem easy to follow, and also there was not enough feedback for entering actions, plus sometimes they would be skipped, like pressing D right after releasing space. But perhaps with a bit more feedback and tweaking it can become a good and original kind of rhythm game. nice job! :) 

Nice music and voiceover (albeit with some mispronounced words XD). Would be cool to have some interaction with the X's - right now I figured out you can just walk through them....  but in any case it is nice that it's not about fighting, but about navigating and exploring. Perhaps you can attempt to trick the X's with strategic teleporting, rather than kill them or whatever...

YESSSS. excellent game! Super cute sounds too! It took a few tries but I finished it!

Next level: mirrors!

Good one! 

I am not pending enough to understand this game, but I like the art style :D 

Also I broke like 9 keys before giving up

wow, thanks peeps for your nice comments! we indeed missed out on gameplay and story as we focused on other stuff. we made some voices that we didn't manage to put in, but we'll try to update the game after the voting, cause we kinda like the atmosphere we've created.

I loved it! Such a good cat, trying to steer the roomba to cause the most least amount of destruction possible :D And the music is nice! And it's a complete game! Well done :-3

Looks cool! I would like to visit the over-sized version of resulting sculptures in VR!