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Funny concept! The music fits well with the relaxed and cartoonish style of the models and your itch page is well polished!

The only improvements I could spot would be to allow the player to Full-screen the game on the itch page and to improve the frame rate, because sometimes it was hard to play.

But the overall experience is pretty engaging, I spent quite sometime trying to fully grow an army of chickens and keep the fox at bay xD

Nice story! It's sad that it doesn't have music or sound effects to help with emersion.

I normally like to see the characters in the story, but I think the decision of leaving them to our imagination worked well too.

Good job fellow dev, pretty nice narrative you made!

Greetings, is there a schedule for the live streams?

Wow, that was quite a visually perfect game and you managed to incorporate 2D and 3D components very well. Animations, music, excellent UI, congrats!

The characters have personality and character even with so few lines between them, there is not much time to develop the narrative but the concept in itself is interesting. Even the gameplay is remarkable complex for a one week implementation.

I think it can be even better if you now give time to level design and perhaps add a few more layers of complexity to the environment, since the game is a lot of run around an build turrets xD (and that's quite fun by itself). I would advise too, that you look a bit at the transition between speakers in the narrative segment, it might get tiresome to have such a rapid effect repeat so much in so little time.

But hey, these are constructive advise for you to build in the future! Right now your game is great and one of the most well rounded I played this jam.

Congrats to the full team!

Interesting concept and a really nice narrative! I like the sense of vertigo it gives you and how it makes you question about why the character is climbing and why are people just watching xD.

If you want to improve, the movement is a bit clumsy and sometimes the camera penetrates the building and since there are no cues on the controls I didn't know if I was moving the right way xD. But if you simply map them in the itch page it will be enough :)

You deserve praise for making such a nice game by yourself, a bit of music to set the tone and some more polish on the movement and you have a terrific gem in hands.

Congrats and nice job!

Very helpful feedback, thanks!
We didn't had time to implement and algorithm so it's totally RNG, there are 38 cards in total. 21 numeric and two of each of the other types. The idea of keeping the card the player plays a bit longer on the screen is smart and we might implement. As for the roman numerals, it was because it fitted better with the art style, but yeah it might make things more difficult (the double digit applies to the numeric version, we now see that might not be clear xD).

It's great when we receive so much feedback from the players, thank you for it and for your kind worlds and support!

Awesome, we're very happy you like it!

We're looking forward to implement a more scalable gameplay difficulty, after the jam!

Thanks for the kind words!

We already had some difficulty implementing the full game loop, so we didn't have time to make it deeper and longer. But we will be adding some new content soon to keep it stimulating. As for the music, it has 3 different songs during the game, so perhaps something went wrong during your playthrough and so you couldn't hear it.

Thank you for the support!

We're really happy you enjoyed!

Thanks for the support and feedback! We tested several times the tutorial and it never breaks, so perhaps it was situational.

Yes of course we will check your game!

Really nice game. The narrative is quite funny and the art and music are over the charts! The gameplay is fun but there are some improvements that can be made. The shooting mechanic is not well calibrated and the projectiles don't go towards the mouse position.

Overall the game is a big plus, with the paper world concepts really well added (UI, tutorials, characters drawn). Good job, and hope you do well on the ratings!

The idea is pretty neat and well adapted to the theme. However I felt that the player is not given enough information to make the decision, moreover I had to patients give me the same prompt and I answered differently and I made a bad choice in both.

I think if you improve the core loop and provide more information to the player and more consistent results, the game will become really good.

All in all a nice vibe with very fitting music and really well fitted with the theme. Good job fellow devs!

Thanks for the feedback TJ! We really want to give it a incremental difficulty system, post-jam, because it is a bit complex game system to understand in one go xD.

We have several ideas for improvement and one of them is to vary more the backstory of the clients and to randomize the tools that kill them.

Again, thanks a lot for the kind words and positive feedback!

Thanks for the feedback, we really appreciate it!

Yeah we agree with the fact that there is no difficulty scaling and we are eager to implement it post-jam! We hope we can deliver a more polished version in the coming weeks, and we count with your feedback afterwards too <3

Cool concept, the fact that the music gains an instrument, each time he beat a mini game is pretty cool. I would polish the level design, because the house feels a bit too big and empty, with unnecessary rooms.

A bug you could fix is to allow the player to get out of a mini game, because you can repeat them if you miss click.

Overall cool idea, and I'll be looking forward to see it gain life with a little more polish.

Good job!

Cool concept, there is potential here! You managed to get the nature calm vibe that comes with a point and click simulator, and its really relaxing. I would only advise for you to improve the UI system and the mouse ray casting. Sometimes I had to click several times with the mouse to water or to catch the seeds and it not practical to 1.choose a seed, 2.close the panel, 3.plant the seed, the panel, 5.choose another seed, 6.close the panel, 7.combine the seeds. I was rushing to combine seeds before the plants grown up xD.

My tips are only for post-production, because I think you can reach new heights with this wonderful game. The simple and vibrant art is neat and you combine really well the 3D and 2D assets (not easy to do).

I really hope you keep deving this game and making it even better!

Congrats to your team on the really cosy and relaxed game ;)

Awesome game, the use of the theme is really intelligent and the level design behind the main mechanic is really, really good. I've only one bug report to help, when you jump near a wall, there is friction and the character doesn't jump as high, dunno if a feature, but looked like a bug xD

All in all one of my jam favourites until now! And just a one man army team in the development. Congrats!

Great job fellow devs, the game has a really nice vibe and distinct soul to it. The music, voice acting and narrative fit all together, and the rising seas, keep a simple platform game exciting.

Checkpoint would be a nice addition, since the later levels are long and it gets frustrating to keep repeating it all over again.

A game with personality, good job!

Nice art and UI, congrats to your artists. I think the game would be less chaotic if it had a bit of turn-based and each party member special powers, but it is just my opinion.

Overall the presentation is really good and there were no bugs of any sort. One of the most polished games I've played in this jam, congrats!

Yeah no worries! A two people team in a one week jam is quite difficult to deliver a completely polished game. My comments were for you to improve post-jam, because I think your game as potential, since it has such a good narrative hook!

Will be eager to play a future version, if you keep working on it post-jam!

Quite the complete package, well done. There are some clunky interactions, but overall is quite fun to play. The music and sounds are a perfect fit and it's silly vibe is just enhanced x100 by the fact they are just rolling around xD

Thanks for sharing it in WebGL. The game is quite simple but it is fun indeed. The lights on the flats turning on and off is a nice touch and the music was a good choice.

I found the fact that the cat moves much faster forward than it turns a bit unintuitive, but in the end the game is quite engaging so I kept trying on and on, and the checkpoints are a really good idea.

Nice job for only one person!

Nice concept! The narrative is simple but engaging, there is a mystery behind the game. It's not everyday we see people delving in unreal, congrats. I think the next step would be to have some sounds and music to help with the immersion and perhaps fix a bit the the interaction trigger.

Good use of the theme!

Some of the games are not very intuitive, perhaps some tutorial would help. I'm looking forward to see the art finished, I think you can still give some colourful life to the characters!

As for the chaotic energy, the silly music and the weird animations, it all fits for a fun and humours game :)

Thank you for the support!

For a game developed in such a short time it has a really nice vibe.
Good job building this little world!

It has a really cosy feeling and the characters are well polished!

We'll be waiting for the rest of the story ;)

The experience is pretty dope. The particle effects are neat and the all gameplay is quite smooth. The aiming system is a bit clunky and you can't ain't in a 360º angle, but that doesn't hinder the game that much.

Very good use off the theme, well done!

Nice narrative and there are so many choices that made me play over again just to explore the alternatives :)

There are some UI issues with the framing of some components, but its okay! I would advise you to look into "Ren'Py", which is a very good engine for narrative games and visual novels and it helps a lot with the implementation.

Keep making them games!

Really enjoyed the game, the paintings between levels give another depth to the narrative!

It would be nice to have some visual feedback (like force waves, for example), that the stones give power to the main character and make him be pulled to fall down unto the holes.

But all in all a really well polished game that gets even more vibrant as we progress.

Good Job!

Greetings friend, we are making a visual novel based on norse mythology, for this Winter Game Jam.

We listen to your sample and we liked it a lot!

Would you be interested to voice a couple of characters of our story?

Yeah your explanation was pretty clear, thanks!

Greetings, my team is participating on the jam and we're implementing a game based on north mythology and it can be considered and epic. So we are writing some battle scenes and some violence, where there is depiction of blood and death. We would like to know in what parameters should we limit the "writing descriptions" of violence, so our game can be framed in the "no gore" policy of the jam.

Thank you in advance!

Awesome game! The art the chill music, even the small narrative fits well and sets the tone for a wonderful relaxing experience.

Awesome Job!

Nice hack and slash game, the animations are tip top!

There is only one improvement I can see, the projectiles fired by the enemies are almost invisible in the white background. It would be better if the player could see them and anticipate them.

Good Game!

Pretty cool game. Solid art, solid music and sound effects, and I loved the gameplay mechanics, with the time puzzles, that made you think and use both powers in combination.

Probably one of the best games yet :)

Pretty cool pixel art and the music fits pretty well.

The narrative is funny and helps setting the adventure's tone.

Good job!

Fun pixel art. Audio and Music would help set the tone.