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Very cute idea! I like the mini-games. Very on theme ^^

I generally liked this and wanted to master the interface but the visuals and audio really made me feel nauseous XD

I really enjoyed the first half of this but as the riddles became incoherent, I started to lose interest. It was fun world to step into though - I wish there was more to learn about these bird/cat/bear people. 

A great puzzle game. Lots of intertwining elements and the messiness of the windows was very clever - the player making life hard for themselves.

Ok - I went in wanting to hate it. But I didn't! The playercontroller was really nice and the game loop was easy to get into. There was an almost zombie feel as the patrons went towards a fight. Cleverly made game! And the host of Irish-y names made me laugh.

I really really enjoyed this. The cat is so nice to pilot and the level design made me really panic. Well made!

Lovely idea! I really like the pacing changing up with mini-games. Very Warioware like. The sorting game is nuts! Really want to play it more.

Best score we've seen: 4840 by Dan


WASD = move E = equip SPACE = use Farmer Merlin is Charmsville farmer. What happens next will shock you 😮

Grow a variety of plants using a combination of the elements. There are FIVE different plants to conjure. Con you conjure them all?

Careful with the colliders - you might have to go over and back a bit. That brown rectangle in the bottom right corner is a field btw.

A plaything made for Nordic Game Jam by:

Katie O'Donnell - Music & Madness

John O'Donnell - Code & Drawings

Hey! Thanks for downloading. The instructions are on the itch page for the game :)