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Serve Beer to Angry Irishman and woman
Submitted by Antunes10, TheDarkRyze, DannyIsYog (@DannyIsYog), CryptiCat, Sonia Costa (@soniamrcosta) — 1 day, 2 hours before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Most not on theme#72.3532.353
Most on theme#183.0003.000
This game made me feel an emotion#252.0592.059

Ranked from 17 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

Team Members
Manuel Guimarães - - Manuel Guimarães
André Antunes - - Tunes
Daniela Machado - - emo.teemo
Fábio Sousa - - Fábio "DannyIsYog"
Sónia Costa - - Sónia C

Discord team: GDT Fire Team

We used these 3rd party assets for the environment:

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is this supposed to be a multiplayer game? I didn't have a single client at my bar, walking around with a beer in the empty hall. Perhaps it's because they haven't opened the bars over here... Seems like a nice idea though, and from the screenshots I can see there are some characters doing funny stuff so I wish I managed to somehow play that. Oh well! Such is life in the pandemic times!


Hey there, ye it's a known bug we didn't manage to fix it. Just reload the page because sometimes the customers don't load properly. If the bug presists try a diffrent brower (I only tested on Firefox)


I find myself in agreement with Radu about wishing for a bit more and it the art does clash a bit with the 3d party assets. Gameplay wise for a person like me, who is awful at recalling names it is challenging, but once I discovered that if you get one near the bar and is quick enough, you can just keep deliving beer to the same person repeatedly for good amount of points (in the same vain the game will at time also bug out and not register your attempts at beer delivery until after a fight).


Yeah, we agree, we only had one artist in the team, so she wasn't able to design the bar, only the characters and logo. That's why we decided to use the 3rd party assets. We didn't know about that glitch xD. Thanks for input!

Submitted (1 edit)

It is understandable. I was also pondering the use use assets for future gamejams. Considering its a jam, it makes perfect sense to use them to enable an idea.


The names make me chuckle. The art was nice and the music fitting. I wish the game had more to it.


Happy to know we manage to crack a smile xD. Perhaps with more time we will be able to add complexity to the game loop. Thanks for the opinion!


Ok - I went in wanting to hate it. But I didn't! The playercontroller was really nice and the game loop was easy to get into. There was an almost zombie feel as the patrons went towards a fight. Cleverly made game! And the host of Irish-y names made me laugh.