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Glad to hear it and now with that knowledge I can safely say congratulations and hope all the best for the future. He'll be even more of handful later I am sure :D

Thank you :D That was the hope and intention. Some things didn't quite go as intended, but overall we were also rather happy with it.

The audio yea, the bug arrived in a build and well, the usual jam thing. Glad you liked it :D

Definitely, the inputs showing in a proper way was a big thing on our toDo list, that we sadly ran out of time to implement, so ended up just being the quick and dirty initially mocked up just for ourselves. But really glad you liked it.

Sounds good, I will be curious to see where it takes you.

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It is understandable. I was also pondering the use use assets for future gamejams. Considering its a jam, it makes perfect sense to use them to enable an idea.

Hehe, yea the narrator does an excellent job (though sadly one does have to wait a bit before taking actions, as he will otherwise be competing against his own speech).

Thank you and yea, the calm and slower walk is a good help (+it fit the style). We were already worried if we had made it too difficult just by the timings. Glad to hear you liked it.

Yea, movement systems are one of the toughest things to do in a platformer and can take weeks to develop.

Of course :) I made certain to try every game, now that there was time for it. Sadly at other previous jams things have been a bit tight before voting (+tiredness) and getting to check out productions other than those presented in the group one is in, usually doesn't happen. But this year it was possible and glad for it. So many interesting entries.

A very enjoyable puzzle / escape room. Though some actions made me feel for the pc owners poor mom. The use of windows and normal actions, with a few twists on the expected action are nice. I took around 16 min - if I do not count the time I spend trying to make a proper poem and fixing it realized it stuck the an earlier version when I opened the mail :P

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Scary audio, which manages to make the X enemies scary and the tension high. However there is a lack of gameplay, which boils down to walk around and get nourishment/potions. It feels like there should have been something more, that I might be missing. But the style does bring back some nostalgia.

There is potential here. Although I died before seeing if it could happen, I was curious to see what laser and gun together would yield. The recoil on the gun seems a bit much to a point where control are a bit lost, which for a bullethell is a shame, as it lives on crisp controls. But a really good idea.

Does what it set out to do, and does so nicely. I am horrible judge of horror games as they are not my thing (too easily scared), but when one gets a feels the chill going down your spine from the unseen "monster" something is definitely working.

I really enjoyed it. Brilliant loading minigames and with a story as added value. Shaking the darn loading bar was a stroke of brilliance, which I could do that in games sometimes.

I really enjoyed the characters in here and was curious to see where the story lead. I got stuck getting candles, as the stick man no longer could be interacted with, so maybe that was how far it had time to, but not a bad point&click adventure.

Some cute frogs - not much to do from what I see? But maybe I just weren't patient enough. I enjoyed seeing the frog sitting on the mushroom.

Truly an unexpected experience, however the game is in dire need of some more instructions.

Everything fits together in a nice wholesome package. Music, style and lovely animations makes for nice experience. It is not trying to invent something new or go in odd directions with the gameplay, but it works and is a fun one level game.

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A really relaxing game with a great intro and fitting art. But it does also feel like a lot of the focus was put on that aspect of the game, including the visuals, as the gameplay itself appears to have been put to the side. Catching the various (5) types of fish works, but you can't do anything with them. The villages will talk once, but then do nothing and nothing happens when you go a shore - no matter how many you catch (with the exception of getting rollerskates when those are caught :D I enjoyed that). I had also hoped to maybe get a reaction from the mermaid, but sadly no. So I see a lot of potential here, but not much to do yet.

A whole choose your own adventure, with a twist - combined with a neat artwork and visual impression. I can see the notion of what is done here catching on - there are several online novels I would not mind reading like this, even without choices. I am not entirely sure I would call it a game, but an impressive work none the less.

An odd take on the classic snake - the controls with either mouse or arrow keys are a bit funky and can't quite figure out if it is by design or not. Combining elements has potential and I assume other than failure some goal was originally intended as well.

Sound like a really interesting thing to try. Sadly don't have a VR to test it out, but good to read that those who do can play it now.

I see what the game was going for and I especially liked the snail. The fact that nothing has collisions are strange, but its okay. However that the skeletons just "vanish" through the floor by themselves without being killed or if killed by the knife, thus never dropping any gold makes it rather hard to progress. The bow and staff seems to work correctly in killing them, but even then they will just randomly disappear. After the first wave, nothing spawns and as only a few skeletons will actually be killed to drop gold, one can't buy anything either. This makes it somewhat tough to judge how proper cycle of this would feel like. 

The aesthetics works and the sounds for the weapons have a good impact (though maybe not matching the dagger action :P). I just wish I could play it as intended.

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Yea, we had a lot more levels planned with narration for them, but as it goes time flies :P

There is sadly a little too little here. I like the idea of puzzles to progress the "pending load", but to truly standout I could hope for more.

I find myself in agreement with Radu about wishing for a bit more and it the art does clash a bit with the 3d party assets. Gameplay wise for a person like me, who is awful at recalling names it is challenging, but once I discovered that if you get one near the bar and is quick enough, you can just keep deliving beer to the same person repeatedly for good amount of points (in the same vain the game will at time also bug out and not register your attempts at beer delivery until after a fight).

I can't get the game to run (unexpected error), which persists no matter what browser I use. However reading the story through the html (open in notepad e.g.) is an option and I would definitely say that it fits the theme - reading it through it is somewhat surprising that Covid did not play a role in more of the games submitted for the jam, seeing as how we are all pending a different reality.

I hope that the worries I read about turned out to be unfounded and everything is good for all 3 of you.

Extremely well done game. The tension and puzzles works hand in hand, and even with minimal instructions things are made obvious with proper sound design and clear visuals. Heck you can even press esc to exit :D The quick replay ability and interesting levels is just the cherry on top - this could/should definitely be its own full game.

I have no clue what I was doing, I just took a sleepy guy for ride (going to the UFO light beams, until they stopped appearing) while the turtles saved themselves and a ton of seabirds got stuck everywhere. A highscore of around 20 (no clue why it ended either), but since the highscore kept going up while on the end score screen, I guess something correct was still happening.

A very relaxing, though confusing experience.

The use of light in the scene was interesting (though I know the focus should be the sound :P). I couldn't get the game to work in a way to actually play it, so I have no clue about that aspect.

A very interesting take on a text based crime solver, I could see this having the possibility to be expanded upon with both sound and maybe some visuals. It was an intriguing story, though a weakness of the current point system was that the players reading-speed heavily factors into if how fast you can solve it. I misunderstood a crucial piece at first, but had time to go back and re-read and still make it. 13 points does not feel bad, but for some reason the setting made my mind go to the even more bizar (and this I guess I saw some things in the clues that weren't there :P)

This is a really tough game, but feels rather complete for what it is. Better indicators for when something is truly done is useful and stress might be the prime emotion I am feeling when playing, but intense it is and the visual style works nicely. I also didn't encounter any gamebreaking bugs or moments where the jam crunch showed its effect. It is simple, but it works. I can imagine schoolkids back in the newgrounds era spending hours with this to get a highscore (assuming it saved it somewhere global :P).

It is remarkable how a very short walking simulator like this, makes me yearn for more. Especially the the kings story. It speaks volumes about how the sound and music goes hand in hand, with what I initially took as a somewhat speedy way of creating a scene, but at the same time worked to set the mood. A surprising entry I must say.

Even reading the manual I was somewhat confused by the point system (due to getting the point bug), until I watched the linked video - restarting it on another browser did the trick. I is a really interesting take on something that looks like pong, but with a very opposite goal. It is remarkably difficult. It is a game I have gone back and adjusted my vote for a couple of times, as I consider how it fits in. It is more like a brilliant gameplay mechanic with the pending loosely attached. But a good experience none the less.

I like the progressive puzzles and I get a feeling from the movement and shot counter that more was meant to be in regards to getting things done with less. Thing worked, but not having a restart for for when the levels introduce things not explained in anyway causing an instant failure state is a shame (the push triangle thing to button, to open up the way). Other than that not bad, however I don't see the theme - so I guess it is a good thing we got a not on theme option as well.

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Sounds effect done right and the music fitting the presumed theme of infinite pointless bureaucracy. I did however get rather tired of walking slightly too far when leaving a room (due to the change in movement speed) and getting stuck, forcing a alt+f4 close and thus restart. Hence the game sadly did what real pointless excises does and made me not able to finish. But, that does count as an emotion.

A nice experience and really showcases what a good represented highscore system can do for a game. I do wish that the jump was more of a max jump each time instead of having to hold it to get, but at the same time it does add to the difficulty, I just prefer that it is not some slight slowness to the controls that does it. But very engaging.

I sadly cannot get this to work in any browser.

I really enjoyed this - even just playing it solo. (I did however notice that if someone leaves they stay as active, thus getting things stuck, but creating a new game and playing alone work perfectly). I believe this is my emotion vote :D